Preliminary Programme

Showing: Wednesday 11 April 2012 (entire day)
Wed 11 April
    8.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
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    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 12 April
    8.30 - 10.30
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Fri 13 April
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Sat 14 April
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All days
Wednesday 11 April 2012 8.30 - 10.30
A-1 CUL03 Cultures of Modernity 1: Living Modernity
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre A
Network: Culture Chair: Joris van Eijnatten
Organizers: Ed Jonker, Joris van Eijnatten Discussant: Ed Jonker
Philip Hoffmann-Rehnitz : Informality and Modernisation in Cultural Historical Perspective
Tiina Männistö-Funk : Self-made Modernity through Vernacular Innovations
Maren Tribukait : Ambivalent Modernity: Crime Photography in German and American Tabloids (1920s/1930s)

B-1 ELI08 The Persistence of the Elite Status - Aristocratic Methods against Declining Privileges
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre B
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Marja Vuorinen
Organizer: Rafaella Pilo Discussant: Marja Vuorinen
Kim Bergqvist : Constructing Medieval Aristocratic Ideology
Rafaella Pilo : Persistence and Surviving Strategy of the Spanish-Portuguese Clan of the Enríquez de Ribera-Moura (XVI-XVIII)
Blythe Alice Raviola : From a Small State to a Kingdom: The Élites of Monferrato in the Savoy System of Honours. Titles, Fiefs and Historical Interpretations
Rodrigo Ricupero : The Formation of the Colonial Elite - Honors and Graces: Patrimony and Power in the Brazilian's First Century

C-1 CUL18 Sacred Borders, Times and Spaces. Popular Religion and Magic in Early Modern Northern Europe
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre C
Networks: Culture , Religion Chair: Rune Blix Hagen
Organizers: Miia Kuha (Kuronen), Emmi Lahti Discussants: -
Jari Eilola : The Significance of Borders and Control of Space in Early Modern Witchcraft and Magic
Esther-Beate Körber : Media and the Organization of Time in Early Modernity
Miia Kuha (Kuronen) : The Role of the Lutheran Church in the Religious Life of the Peasantry in 17th Century Eastern Finland
Emmi Lahti : Using Sacred Spaces as a Part of Magic Rituals - Popular Beliefs Towards Cemeteries and Churchyards in 18th Century Finland
Göran Malmstedt : In Defence of Holy Days; The Peasantry's Opposition to the Reduction of Holy Days in Sweden between 1500-1800

D-1 CRI02 Crime Stories: Justice, Criminality, Policing and the Inter-War Press
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre D
Networks: Criminal Justice , Culture Chair: Chris A. Williams
Organizer: John C. Wood Discussant: Clive Emsley
Andrew Davies : Reluctant Gangsters? Street Gangs and the Press in Interwar Glasgow
Matt Houlbrook : Commodifying the Self Within: Crook Life Stories in Interwar Britain
Paul Knepper : Spotlight and Shadow: The League of Nations and Human Trafficking in the 1920s
Heather Shore : "Up-To-Date Criminals": The Press and the Professionalisation of Crime in Interwar Britain
John C. Wood : The Constables and the “Garage Girl”: The Inter-war Press, the Metropolitan Police and the Case of Helene Adele

E-1 FAM13 European Censuses and NAPP Harmonization
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre E
Networks: Family and Demography , Spatial and Digital History Chair: Per Axelsson
Organizer: Per Axelsson Discussant: Gunnar Thorvaldsen
Marianne Erikstad : Variability in Coding Occupation in Norwegian Censuses
Zengyi Huang, Peter Razzell, Chris Dibben & Paul Boyle : Linking Scottish Civil Registration Records into Individual and Family Histories: A Pilot Study
Francesco Scalone, Martin Dribe & David Hacker : Socioeconomic Status and Net Fertility during the Fertility Decline in Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and USA: A Comparative Analysis Based on 1900 Censuses Data
Maria Wisselgren, Sören Edvinsson & Maria Larsson : Testing Methods of Record Linkage on Swedish Censuses

F-1 REL01 Civil Religion in Postwar America: A Source of Conflict or Appeasement
Main Building: Randolph Hall
Network: Religion Chair: Patrick Pasture
Organizers: - Discussant: Patrick Pasture
Anja-Maria Bassimir : When God and Country Collide: Civil Religion as a Source of Conflict for US-American Evangelicals
Heike Bungert : Civil Religion as a Source of Appeasement in U.S. National Anniversaries, 1957-1970
Richard Salter : A Virtue of Ambivalence: American Civil Religion and the Peace Corps
Jana Weiss : Civil Religion as a Rhetorical Instrument of Conflict or Appeasement? The Memorial Day Celebrations in the United States

G-1 LAB07 International Solidarity: Radical and Leftwing Networks during the Interwar Period
Main Building: East Quad Lecture Theatre
Networks: Labour , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Aldo Agosti
Organizer: Holger Weiss Discussant: Bernhard H. Bayerlein
Gleb J. Albert : The USSR Section of the International Red Aid (MOPR): International Solidarity and Soviet Society in the 1920s and 1930s.
Kasper Braskén : Activating International Solidarity: The Internationale Arbeiterhilfe, Willi Münzenberg and the Comintern in Germany, 1921–1933
Fredrik Petersson : Decolonization & Postcolonial Historiography: League against Imperialism, Anti-imperialist Movements, Networks, & Place, 1927-33
Holger Weiss : Global Ambitions, Structural Constraints and Marginality as a Choice: the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers

H-1 LAB27 Industrial Relations in Theory and in Practice
Main Building: Forehall
Network: Labour Chair: Aad Blok
Organizers: - Discussant: Heiner Dribbusch
Ralph Darlington, John Dobson : Objectivity and Partisanship in Industrial Relations Research
Stefan Mueller : German Trade Unions and the New Eastern Policy, 1969-89
Johanna Wolf : Modern Times and Old Concepts. West German Trade Unions in the 1970s
Erik-Jan Zurcher : Towards a Taxonomy of Military Labour

I-1 WOR02 East Central Europe and Global History
Main Building: Humanities
Network: World History Chair: Matthias Middell
Organizers: - Discussant: Susan Zimmermann
Beata Hock : Inscribing Socialist Eastern Europe into a Socialist World through Art
Isabella Löhr : Transnational Civil Society Networks and Academic Refugees from East Central Europe in the Cold War
Attila Melegh : Trojan Horses: ‘Reform’-discourses Relinking Local and Global Hierarchies in State Socialist Hungary in the 1970s and 1980s
Katja Naumann : Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia in the International Labour Organization
Raluca Maria Popa : International Activism of State Socialist Women’s Organizations in the 1970s: Shaping the UN Women’s Agenda

J-1 MAT08 Material Culture and Social Identities
Main Building: G466
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Harm Nijboer
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Cecilia Bjorken-Nyberg : "My Home is My Factory": Lady Pianists and Working-Class Discipline
Angela Jager : Cheap, Gaudy and Spectacular. The Mass Market for History Painting in the Dutch Golden Age
Elizabeth Kim : The Market Bubble and Julian Schnabel: A Case Study of the Structure of the 1980s Art Boom and Bust

L-1 SOC13 Repression in the Northeast Iberian Peninsula (16th-19th Centuries)
Main Building: Room 355
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Paulo Guimarães
Organizers: - Discussant: Paulo Guimarães
Oscar Fernández- Alvarez : Charity and Social Control through Welfare Agencies in the Province of León, Spain (19th and 20th Centuries)
Alfredo Martín-García : Delinquency and Forced Labour in Northeast Spain in the 18th Century
María José Pérez Alvarez : Prison Living Conditions in Northeast Spain under the Ancien Régime
Laureano Rubio-Pérez : Crime and Council Justice in Rural Northeast Spain (17th and 18th Centuries)

