Preliminary Programme

Showing: Saturday 21 March 2020 08.30 - 10.30 (single time slot)
Wed 18 March
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Thu 19 March
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Fri 20 March
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Sat 21 March
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All days
Saturday 21 March 2020 08.30 - 10.30
A-13 ECO24 Structural Change in African Economies since 1830: an Occupations Perspective
P.N. van Eyckhof 1, 003C
Networks: Africa , Economic History Chair: Jutta Bolt
Organizer: Gareth Austin Discussant: Ellen Hillbom
Adewumi Damilola Adebayo : Continuity and Change in the Occupational Structures of Southern Nigeria, 1891 - 2006
Gareth Austin : The Comparative History of Occupational Structure and Urbanization across Africa: Design, Data and Findings
Erik Green, Rory Pilossof : Changes in the Occupational Structures in Malawi, c. 1930-2010: a Story of Structural Continuity?
Emiliano Travieso : What Happened to the Workshop of West Africa? Trade, Taxes, and Textiles in Northern Nigeria, c. 1890-1930s

B-13 ECO17 Household Budgets from Pre-industrial Europe
P.N. van Eyckhof 2, 002
Network: Economic History Chairs: -
Organizers: Wouter Ryckbosch, Tim Soens Discussant: Giovanni Vecchi
Bruno Blondé : The Costs of being Rich: Two Centuries of Elite-spending in the Antwerp Moretus Family, 17th-18th Centuries
Viktor Borisov : Peasants’ Economic Activities and Wealth in 17th-century Western Siberia: Assessing the Limits of Personal Consumption
Jane Humphries : Working for a Living? Women and Children’s Labour Inputs in England, 1260-1850
Anne Mccants : Institutional Budgets and Living Standards in Early Modern Amsterdam
Tim Soens : Mapping Food Inequalities before 1850: an Exploration of the Potential of Household Accounts in the Low Countries
Mattia Viale : Stocks and Flows: Material Culture and Consumption Behaviours in Early Modern Venice (1600-1800)

C-13 ETH23 Knowledge, Skill and Migration
P.N. van Eyckhof 2, 003
Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Labour Chair: Paul Puschmann
Organizers: - Discussant: Paul Puschmann
Ida Al Fakir : From the “Gypsy Question” to the “Immigrant Question”: a Swedish History of Knowledge on Migration and Integration
Per-Olof Grönberg, Robert Eckeryd & Roine Viklund : Scandinavians over the North Sea. Acculturation of Swedish and Norwegian Migrants in London, 1834-1920
Juliette Ronsin : A Transnational Labour History: the Immigration of (Post) Yugoslav Workers in Peugeot's Factories in Sochaux-Montbéliard (France), from 1965 to today
Johan Svanberg : Migration and Trade-Union Internationalism. The International Metalworkers’ Federation, European Integration and Post-war Labour Mobility

D-13 POL26 Public History, Memory and Politics: Public History and the Use of History in Contemporary Politics and Society
P.N. van Eyckhof 2, 004
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Johan Lundin
Organizer: Johan Lundin Discussant: Ulf Zander
David Clarke : Displaying Military History in Contemporary Armed Forces Museums: Addressing the Civil-Military Gap
Julia Håkansson : A Thousand Year Old Nation - a Comparative Analysis of The Sweden Democrats’ and The Danish People’s Party’s Use of History
Grigori Khislavski : The Instrumentalization of History by Populists as a Global Phenomenon
Ryan Nolan : Objects and Places: Constructing Sites of Memory in the Commemorative Speeches of 1916 Rising

E-13 POL17a Political Violence in Europe I: Changes and Continuities around 1900
P.N. van Eyckhof 2, 005
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Ido de Haan
Organizer: Eveline Bouwers Discussant: Ido de Haan
Eveline Bouwers : Between Submission and Emancipation: Catholic Crowd Action in Modern Belgium
Kyle Hughes : Ribbonmen and Fenians: Intra-Catholic Violence in South Ulster
Fabian Lemmes : Violence Against the State: Theory, Practice and Impact of Anarchist “Propaganda by the Deed” in Late 19th Century Europe
Matteo Millan : Citizens of Order? Volunteer Civilian Militias in Italy before the Great War (and Beyond)