M-1 WOM05 Gender, Political Thought and the Shaping of Early Modern Politics
Main Building: Melville
Networks: Theory , Women and Gender Chair: Silvia Evangelisti
Organizers: - Discussant: Lynn Botelho
Anna K. Becker : Machiavelli and the Early Modern Conception of Politics: Rethinking the Relationship of Public and Private in Renaissance Political Thought
Sari Nauman : Gender, Power and the Oath – The Early Modern State and the Oaths of Allegiance
Claudia Opitz-Belakhal : Jean Bodin, Gender, and the Origins of the Modern State

N-1 EDU02 Child Saving - Institutions and Moral Judgements
Main Building: Senate
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Mona Gleason
Organizers: - Discussant: Mona Gleason
Daniela Marza : The Child between the State, the Church and the Family – the Case of Transylvania (1850-1918)
Nicoleta Roman : Shaping Orphan Lives in Wallachia: Customs, Laws and Institutions (1800–1860)
Shurlee Swain : Florence and Rosamond Davenport Hill and the Development of Boarding out in England and Australia: A Study in Cultural Transmission

O-1 ORA01 Trauma and Mourning
JWS Room J355 (J10)
Network: Oral History Chair: Albert Lichtblau
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Devereux Powers : From Voices to Visible Text: Complexities in Transcribing the Narratives of Mississippi Chinese World War II Veterans
John Powers, Gwendolyn Gong : Making Sense of the Stories of Mississippi Chinese World War II Veterans
Michaela Raggam-Blesch : “Der Riss der Zeit geht durch mein Herz”. Nostalgia and the Narrative of a “Lost Paradise” in Jewish Oral-history Documents after the Shoah

P-1 CUL02 Popular Culture and Media Diversity
JWS Room J361 (J7)
Network: Culture Chair: Jeroen Salman
Organizer: Jeroen Salman Discussants: -
Patricia Fumerton : Vexed Impressions: Toward a Digital Archive of Broadside Ballad Illustration
Roeland Harms : The Influence of the Early Modern Popular Media on the Dutch Literary Stories of 'Jan Klaasz' and 'Jan de Wasser'
Marie Léger-St-Jean : Mid-19th Century Cheap Novels: Speeding Towards Global Mass Transmedia Culture
Angela McShane : Ballads on Affairs of State in 17th Century England. Some Myths and Legends
Talitha Verheij : Processes of Popularization in Dutch Popular Print Media

Q-1 HEA03 Industrial Accidents and Disasters: Security, Compensation and Care (France/England, 17th-19th Century)
JWS Room J375 (J15)
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Thomas Le Roux
Organizer: Thomas Le Roux Discussants: -
Claire Barillé : Thinking of the Care for People Injuried by Industrial Accidents
Liliane Perez, Marie Thébaud-Sorger : Claiming for Fire Damages at the Sun Fire Office: A Map of Artisans' and Entrepreneurs' Activities in Industrializing Britain in the XVIIIth Century
Christelle Rabier : Compensation by Quest? The Role of Parishes in Accident Compensation, 17c-18c

R-1 POL16 Imperial and Post-imperial Visions
Maths Building: 203
Networks: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations , World History Chair: Jennifer L. Foray
Organizers: - Discussant: Jennifer L. Foray
Laura Cerasi : The Necessary Empire. Italian Colonialism between Anglophilia and Anglophobia, from the Adwa Defeat (1896) to the Conquest of Addis Ababa (1936)
Zuzana Polackova, Pieter van Duin : The Bewilderment of a Scottish Historian: R.W. Seton-Watson and the Hungarian Minority in Slovakia, 1918-1923
Stefan Vogt : Zionism and “Weltpolitik” in Wilhelmine Germany

S-1 RUR01 Common Rules. The Functioning and Regulation of Institutions for Collective Action at the European Countryside
Maths Building: 204
Network: Rural Chair: Angus Winchester
Organizer: Tine De Moor Discussant: Guido Alfani
Francisco Beltrán Tapia : Collective Resources, Human and Social Capital: The Emergence of Agricultural Cooperatives in Early 20th Century Spain
Jose Miguel Lana : Neighborhood Rules: Natural Resources, Belonging and Regulation in Northern Spain before 1850
Claudio Tagliapietra : Evolving Rules in the Commons: an Empirical Analysis of the Regulation in the Italian Alps 1200-1800
René Van Weeren, Tine De Moor : The Carrot and the Stick. An Exploration into the Sanctioning of Freeriders on the Dutch Commons in the Early Modern Period.

T-1 POL02 Grey Areas of Multiethnic Citizenship: Shifting Borders, Changing Claims
Maths Building: 325
Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Anne Epstein
Organizers: - Discussant: Anne Epstein
Anna Novikov : The Godfathers of the ‘New Citizen’: Politics, Borders and Nationalization in Interwar Polish Silesia
Ida Ohlsson Al Fakir : Swedish Gypsies and Welfare Practices in the Post-war Period
Ariel Salzmann : Citizens in Search of a State: Imperial Sovereignty, Local Claims, and Ethno-Religious Violence in Ottoman Syria (1820-60) and Anatolia (1880-1915)

U-1 SOC01 Authority and Resistance in Plebeian Spaces in 19th Century England
Maths Building: 326
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Susannah Ottaway
Organizer: David Green Discussants: David Green, Susannah Ottaway
Paul A. Fideler : "Statistics and Society: Ameliorating a Manchester 'Little Ireland' in the Mid-Nineteenth Century"
David Green : Plebeian Spaces: Streets, Homes and Institutions in 19th-century London
Jane Hamlett : A Veritable Palace for the Hard-working Labourer? Space, Material Culture and Inmate Experience in Rowton Houses, Ltd., London, 1892-1914
Samantha Shave : Spaces of Female Sexual Violence and Consolation in New Poor Law Workhouses, 1834-1871

V-1 ETH01 Marriage, Migration and Control: International Marriages in Discourses and Practices
Maths Building: 416
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Elli Heikkilä
Organizers: Johanna Leinonen, Saara Pellander Discussant: Elli Heikkilä
Anne Lavanchy : Love Boundaries: Suspicion and the Search for Evidence in the Everyday Practice of Swiss Registrars
Saara Pellander, Johanna Leinonen : Mechanics of Inclusion and Exclusion: Marriage Migration in Finnish Immigration Discourses
Alexandra Stam : Migration-generated vulnerability: the example of domestic violence in the Swiss context

X-1 ECO01 Revealing the Black Box: Measuring Economic Performance during and in the Aftermath of World War II
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 1
Network: Economics Chair: Albrecht Ritschl
Organizer: Tamás Vonyó Discussant: Albrecht Ritschl
Taylor Jaworski, Joseph Cullen, Price Fishback & Paul Rhode : World War II and the Changing Structure of the American Economy
Jonas Scherner, Jochen Streb : 'Outsourcing and Supplier Networks in the German Aircraft Industry during World War II
Tamás Vonyó, Pieter J. Woltjer & Nikita E.S. Bos : The Economic Consequences of the War: Productivity growth in German, British and American manufacturing during the 1940s
Harry X. Wu, Tangjun Yuan : Measuring Economic Performance in the Wartime China, 1937-49

Y-1 WOM01 Brothers of the Sisterhood? Men and Masculinities in 19th and 20th Century Feminisms
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 2
Networks: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations , Women and Gender Chair: Elisabeth Elgán
Organizers: - Discussant: Gunnel Karlsson
Katherine Hubler : “Shall men’s strengths therefore be doomed to idleness?” Feminist and Pro-feminist Masculinities in the First Wave of German Feminism
Hélène Quanquin : “With feebler voices?” Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911) and Men’s Contribution to 19th-century American Feminism
Cristina Scheibe Wolff : The “New Man”: Discourses on Masculinity and the Feminism in Left-wing Movements of the Southern Cone in the 1970s

Wednesday 11 April 2012 11.00 - 13.00
A-2 CUL04 Cultures of Modernity 2: Managing Modernity
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre A
Networks: Culture , Religion Chair: Ed Jonker
Organizers: Ed Jonker, Joris van Eijnatten Discussant: Joris van Eijnatten
Maria Heidegger : “Modern” Psychiatry and Pastoral Caring of Religious Madness. A Tyrolean Example
Kate Hill : Modernity and Materiality: Identities, Museums and the Affect of Objects around 1900
Svein Ivar Langhelle : Religion between Tradition and Modernity. A Norwegian Case

B-2 ELI03 The Self-presentation of Political Elites in Agrarian Regions of Central Europe, 19th to beginning of 20th Century
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre B
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Konstantinos Raptis
Organizer: Andrea Pokludova Discussant: Konstantinos Raptis
Roman Holec : Comparison of Self-presentation of Agrarian Political Elites in Central- and East-Europe at the beginning of 20th Century
Andrea Pokludova, Pavel Kladiwa : The Self-presentation of the German Political Elite in Rural Areas of the Czech Lands in the Second Half of the 19th Century and at the beginning of the 20th Century: Public Celebrations, Commemorations, Monuments

C-2 FAM01 Historical Demography in Comparative Perspective: Marriage
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre C
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Mary Nagata
Organizer: Mary Nagata Discussant: Alice Reid
Nanna Floor Clausen, Hans Jørgen Marker : Did the Transformation of Denmark in the 19th Century Influence the Marriage Pattern and Age of First Marriage?
Mimoza Dushi : Marriage: Need or Request?
Hilde L. Sommerseth : Consanguineous Marriage in Norway, Late 19th Century

D-2 CRI06 A Century of Belgian Child Protection: Keeping up Appearances?
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre D
Networks: Criminal Justice , Education and Childhood Chair: Heather Shore
Organizer: Els Dumortier Discussant: Pamela Cox
Jenneke Christiaens, Tinne Geluyckens : On the Dark Side of the Moon: The Detention of Youngsters in Belgium
Els Dumortier, Aurore François : Belgian Magdalenes? History of an Aborted Scandal…
Kevin Goris, Sofie De Bus : The ‘Problem Child’ in Belgian Youth Justice
David Niget : From Criminal Justice to the Social Clinic. Belgium's Juvenile Justice System and the Circulation of Transnational Models, 1912-1965

E-2 FAM14 Godparenthood Strategies: A Long Term Perspective, 15th to 20th Centuries I
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre E
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Vincent Gourdon
Organizers: Guido Alfani, Vincent Gourdon Discussant: Marianna Muravyeva
Guido Alfani : Selection of Godparents from within Kin in Europe (1500-2000 ca.)
Etienne Couriol : Choice of the Godparents in an Urban Structure: A Long-term Analysis in Lyon
Davide De Franco : Godparenthood Strategies in a Mountain Region of North-western Italy
Stéphane Minvielle : Baptism and Godparenthood Strategies in Bordeaux between the Council of Trent and the End of the Old Regime

F-2 THE10 European National Museums Negotiating Truth, Identity and Conflicts 1760-2010
Main Building: Randolph Hall
Network: Theory Chair: Peter Aronsson
Organizers: - Discussant: Chris Lorenz
Felicity Bodenstein : Uses of the Past – Narrating the Nation and Negotiating Conflicts
Alexandra Bounia : Museum Citizens: Experience and Identity of Audiences
Gabriella Elgenius : Mapping and Framing Institutions 1750-2010: National Museums Interacting with Nation-making
Uta Protz : The Museum as Diplomat: the British Museum, the Musée du Louvre and the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin in China

G-2 LAB08 Beyond the Grave: The Legacy of International Activists in a Transnational Context. The Case of Flora Tristan, Guido Miglioli, Ellen Wilkinson and Emile Pouget
Main Building: East Quad Lecture Theatre
Network: Labour Chair: Martin Farr
Organizer: Matt Perry Discussant: Martin Farr
Claudia Baldoli : Guido Miglioli (1879–1954): Crossing and Re-crossing the Hostile Terrain between Catholicism and Communism
Constance Bantman : Transnationalising French Anarchism through Biography: The Case of Emile Pouget
Máire Cross : Remembering and Forgetting Flora Tristan (1803–1844)
Matt Perry : Ellen Wilkinson (1891 – 1947) Beyond the Nation State and Beyond the Grave

H-2 LAB14 Social Outcasts and 'Others' in Labour History
Main Building: Forehall
Networks: Labour , Social Inequality Chair: Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
Organizer: Magaly Rodríguez García Discussant: Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
Lex Heerma van Voss : Working Girls in World Cities
Magaly Rodríguez García : The League of Nations' moral recruitment of women
Rik Vercammen : Teaching Work Ethics to Beggars and Vagabonds?

I-2 SOC12 Welfare State Concepts in a Historical and Comparative Perspective
Main Building: Humanities
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Noel Whiteside
Organizers: - Discussant: Noel Whiteside
Lovisa Broström : General Old-Age Pensions in Sweden –The Rise of the Poorest Group in the Welfare State 1913-1960
Irène Herrmann : Welfare State vs Democracy in Switzerland
Pauli Kettunen, Nils Edling : The History of the Welfare State in Northern Europe
Klaus Petersen, Jørn Henrik Petersen : Confusion and Diffusion? The Term Welfare State in Germany and Britain

J-2 REL02 Living Spaces, Families and Communities (16th - 18th Centuries)
Main Building: G466
Network: Religion Chair: Silvia Evangelisti
Organizers: - Discussant: Silvia Evangelisti
Leila M. Algranti : Daily Diet and Festivals’ Food in Portugal during the Eighteenth Century: The Nuns of the Convento dos Remédios (Braga)
Paula Bessa : From the Kingdom and from the Wide World into the House of God: Aspects of Material Culture in the Eastern Algarve «comendas» of the Military Order of Santiago during the First Half of the Sixteenth Century
Maria Cristina Osswald : Everyday Life in India Missions from the 16th to the 18th Centuries: Between Hell and Heaven
Lisbeth Rodrigues : "Making Heaven on Earth": Space, Gender and Material Culture in a Portuguese Thermal Hospital. The Case of Nossa Senhora do Pópulo (1485-1580)

L-2 URB07 Urban Amenities
Main Building: Room 355
Networks: Technology , Urban Chair: Harm Kaal
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Lena Eriksson : The Lost and Preserved City. Stockholm 1919-1994
Giuseppe Restifo, Carmelina Gugliuzzo : The Opening of the Harbour, the Closing of the Walls: Urban History of two Mediterranean Port Cities
Mikkel Thelle : Resisting Urban Modernity: The Copenhagen Tramways as Assembly

M-2 WOR01 Natives as Missionaries
Main Building: Melville
Networks: Religion , World History Chair: David Lindenfeld
Organizer: David Lindenfeld Discussant: David Lindenfeld
Jin-heon Jung : Korean Protestant Aspirations: Korean Mega-church Founders' Conversion Narratives
Ulrike Kirchberger : The Pupils of Eleazar Wheelock's "Indian Charity School" as Native Missionaries in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
Xiaojing Wang : “For the Salvation of Our Fellow Men”: A Study of the Chinese Home Missionary Society (1918-1948)
Emma Wild-Wood : Powerful Words: Revd Apolo Kivebulaya, a Broker of Social and Intellectual Change (1895-1933)