F-13 EDU13 Theories and Methods in the Study of Elite Education
P.N. van Eyckhof 3, 002
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Petter Sandgren
Organizers: Esbjörn Larsson, Petter Sandgren Discussant: Petter Sandgren
Esbjörn Larsson : To Discipline the Nobility: a Study of Governance at the Swedish War Academy during the 1800s
Daniel Lövheim : The Making of Scientific Elites in the Shadow of the Cold War
Ivo Mhike : Delinquency, Degeneracy and the Politics of Whiteness in Colonial Zimbabwe

G-13 EDU03 A New Social History of Teachers? Gender, Work, Ideology and Religion
P.N. van Eyckhof 3, 005
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Johannes Westberg
Organizer: Johannes Westberg Discussant: Mona Gleason
Christoffer Åhlman : She taught them to read in Book – Female Teachers in 18th Century Sweden
Sara Backman Prytz : Arm the Schoolmistress! Harassed Female Teachers: a Problem in the Early 20th Century Swedish Rural Areas
Germund Larsson : Education, Culture and Propaganda - Swedish Teachers' Travel Stories from Germany 1934-1939
Attila Nóbik : Constructing Hungarian Elementary Teachers’ Identity in the Late 19th Century: the Role of History of Education
Deirdre Raftery, Catriona Delaney : Teaching Vocation or Religious Vocation?: Professional Identity and the History of Teaching Sisters in Ireland,1870-1970

H-13 WOR13 Scandinavia's Global Encounter
Johan Huizinga, 004
Network: Global History Chair: Matthias Middell
Organizers: - Discussant: Holger Weiss
Christoffer Holm : Local Deindustrialization in the Face of Globalization. The Experience of Structural Change, Transformed Space and Lost Progress
Pablo Ortega-del-Cerro : A Look at the Globe (18th-19th Centuries): Naval Officers and the First Globalisation
Kristin Ranestad, Vibe Maria Martens : Scandinavian Metals in the Asian Century (1730-1755)

I-13 CRI06 New Trends in Violence and Transformation Research: the Interwar Years in Europe and the USA
Johan Huizinga, 006
Networks: Criminal Justice , Urban Chair: Herbert Reinke
Organizer: Klaus Weinhauer Discussant: Anja Johansen
Dagmar Ellerbrock : When does Violence Start? Insults, Shaming and Invectivity as Emotional Push of Violence
Silke Fehlemann : War Related Insults during the Interwar Years
Matthew Kerry : The Legibility of Violence in the European Civil War. Interpreting the Asturian Revolution and its Aftermath
Klaus Weinhauer : Perceptions of Threat, Social Movements and Violence in Seaport Cities of the 1920s

J-13 CRI19 Local Courts and Popular Justice
Johan Huizinga, 025
Networks: Criminal Justice , Urban Chair: Nuno Camarinhas
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Esther Aldave : Criminalization and Judicial System from a Local Perspective: Violence and Control in a Northern Spanish City (Pamplona, 1883-1918)
Óscar Bascuñán Añover : Popular Justice in Spain,1895-1923
Amy Bell : Community Feeling, Cop Murder and Capital Punishment in Canada, 1976
Zehra Samlioglu Berk : Who Murdered Mestan Aga? Justice and Revenge in the Reform Ages of the Ottoman Empire
Karol Siemaszko : Political Crimes in Communist Poland (1945-1950) in the Light of Judicature of Selected Polish Regional Courts

K-13 SEX14 Sexuality Temporality and Place in the Non-West: Examining Time in South Asian and African Postcolonies
Johan Huizinga, 026
Networks: Africa , Asia , Global History , Sexuality Chair: Chelsea Schields
Organizer: Svati Shah Discussant: Chelsea Schields
B Camminga : ‘Go Fund Me’: LGBTI Asylum Seekers in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya
Lorraine Nencel, Ellen Bal & Runa Laila & Shewly Hosna Jahan : Contraceptive Stories: Tracing the Contraceptive Trajectories – (Non)-decisions, Arbitrary Choices and (In)-consistencies of Young Female Migrant Workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rahul Rao : Out of Time: the Queer Politics of Postcoloniality
Svati Shah : Sexuality as Homeland: Queering Genealogies of Anti-Sodomy Law Activism in India
Lise Woensdregt : Risky Bodies: International Development Discourse and Embodiment of Risk among Male Sex Workers in Nairobi, Kenya.