N-2 EDU01 Border-crossing in Education: From Networks Building to Local Implementation
Main Building: Senate
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Zoe Moody
Organizer: Joelle Droux Discussants: -
Joelle Droux, Damiano Matasci : Tackling Youth Unemployment, Raising Educational Standards: Transnational Educational Actors and Projects at the ILO in the 1930’s
Valeska Huber : The Role of International Networks in the Shaping of University Reform in the Middle East, 1850-1950
Ivan Jablonka : The Globalisation of Child Welfare in Europe and North America (19th-20th c.)
Nora Natchkova, Rita Hofstetter : The Evolution of International Bureau of Education (IBE) : a Field of Institutionalisation of International Relationships in Education (1925-1946)

O-2 ORA02 Work and Labour
JWS Room J355 (J10)
Network: Oral History Chair: Zibiah Alfred
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Timothy Ashplant : Text in Context: Life Narrative and Class Relations in Imperial Britain (1879-1918)
Alison Chand : ‘Real’ and ‘Imagined’ Communities in the Reserved Occupations 1939-1945: Retrieving the Regional Experiences of Glasgow’s Wartime Workers
Linsey Robb : ‘Fighting in their Own Ways’?: Using Oral Histories to Explore Cultural Representations of Men in Reserved Occupations in Britain, 1939-1946

P-2 CUL01 Performers and Spectators: Production and Reception of Popular Entertainment in the 18th and 19th centuries
JWS Room J361 (J7)
Network: Culture Chair: Jan Hein Furnee
Organizer: Vicky Vanruysseveldt Discussant: Jan Hein Furnee
Benjamin Heller : Consuming and Producing Recreation in Georgian London
Evelien Jonckheere : The Economy of ‘Attractions’ in Ghent anno 1895
Eva Krivanec : An early Copy & Paste Culture. The Mobility of Aesthetic Forms, Narrative Elements and Strategies of Attraction in European Live Entertainments 1870-1930
Vicky Vanruysseveldt : Reaching Out for a Public: Strategies of Itinerant Entertainers to Attract Spectators (1750-1914)
Maarten Walraven : The Audible Street in Manchester, 1850-1895

Q-2 HEA04 Health, Normality and Hunger
JWS Room J375 (J15)
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Iris Borowy
Organizer: Josep Lluís Barona Discussant: Iris Borowy
Josep Lluís Barona : Nutritional Deficiencies among the European Population (1946-1960)
Thomas Depecker : From Livestock Management to Human Nutritional Needs: The Concept of Ration in France in XIXth Century
Ximo Guillem-Llobat : The Sanitary Expertise of the Spanish Real Academia de Medicina in the Establishment of Local Food Safety Standards

R-2 POL17 The Europeanisation of the Environment: Actors, Institutions and Ideas
Maths Building: 203
Networks: Health and Environment , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Ann-Christina Knudsen
Organizers: - Discussant: Ann-Christina Knudsen
Stéphane Frioux : Towards a Europeanisation of Air Pollution Management ? Late 1950s-1970s
Jan-Henrik Meyer : What is Europeanisation? Conceptual Clarifications and Empirical Examples from the History of the Emergent Environmental Policy of the European Communities in the 1970s
Sandra Tauer : Debates on Nuclear Energy along the Upper Rhine: An Example of the Europeanisation of Environmental Policy?

S-2 RUR03 Changing Water Uses, Flood Control and Conflicts
Maths Building: 204
Network: Rural Chair: Stefan Brakensiek
Organizer: Andras Vari (1953-2011) Discussant: Stefan Brakensiek
Anne-Marie Granet-Abisset : Fighting against floods
Piet van Cruyningen : Changing Property Relations and Ecological Sustainability in the Southwest of the Netherlands, c. 1500-1700
Milja van Tielhof : Conflicts around the Maintenance of Sea Dikes in the early Modern Period. A Comparison of Major Sea Dikes in the Northern Netherlands, Germany and Flanders
Nadine Vivier : “Ordinary” Floods in the 19th Century France: Events and Preventive Actions

T-2 POL03 Transitions from Democratic Rule in Interwar Europe
Maths Building: 325
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Carl Levy
Organizers: - Discussant: Carl Levy
Laura Kepplinger : Statal Organization in Totalitarian Regimes: Austria (1933 - 1938) and Spain (1939 - 1945)
Liia Laanes : From One Transition to Another: Local Elections in Estonia in 1918-1940
Spyridon Ploumidis : Corporatist Ideas in Inter-war Greece: Theory and Practice
Jose Reis Santos : Breakdown of Democratic Rule in Interwar Europa and the Advent of Authoritarian Constitutionalism in the Mid-1930’s

U-2 SOC02 Collections for the Poor. Voluntary giving and the Finance of Poor Relief
Maths Building: 326
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Marco Van Leeuwen
Organizers: Daniëlle Teeuwen, Marco Van Leeuwen Discussant: Henk Looijesteijn
John McCallum : Collections for the Poor in the Post-reformation Church of Scotland
Karen Sonnelitter : Financing Improvement: Philanthropy and Charity in Eighteenth-Century Ireland
Daniëlle Teeuwen : Collections for the Poor. Charitable giving in the Dutch Republic

V-2 ETH02 Remembrance of Migrations and Cultural Diversity in Europe: Museums and the Public Space
Maths Building: 416
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Lavinia Stan
Organizers: - Discussant: Lavinia Stan
Laurence Gourievidis : Remembrance of 19thC Highland Migration in Scotland: The Making of Transnational Memories
Christiane Hintermann : Migration Memory Gap: Searching for Lieux de Mémoire of Migration in Public Space in Vienna/Austria
Christina Johansson : Swedish Museums, Migration and Cultural Diversity – Contacts and Conflicts in the Production of Exhibitions and Events
Christoph Rass : What Have we Done to Armando Rodrigues?

X-2 ECO02 Innovation and Human Capital
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 1
Network: Economics Chair: Jochen Streb
Organizers: - Discussant: Jochen Streb
Theresa Gutberlet : Mechanization and Industry Agglomeration in the German Empire
Nuno Miguel Lima : Private Initiative, Politics and the Role of Networking to Influence Decisions: the Salamanca to the Portuguese Border Railway Lines in the 1880s
Maurizio Lupo : Technological Innovation in a Peripheral Area: Results from a Research Regarding Inventors, Inventions and Patents in the Italian Mezzogiorno during the First Half of XIXth Century.
Andrea Maestrejuan : Navigating the Costs of Patent Protection: Individual Inventors and the German Patent System

Y-2 WOM02 A Unified Terrorist Body? Hunger Strike, 1970s Leftist Terrorism and Gender
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 2
Networks: Criminal Justice , Women and Gender Chair: Lessie Jo Frazier
Organizers: Irene Bandhauer-Schoeffmann, Dominique Grisard Discussant: Lessie Jo Frazier
Irene Bandhauer-Schoeffmann : Silenced Bodies. Hunger Strikes of the Radical Left in Austria during the 1970s
Clare Bielby : (Re-)Performing the Hunger-striking Body
Dominique Grisard : Gender, Nation and Performance. Leftist Terrorists' Hunger Strikes in 1970s and 1980s Switzerland
Patricia Melzer : Collective Action and the Feminized Body as Catalyst of Political Subjectivity in the RAF Hunger Strikes

Z-2 THE02 Transnational Perspectives on Post-War Historical Thought and Culture
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 3
Network: Theory Chair: Thomas Welskopp
Organizers: - Discussant: Thomas Welskopp
Ian Gwinn : Radical Historians and the Making of Social History in Britain and West Germany: The Case of the History Workshop Movement
Christoph Laucht : Towards the Transnational Study of Nuclear Culture: Environmental Concerns and Medical Activism against Nuclear War in Britain and West Germany in the 1980s
Stephan Petzold : Anglo-American Reeducation, Transnational Scholarly Relations and the Westernisation of Fritz Fischer’s Historical Thought, 1945-1965

Wednesday 11 April 2012 14.00 - 16.00
A-3 CUL05 Cultures of Modernity 3: Theorising Modernity
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre A
Networks: Culture , Religion Chair: Joris van Eijnatten
Organizers: Ed Jonker, Joes Segal, Joris van Eijnatten Discussant: Ed Jonker
Jukka Kortti : Media, Elite and Modernity. Defining Modern among Finnish Cultural Intelligentsia in the 20th Century
Alanna Lockward : “We are all black”. Modernity, Global Citizenship and the Limits of Humanity from the Enlightenment of the Haitian Revolution
Joes Segal : In Search of Socialist Modernism: How East Bloc Culture fell Victim to Western Teleology
Michael Spiller : Past the Post: Modernism and Modernity

B-3 ELI16 Elites and Religion
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre B
Networks: Elites and forerunners , Religion Chair: Lavinia Pinzarrone
Organizers: - Discussant: Kim Bergqvist
Stefanie Beghein : Sacred Music between Confessionalization and Secularization (Antwerp, 17th-18th Centuries)
Fabrizio D'Avenia : Making Bishops in the Malta of the Knights (1530-1798). An International Game of Parties, Patronage and Diplomacy
Shalin Jain : ‘Religiosity', ‘Piety’ and the Jain Elites in Medieval India
Ulrika Lagerlöf Nilsson : Thy Will Be Done. The Path to the Office of Bishop in the Church of Sweden during the 20th Century
Maria Ana Travassos Valdez : Religious Elites Dreaming of Divine Empires in the Early Modern Portuguese World

C-3 FAM02 Historical Demography in Comparative Perspective: Mortality
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre C
Networks: Family and Demography , Health and Environment Chair: Angelique Janssens
Organizers: Eilidh Garrett, Alice Reid Discussant: Diego Ramiro-Fariñas
Eilidh Garrett, Alice Reid & Simon Szreter : The Geography of Child Loss: Belfast, Ireland, 1911
Tamar Hager : Legal and Medical Maneuvers: The Attitude of the British Legal and Medical Systems towards Ellen Harper who killed her Newborn Baby in 1877
Andrew Hinde, Martin Gorsky & Aravinda Guntupalli & Bernard Harris : Morbidity and Mortality in England, 1850-1950
Jim Oeppen : Decomposing the Evolution of Mortality Frailty in the China Multi-Generational Panel Dataset, 1749-1909.
Kai Willführ, Alain Gagnon : Are all Step-parents Evil? Parental Death, Remarriage, and Child Survival in Saturated (Krummhörn, 1720-1859) and Expanding (Québec, 1670-1750) Demographic Contexts

D-3 CRI04 Criminal Justice in Authoritarian Regimes
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre D
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: John C. Wood
Organizer: Richard Wetzell Discussant: Paul Knepper
Victoria C. Belco : Italian Penal Reform and the Fascist Model
Paul Garfinkel : Preventative Repression, Repressive Prevention: Security Measures in Italy’s 1930 Penal Code
Jeffrey Hardy : Re-Assessing the Archipelago: The Soviet Gulag in Comparative and Transnational Context
Richard Wetzell : Discussing Penal Reform in Nazi Berlin: The 1935 International Penal and Penitentiary Congress

E-3 FAM27 Godparenthood Strategies: A Long Term Perspective, 15th to 20th Centuries II
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre E
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Guido Alfani
Organizers: - Discussant: Vincent Gourdon
Myrto Dimitropoulou, Eugenia Bournova : Networks of Godparenthood in Athens, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Agustin G. Grajales : Practices and Strategies of Godparenthood in the Life of a Mexican Neighborhood in the Eighteenth Century
Juuso Marttila, Merja Uotila : Godparenthood Defined by a Location, an Occupation, a Social Class, a Kinship and a Strategy in Finnish Countryside in 1810-1914
Cristina Munno : Contemporary Godparenthood in Northern Italy (1830-2000)

F-3 WOM20 Roundtable Women's Movements I
Main Building: Randolph Hall
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Olga Shnyrova
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Maud Bracke : 'Our First Discovery was our Housework': Debates on Women and Work in Italian and British Feminism (1960s-70s)
Natalia B. Gafizova : Patriotism and Internationalism in Self-conception of Russian Women's Movements: Rational and Transnational Levels
Valentina Greco, Maria Grazia Suriano & Paola Zappaterra : A Dictionary of Italian Feminism (70s-90s)
Maria Grazia Suriano, Valentina Greco & Paola Zappaterra : A Dictionary of Italian Feminism (70s-90s)
Paola Zappaterra, Maria Grazia Suriano & Valentina Greco : A Dictionary of Italian Feminism (70s-90s)

G-3 LAB01 Other Worlds of Labour: Non-Socialist Strands of Working Class Self-help & Popular Voluntary Association in C20th Europe: Employment
Main Building: East Quad Lecture Theatre
Network: Labour Chair: Alastair J. Reid
Organizers: Peter Ackers, Alastair J. Reid Discussant: Peter Ackers
Daniel Bennheden : Membership in Mutual Aid Societies in Early 20th Century Sweden
Stephen Caunce : Agricultural Hiring Fairs in Northern England, 1890-1930: A Reconsideration
John Kimberley : Cadbury Labour Management: Paternalism - or Something More?

H-3 LAB25 Women's and Children's Work
Main Building: Forehall
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
Organizers: - Discussant: Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk
Jordi Ibarz : The Women and Children’s Labour in the Mechanization of the Glass Industry in Spain, 1900-1936
Malin Nilsson, Tobias Karlsson : In Homes and Factories: Employment Patterns among Women during the Second Industrial Revolution
Johanna Overud : Breaking Way – Making Difference? Gendering Labour Activating Programs from Social Democracy to Identity Policy, Sweden after 1960

I-3 LAB13 Performing as Work
Main Building: Humanities
Networks: Culture , Labour Chair: Magaly Rodríguez García
Organizer: Georg Schinko Discussant: Tracy C. Davis
Angele David-Guillou : Early Musicians' Unions in France and Britain. New Status of the Professional Musician: Artist and Worker
Georg Schinko : Music-making as (Non-)Work in Austria 1918-1938
Laure Schnapper : Herz, Musician and Business Man
Julia H. Schroeder : Street Music as Sound of a City: The Street Musician “Harfenjule” in Berlin around 1900

J-3 SPE01 Discussion on Open Access
Main Building: G466
Network: Chair: Aad Blok
Organizer: Aad Blok Discussants: Aad Blok, Tine De Moor, Anne Mccants, Erik-Jan Zurcher

K-3 TEC02 Text and Technology
Main Building: Gilbert Scott Conference Rooms 250
Network: Technology Chair: Alessandro Nuvolari
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Robert Bud : Defining Applied Science through Allegorical Narratives
Vitaly Gorokhov : From Theory to Design in the Technoscience: Some Remarks on the History of Engineering
Peter Meyer : Networks and Publications of Aeronautical Invention up to 1910
Hugo Silveira Pereira : Railways and Parliament in Portugal (1851-1892)
Yousef Yassi : Reconstruction and Experimental Validation of a Magic Jar - An Ancient Invention for Liquid Separation

L-3 ANT03 The Social Institution of Money in the Ancient World
Main Building: Room 355
Network: Antiquity Chair: Alain M. Bresson
Organizer: Koenraad Verboven Discussant: Alain M. Bresson
Melissa Bailey : Money as Material Cognition
David Hollander : Triumph of the Denarius: Roman Monetization in the Second Century BCE
Koenraad Verboven : Cash, Credit, Bullion and Kind: Payment Modes in the Early Roman Empire