L-13 LAB29 Political Regimes, Development and Labour: Histories of Industrialization and Deindustrialization
Johan Huizinga, 023C
Networks: Economic History , Labour Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Ryosuke Amiya-Nakada : Varieties of Postwar Settlements: Germany in Comparative Perspective
Touraj Atabaki : Oil, Labour and Developmental State. A Critique of the Critique. Iran (1962-1977)
Florian Probst : Was there an Industrious Revolution in Germany?
Agata Zysiak : Fallen Cities - Deindustrialisation and Working Class in Comparative Perspective - Lodz (Poland) and Detroit (USA)

M-13 FAM27a Stepfamilies across Cultures and Religions I
Lipsius, 002
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Lyndan Warner
Organizer: Gabriella Erdélyi Discussant: Marianna Muravyeva
Gabriella Erdélyi : Differences Between Western and East Central European Patterns of Remarriage and its Consequences for Children's Experiences in Stepfamilies
Megan Moran : Stepmothers and Stepdaughters: Female Networks in Early Modern Florence
Katalin Simon : A Tale of Three Cities and Five Ethnic-religious Groups: the Family as a Process in 18th-century Pest, Buda/Ofen and Óbuda/Altofen
Árpád Tóth : Stepchildren in Lutheran Burgher Families in 18-19th-century Pressburg

N-13 WOM19 Gender, Occupation and Colonialism
Lipsius, 005
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Peter Hallama
Organizers: - Discussant: Peter Hallama
Aurelie Bouvart : Women and Colonial Justice in Late-Colonial Central Africa: the Cases against Native Women before the Police Court of Leopoldville (Belgian Congo, 1940-1950)
Helene Carlbäck : “By nature, women are better with babies than men”. The Role of Fathers in Late Soviet Russia
Julia Harnoncourt : The Veil, Colonial Discourses of Legitimation and the Algerian War of Independence
Agnes Laba : Defeated Masculinities? A Gender Perspective on Everyday Life under German Occupation in France and Poland

O-13 ELI13 War and Peace: Emigres, Diplomats, Humanitarians and a Queen
Lipsius, 147
Network: Elites and Forerunners Chair: Marja Vuorinen
Organizers: - Discussant: Marja Vuorinen
Adrian-Bogdan Ceobanu : A Changing Elite: the Romanian Diplomats (1914–1920)
Karl Fuessl : Healing the Wounds: the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Establishment of Neighborhood Centers in Post-1945 Germany
Ioana-Nicoleta Gaurean : Queen Marie of Romania and Propaganda during the Great War

P-13 RUR13 Untrusted Numbers? Statistics and Agrarian Change 1919-1939
Lipsius, 148
Network: Rural Chair: Laurent Herment
Organizers: Federico D'Onofrio, Marine Dhermy-Mairal, Niccolò Mignemi Discussants: -
Alexia Blin : Whose Numbers? The State and the Standardization of Accounting in Wisconsin Rural Cooperatives (1919-1939)
Federico D'Onofrio, Niccolò Mignemi : Building Transnational Numbers: the IIA as a Centre of Calculation for European Agrarianism 1905-1946
Thomas Delcey, Guillaume Noblet : Radio-Active Farmers: a History of Information on Commodities Markets
Marine Dhermy-Mairal : Collecting Statistics to Transform the International Market: the “Silencious Revolution” of Albert Thomas at the International Labor Organization in the Interwar

Q-13 LAB12a Maritime Labour Panel: Forms of Remuneration in Maritime Industries: Living from the Sea On-board or Ashore I
Lipsius, 227
Network: Labour Chair: Valerie Burton
Organizers: Enric Garcia Domingo, Jordi Ibarz Discussant: Eduard Page Campos
Enric Garcia Domingo : Understanding Seamen’s Wages (and Estimating their Real Income) between 18th-20th Centuries
Jordi Ibarz, Brendan von Briesen : Wages in the Loading and Unloading of Cargo in the Port of Barcelona (1770-1940)
Leonardo Scavino : From Share to Wage: the Evolution of the Forms of Payment in the Merchant Marine of Camogli (1830s-1880s)
Jeremy Young : Becoming Rich by Serving the King?