M-3 WOR10 Humanitarianism and the Media, 1900-1930
Main Building: Melville
Networks: Labour , World History Chair: Thomas Lindenberger
Organizers: Volker Barth, Daniel Roger Maul Discussant: Thomas Lindenberger
Volker Barth : The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906: Humanitarian Intervention, the Local Press, and the World Communication Order
Friederike Kind-Kovács : Picturing the Poor Child: Photography as Social Politics of (Trans)national Child Philanthropy in Interwar Hungary
Daniel Roger Maul : Selling "Red" Relief - American and British Quakers and Famine Relief in the Soviet Union 1921-
Carl Emil Vogt : Fridtjof Nansen's Humanitarianism and the Media

N-3 POL15 Social and Cultural Approaches to the History of State Formation
Main Building: Senate
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Anne Epstein
Organizers: - Discussant: Anne Epstein
Martin Almbjär : The Social Practice of the State
Marcelo Barroso Lacombe : Contrast or Convergence: The Evolution of Presidential and Parliamentary Systems
Heike Mauer : Intersections of Gender, Nation and Class: The Regulation of Prostitution in Luxembourg (1900-1939) as Governmentality
Massimo Petta : Printing “Official” Documents: The Building of “Officiality” in the Border between Public Authority and Private Interest
Yanna Tzourmana : Constitutional Cultures and New Cultures of the Self

O-3 ORA03 Migration/Diaspora I
JWS Room J355 (J10)
Network: Oral History Chair: Graham Smith
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Bea Lewkowicz : Sephardi Voices: Reflections on the Role of Nostalgia in Oral History Interviews
Mónica Beatriz Mendoza, Eduardo Espinosa : Coming Back: The Repatriated Scientists
Ulla Savolainen : Nostalgia as a Narrative Strategy and Practice – the Case of Migrant Karelians in Finland

P-3 EDU08 The Decorated School
JWS Room J361 (J7)
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Ian Grosvenor
Organizers: - Discussant: Ian Grosvenor
Catherine Burke : The Decorated School: Defining the Subject
Peter Cunningham : Public art and the Primary School 1920-1960
Jeremy Howard : Painted, Sculpted, Stitched, Tiled, Metallic, Glazed and Landscaped Schools as Learning Topoi
Shona Kallestrup : Asger Jorn’s School Decoration in Århus Statsgymnasium, Denmark, 1959-61

Q-3 HEA11 Medical Concepts and Medical Care
JWS Room J375 (J15)
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Jose Martínez Pérez
Organizers: - Discussant: Jose Martínez Pérez
Nicole Baur, Joseph Melling : The ‘Revolving Door Patient’ Revisited: Environmental Risk Factors in Readmissions to British Mental Hospitals in the 20th Century
Jaime de las Heras Salord : Curanderismo and Neocuranderismo in the Manchuela Region of Albacete
Abhidha Dhumatkar : Pioneering Birth Control and Sex Medicine in India the Contribution of Prof. R.D. Karve (1882-1953)
Anders Ottosson : The First Historical Movements of Kinesiology. Scientification into the Borderline between Physical Culture and Medicine around 1850
Enrique Perdiguero-Gil, Ramón Castejón-Bolea : Vitamins in Spanish newspapers (1918-1950)

R-3 FAM17 The Founders and Survivors Research Project
Maths Building: 203
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Timothy Cuff
Organizer: Rebecca Kippen Discussant: Bernard Harris
Damminda Alahakoon, Sue Bedingfield & James Bradley & Sandra Silcot & Len Smith : TextCat:: A Text Mining Tool for Deriving Categories from Unstructured Text
John Cranfield, Professor Kris Inwood : Stayers and Leavers, Diggers and Canucks: The 1914–1918 War in Comparative Perspective
Rebecca Kippen, Janet McCalman : Gold and Freedom: Convicts and the Victorian Gold Rush, 1851–1861
Hamish Maxwell-Stewart : Work, Punishment and Death in Convict Australia

S-3 RUR02 The Countryside and the Moral Economy
Maths Building: 204
Network: Rural Chair: Richard W Hoyle
Organizer: Elizabeth Madeleine Griffiths Discussant: Richard W Hoyle
John Broad : A Hertfordshire Farmer's Response to the Crisis of Poverty and Inflation during the Napoleonic Wars - John Carrington, Small Capitalist and Poor Overseer
Elizabeth Madeleine Griffiths : ‘Just, Faithfull and Laudable Advancement’: The Le Stranges of Hunstanton and their Attitude to Estate Management, 1605-1655
Briony McDonagh : Propertied Women and the Moral Economy of the English Landed Estate
Manoela Pedroza : The Moral Economy of the Land Lease (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19th Century)

T-3 POL04 Radicalism, Politics and Citizenship in Northern Europe, c. 1850-1914
Maths Building: 325
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Andrew Newby
Organizers: - Discussant: Andrew Newby
Lars Edgren : Radicalism, Workers and Peasants. Folkets Tidning and Mid-nineteenth Century Democratic Politics in Sweden
Magnus Olofsson : Inventing a Swedish Citizen: The New Liberals, the Democratic Subject and a New Civic Culture
Chloe Ross : Land, Labour and Nationalism: James Connolly and Transnational Agitation in 1890s Scotland and Ireland
Sami Suodenjoki : Denunciations as Social Protest in Finland at the Turn of the 20th Century

U-3 SOC03 New Perspectives on Poor Relief and Poverty
Maths Building: 326
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Susannah Ottaway
Organizers: - Discussant: Henk Looijesteijn
Christos Desyllas : Microfinancial Structures and Strategies of Social Policy
Kaat Louckx : The Classification of the Poor in Great Britain and Belgium at the End of the 19th Century. A Socio-historical Approach on Changing Classification Patterns
Inge Mønster-Kjær : The Poor Behind Barbed Wire
Klas Nyberg, Mats Hayen & Håkan Jakobsson : Credit, Trust and Financial Networks in 18th and 19th Century Stockholm
Olga Salamatova : On the Way to Nowhere: The Interpretation and Adaptation of Poor Relief Foreign Patterns by the Russian Public Men, 1890s – 1917

V-3 ETH05 Border Studies meet Migration Studies: Similarities and Differences
Maths Building: 416
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Ad Knotter
Organizer: Machteld Venken Discussant: Ad Knotter
Ruth Leiserowitz : Litvaks as Transmigrants at and across the Prussian-Russian Border 1812-1942
Lavinia Stan : Escapees at the Border. Success or Failure in Fleeing Communist Romania.
Machteld Venken : Children as Internal and External Migrants in and from Belgian and Polish Borderland Territories (1945-1970)

W-3 ELI06 Anarchist Elite I: Elites in an Egalitarian Movement
Maths Building: 417
Networks: Elites and forerunners , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Jose Reis Santos
Organizers: Bert Altena, Constance Bantman Discussant: Ruth Kinna
Carl Levy : Italian Anarchism and Italian Fascism: The Subversive Force Field and the Fight to the Finish, 1914-1945
Dieter Nelles : Elites in an Egalitarian Movement: Anarchist Elites.
Davide Turcato : Malatesta’s Insider View on Anarchist ‘Elites’

X-3 ECO03 Law and Economics
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 1
Network: Economics Chair: Jochen Streb
Organizers: - Discussant: Jochen Streb
Hideaki Ito : A Combination of Market Economy and Communal Farming ; The Common Field System of the Nineteenth Century Willingham
Susana Martínez-Rodríguez : Private Limited Liability Companies “a la Española”: Roots, Diffusions and Contradictions in the Spanish PLLC.

Y-3 WOM03 Domestic Disturbances: Political Implications of Domestic Violence in Early Modern Europe
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 2
Networks: Family and Demography , Women and Gender Chair: Satu Lidman
Organizer: Marianna Muravyeva Discussant: Michelle Marrese
Lynn Lubamersky : Vigilante Justice vs. the Noblewoman's Freedom of Choice in Marriage and Love: The Foray/Zajazd in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 18th Century
Marianna Muravyeva : "A King in his Own Household": Domestic Discipline and Family Violence in Early Modern Europe Reconsidered
Raisa Maria Toivo : Violence between parents and Children in early modern Finland: Cultures of authority and taboo.
Constanta Vintila-Ghitulescu : The Sexuality between Sin and Shame along the Ecclesiastical Courts in the 18th Romanian Society

Z-3 THE03 Comparative and Transnational Perspectives on Nordic Historiography
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 3
Network: Theory Chair: Ragnar Björk
Organizers: - Discussant: Ragnar Björk
Marja Jalava : The Nordic Countries as a Historical and Historiographical Regime
Claus Møller Jørgensen : Scandinavian National History Writing in the Interwar Period
Petteri Suominen : Social Property Regimes and the 20th Century Nordic Historiography

Wednesday 11 April 2012 16.30 - 18.30
A-4 CUL10 Photography as Source and Tool
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre A
Network: Culture Chair: Marga Altena
Organizers: - Discussant: Joeri Januarius
Paul Bijl : The Social Biography of Photographs: Framing, Proximity, and Distance
Evangelia Katsaiti : Photography as Both Performance and a Dissemination Method of Grief and Loss Adaptation in the Context of a Greek Family
Shady Grove Oliver : Capturing the Pain: Crisis Photography and the Mediation of Memory
Marcel Reyes-Cortez : Visual Research in the Cemeteries of Mexico City: Photography, a Social Research Method
Axel Tixhon, Anne Roekens & Bénédicte Rochet : Pictures of the First World War in Illustrated Weeklies Published in Belgium (1914-1918)

B-4 ELI17 New Elite Formation: Theoretical Approaches
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre B
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Marja Vuorinen
Organizers: - Discussant: Adrian Zimmermann
Lavinia Pinzarrone : The Foundations of Nobility. Elites, Colonisation and New Rural Towns in Early Modern Sicily
Andrei Volodin : How intellectuals tried to influence economic policy in the late Russian Empire?
Irina Zamfirache : Elites and the Social System. Structures and Functions

C-4 FAM03 History of Historical Demography Further Explored
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre C
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux
Organizer: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux Discussants: Ioan Bolovan, Bruce Fetter, Andrejs Plakans, Sølvi Sogner
Béatrice Craig : Canadian Historical Demography - A Tale of Two Solitudes
Alexander Pinwinkler : "Population History"/"Historical Demography" in Germany, c. 1950-1980
Paulo Teodoro de Matos, Maria Norberta Amorim : Historical Demography in Portugal, 1960-2010: An Acount of the Historiography and Major Challenges

D-4 THE01 Regimes of Historicity and Politics of Time
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre D
Network: Theory Chair: Chris Lorenz
Organizers: - Discussant: Chris Lorenz
Berber Bevernage, Lore Colaert : Burying the Past? Bodies and Spirits of the Dead in the Struggle over History, Memory and Transitional Justice
Cecilia Macon : Argentina, 1985-2004: Politics, Agency and Memory
Derk Venema : Time and Identity in Transitional Justice

E-4 FAM18 Ethnicity, Migration and Family
Boyd Orr: Lecture Theatre E
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Valeria Sorostineanu
Organizer: Aycan E. Celikaksoy Discussant: Joana-Maria Pujadas-Mora
Aycan E. Celikaksoy : Intergenerational Transmission of Interethnic Marriage in Sweden.
Danielle Gauvreau, Patricia Thornton & Helene Vezina : Immigration and Intercultural Marriages: Trends and Determinants in Québec, 1880-1940
Mihaela Grancea, Cornel Moșneag : Biconfesional Funerary Monuments in Transylvania and Banat, the Result of Mixed Marriages

F-4 CRI01 Meet the Author: Joanne Klein's Invisible Men: The Secret Lives of Police Constables in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, 1900-1939. Liverpool, 2010
Main Building: Randolph Hall
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Chris A. Williams
Organizer: Joanne Klein Discussants: Victor Bailey, Andrew Davies, Haia Shpayer-Makov, Pat Thane

G-4 LAB02 Other Worlds of Labour: Non-Socialist Strands of Working Class Self-help & Popular Voluntary Association in C20th Europe: General Co-operation
Main Building: East Quad Lecture Theatre
Network: Labour Chair: Antony Webster
Organizers: Peter Ackers, Alastair J. Reid Discussant: Nicole Robertson
Patrick Doyle : The Co-operative Movement in County Kerry, 1889-1910
Marcella Pellegrino Sutcliffe : Mazzini’s Transnational Legacy amongst English Co-operators
Martin Purvis : Revisiting Hard Times: Consumers’ Co-operation in Interwar Britain

H-4 LAB15 Commercial Agriculture and Labor Relations
Main Building: Forehall
Networks: Labour , Rural Chair: Leen Van Molle
Organizer: Lars Olsson Discussant: Piet van Cruyningen
Lars Olsson : Landowning, Tenancy and Labor Relations in the English Northatlantic Economy in the 17th Century
Maria Papathanassiou : Rural Labour, Gender and Social Hierarchies: Peasants’ Wives and Female Rural Servants in Austria during the Late 19th and the First Decades of the 20th Century
Dionicio Valdés : Primitive Accumulation and the Birth of Commercial Agriculture in the Elephant Butte Irrigation District on the US-Mexico Border, 1840-1930

I-4 SOC05 Inmates of Hospitals and other Care Institutions in the Early Modern Period
Main Building: Humanities
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Thomas M. Adams
Organizer: Christina Vanja Discussant: Sabine Veits-Falk
Irmtraut Sahmland : Inmates - Their Life Before, In and Beyond the Hospital in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
Martin Scheutz : Austrian Hospitals in the early Modern Times. Inmates – Authorities – Organizational System
Christina Vanja : The Kitchen Managers’ View – Inmates of the Haina Hospital on 1803 Food Bills
Alfred Weiss : House Rules and Instructions of Austrian Hospitals in the Early Modern Times

J-4 REL08 Religious Modernisation and Gender
Main Building: G466
Networks: Culture , Religion Chair: Tine Van Osselaer
Organizers: - Discussant: Tine Van Osselaer
Francisco Crespo : Wife and Mother: The Vision of Women in Catholic Spanish Press (XIX-XX)
Andrea Meissner : “Esto Vir! – Be a Man!” Efforts to Masculinize German Catholicism in the Interwar Period
Natasha Roegiers : Recatholicizing Belgium One Nun at a Time through Devotional Imagery in 19th Century Religious Biographies

K-4 SOC15 Cancelled!: Roundtable: Social Mobility in Eastern Europe and Russia, Sources and Methods
Main Building: Gilbert Scott Conference Rooms 250
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Wiebke Schulz
Organizer: Vladimir Vladimirov Discussants: Antonie Knigge, Zoltán Lippényi
Valery Kanishchev : The Sources and Methods of Studies of Social Mobility of Population of Middle and Little Cities of the Central Russian at the end of 18th - beginning of 20th
Marya Markova, Dmitry Sarafanov & Vladimir Vladimirov : Russian Parish Register Books and Research of Social Mobility
Irina G. Silina, Andrei Iluhin : Spatio-social Organization of the Russian Empire in the Second half of XIX - early XX Centuries
Vladimir Vladimirov, Elena Brukhanova & Evgeny Lubanets : Russian Historical Sources and the Study of Social Mobility

L-4 ANT04 Social Networks Analysis and the Ancient Economy: Networks Around Commodities
Main Building: Room 355
Network: Antiquity Chair: David Hollander
Organizer: Katerina Panagopoulou Discussants: -
Alain M. Bresson : Silver Coins and Commercial Networks in Western Asia Minor in the Late Hellenistic Period
Katerina Panagopoulou : Commercial Networks and Gold in the Hellenistic and Roman periods
Isabella Tsigarida : Salt Trade in Roman Times

M-4 WOR05 Making Europe. Technology and Transformations 1850-2000
Main Building: Melville
Networks: Technology , World History Chair: Frank Schipper
Organizers: Matthias Middell, Erik Van der Vleuten Discussants: Matthias Middell, Ruth Oldenziel
Andreas Fickers, Pascal Griset : Eventing Europe.
Johan Schot : The Origins of a European Technocracy, or the Governing of Europe by experts
Philip Scranton : Introduction to the Making Europe book series
Erik Van der Vleuten : Infrastructuring Europe: Technology, Society, and Nature in Transition

N-4 EDU03 Children and Rights
Main Building: Senate
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Joelle Droux
Organizers: - Discussant: Maria del Mar Del Pozo Andres
Frédéric Darbellay, Zoe Moody : Education and Children’s Rights: an Interdisciplinary and Historical Analysis at the Crossroads
Margot Hillel : ‘“ Maybe Help Make the World a Better Place to Live in”’: Young People as Redemptive Conscience in Australian Books for Young Adults
Ines Meier, J.W. Whitlow, Jr. : The Rational Child: How the Age of Reason Shaped Children’s Status as Persons
Victoria Shadrina : Philosophy for Children as a Way to Individuality
Ingrid van der Bij : Claiming to Protect the Child.

O-4 ORA04 Migration/Diaspora II
JWS Room J355 (J10)
Network: Oral History Chair: Timothy Ashplant
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Zibiah Alfred : Childhood Landscapes and the Impact of Nostalgia upon the Refugee Communities History Project
Fiona Frank : “My Great-grandfather was a Red-haired Rabbi from Omsk”: Nostalgia for the Past in a Scottish Jewish Family
Wiktoria Kudela-Swiatek : A Fly in the Ointment. Biographical Narratives of Kazakhstan Poles and the Polish Public Discourse
Graham Smith, Oscar Forero : Nostalgia has a History: Ukranian Foodways and the Generational Politics of Longing

P-4 SEX04 Oral History, Memory, Archiving
JWS Room J361 (J7)
Network: Sexuality Chair: Christabelle Sethna
Organizers: - Discussant: Christabelle Sethna
Mark Cornwall : Reading a New European Lesbian Writer: The Vibrant Novels of Lida Merlinova (1906-88)
Sara Edenheim : The Epistemology of the Archive: Encountering Queer Theory as a Philosophy of History
Patrizia Gentile : Using Memory Studies as Queer Methodology: Canadian Queers, National Security and Trauma

Q-4 HEA12 Diseases & Epidemics
JWS Room J375 (J15)
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Logie Barrow
Organizers: - Discussant: Logie Barrow
Patricia Marsh : 'Risks from Shellfish - Watch What you Eat' - Typhoid Fever Outbreaks in Belfast from 1900-1948
Ida Milne : Through the Eyes of a Child: Survivors of Spanish Influenza
Michael Zeheter : Before an Epidemic: The Idea of Cholera as an Actor

R-4 SOC16 Old Age and Medicine in Early Modern England
Maths Building: 203
Networks: Family and Demography , Social Inequality Chairs: -
Organizer: Lynn Botelho Discussants: -
Lynn Botelho : ‘The Voylence of this my Fall’: Falling and the Elderly in Early Modern England
Anne Kugler : ‘The Keepers of the House Shall Tremble’: Old Age, Physical Mobility, and Space in Early Modern England
Susannah Ottaway : Old Age and Health: By the Numbers?

S-4 RUR04 Power, Actions and Mass Movements in Western Europe Countryside in the Age of Revolutions (1760-1860)
Maths Building: 204
Networks: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations , Rural Chair: Nadine Vivier
Organizers: - Discussant: Nadine Vivier
Laurent Brassart : Power, Social Dynamics and Political Change in the Northern France Rural Protest during the French Revolution
Domenico Cecere : The Language of Complaints, Grievances and Riots. Political Issues of the Peasant Movements in Calabria (1760-1770).
Sandro Guzzi-Heeb : New Perspectives and New Questions in the Studies about Social Movements in the Alps (18th and 19th Centuries)
Frédéric Vesentini : Power and Rural Populations in Belgium during the 1845-48 Crisis

T-4 ETH14 Framing the Good Immigrant: High Skilled Migrants in Past and Present
Maths Building: 325
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Dirk Hoerder
Organizer: Aniek Smit Discussant: Dirk Hoerder
Jack Burgers : The Mobility of Professional Knowledge
Aniek Smit : Welcoming ‘Guests’ and ‘Friends’: High Skilled Migrants in 20th Century The Hague and Jakarta
Marianne van Bochove : Cosmopolitans, Organization Men, or Just Ordinary Migrants?

U-4 MAT03 Luxury Goods and Material Culture in Southern Europe: Continuity and Change (14th-18th Centuries)
Maths Building: 326
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Beverly Lemire
Organizer: Andrea Caracausi Discussant: Paola Lanaro
Michela Barbot : Luxury, Consumption and Value: The Circuits of Alienable and Inalienable Goods in the Visconti and Sforza Court (Milan, 14th-16th Centuries)
Andrea Caracausi : Global Commodities, “Luxury” Goods and Market Policy in the Republic of Venice (17th-18th Century).

V-4 ETH08 Migration(s) in Textbooks. Construction of 'the Other' and 'the Nation'
Maths Building: 416
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Vanja Lozic
Organizers: - Discussant: Vanja Lozic
Markus Furrer : Migration in Swiss Historybooks
Milena Katsarska : Migration in Bulgarian Textbooks: 8th Grade in Focus
Mirela-Luminita Murgescu : Migrations in Romanian History and Geography Textbooks

W-4 ELI07 Anarchist Elites II: Case Studies
Maths Building: 417
Networks: Elites and forerunners , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Pietro Di Paola
Organizers: - Discussant: Bert Altena
Vivien Bouhey : Parisian Anarchist Leaders from the Mid‐1880s to 1894
João Freire, Paulo Guimarães : Syndicalism and Anarchism in Portugal during the Interwar Period: Struggles, Dreams and Ideological Debates
Jorge Molero-Mesa, Isabel Jiménez-Lucena : “Doctor, Move Away from those People”: Inclusion-exclusion Dynamics Related to Medical Professionals within the Spanish Anarchist Movement in the First Third of the 20th Century

X-4 ECO04 Business History and Varieties of Capitalism
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 1
Network: Economics Chair: Peter Meyer
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Matthias Kipping : Home-grown, Imposed or Imported? Anglo-American Influences on the German Business System
Cathie Jo Martin : Party Competition, Business Organization and Democratization
Neil Rollings : The Control of Dividends and the British Variety of Capitalism 1945-1970s
Jeroen Touwen : Liberalization without Losing Coordination: How the Dutch Business System Responded to Globalization, ca. 1970-2000

Y-4 WOM17 Gender, Nationalism and Politics
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 2
Networks: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations , Women and Gender Chair: Fia Sundevall
Organizers: - Discussant: Patricia Grimshaw
Sara Valentina Di Palma : Mass Rape in Bosnia and Rwanda. Violence, Silencing and Feminist Answers
Jaswandi Wamburkar : Issues of Gender,Identity and Nationalism in India: A Case Study of Vibhavari Shirurkar

Z-4 THE04 Institutions and Actors: Perspectives on Structurisation in History
Wolfson Medical Building: Seminar room 3
Network: Theory Chair: Thomas Welskopp
Organizers: - Discussant: Thomas Welskopp
Stefanie Middendorf : The Politics of Debt and War Society: The Reich’s Ministry of Finance, 1920s to 1940s
Ulrike Schulz : The Recognition of Property Rights: The Case of the Simson Company in Suhl, Thuringia
Corinna Unger : Private Agents, Official Politics: American Foundations in the International Development Arena, 1950s to 1970s

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