R-13 ORA10 Oral History and a Post-totalitarian Past
Lipsius, 307
Network: Oral History Chair: Anne Heimo
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Amaya Caunedo Dominguez, Irene Díaz & Rubén Vega : AFOHSA, Themes, Voices, Reusing, Collaborating, Looking Back into our History
Iveta Gogava : Representation of Stalin's Terror in Contemporary Family Narratives in Georgia
Daniela Koleva : Post-communist Oral History: from ‘Radical’ to ‘Normal’ and Back again?
Irena Saleniece : Oral History in the Study of the Soviet Period: Advantages and Drawbacks

S-13 FAM13 Love and Marriage in the Mother City
P.J. Veth, 1.01
Networks: Family and Demography , Sexuality Chair: Corinne Boter
Organizer: Johan Fourie Discussants: -
Brittany Chalmers : The Complexity of Complexion: Racial Reclassification in the Cape
Youngook Jang : Beyond Race: Endogamy in Early Twentieth-century Cape Town
Laura Richardson : Courtship and Bridal Pregnancy in the Mother City: Evidence from the Anglican Parish Registers, c. 1900-1960
Amy Rommelspacher : Prenuptial Agreements and Female Agency: Evidence from 90 000 Cape Town Marriage Records

T-13 REL13 Religious Change in Socio Cultural Contexts
Arsenaal B0.05
Network: Religion Chair: John Wood
Organizers: - Discussant: John Wood
Jeffrey Hardy : Seeking Converts among the Converted: the Camp for Sectarians in Khrushchev’s Gulag
Emilio Lehoucq : The Paths of Institutionally Embedded Religious Change in Latin America: Colombia, El Salvador, and Beyond
Raúl Mínguez, Eider de Dios Fernández : Fear, Hope and Disappointment. Changing Identities of Progressive Catholic Women in Spain (1939-2015)
Renata Siuda-Ambroziak : Brazilian Spiritism and its Socio-Cultural Contexts

U-13 HEA12 Environmental Impacts on Health
Arsenaal B0.07
Network: Health and Environment Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Laura Debyser, Isabelle Devos : Did it Matter where you lived? Geographic Patterns in Cancer Mortality in Early Twentieth Century Belgium
Lena Karlsson, Erling Lundevaller & Barbara Schumann : Climate Vulnerability at the World’s End: Temperature Extremes and Neonatal Death in Northern Sweden, 1860-1900
Ritva Kylli : “A Matter of Life and Death” – Arctic Environment and Indigenous Knowledge in 19th Century Finnish Lapland
Keisuke Moriya, Kenichi Tomobe & Emiko Higami : Mining Pollution and Infant Health in Modern Japan: from Village/town Statistics of Infant Mortality

V-13 MAT12 Food and Consumer Society, 1870 to the Present
Matthias de Vrieshof 2, 002
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Peter van Dam
Organizer: Fernando Collantes Discussant: Peter van Dam
Fernando Collantes : Lost in the Supermarket? Dairy Products and Consumer Society in Spain, 1950-2020
Ernst Langthaler : Food, Feed or Fuel? Soy in Western Consumer Societies, 1870-2020
Carolina Román : Changes in Food Consumption during Industrialization: Uruguay 1930s-1960s
Peter Scholliers : The Success of Viennoiseries and Pastry Prior to 1914

W-13 SPA09a H-GIS of Transport Networks, Population and Economic Development: Frontiers in Reconstructing Time HGIS for Transport Infrastructure I
Matthias de Vrieshof 2, 004
Networks: Economic History , Spatial and Digital History Chair: Isabelle Seguy
Organizers: Alexis Litvine, Isabelle Seguy, Thomas Thevenin Discussant: Jordi Marti-Henneberg
Javier de la Rosa : Histonets Postmortem: Pitfalls of Turning Historical Maps into Digital Networks
Cesar Ducruet : Ports and Trade Networks: Europe's Sea-land Communications Network: Port-city Connectivity, Hierarchy, and Specialization at the Local, Continental, and Global Scales (1890s-2010s)
Oliver Dunn : Coastal Navigation: Modelling England's Coastal Shipping Networks 1690-1911: Routes, Ports, and Lighthouses
Petrus J. Gerrits : GIS-mapmining of Specific Road Types from an Historical Map Series using Automatic Feature Extraction and Machine Learning
Claire Lagesse : Reading Road Networks through Time: how Structural Changes affect Territorial Accessibility
Christophe Mimeur : Hierarchy of the French Railway Network: Rules of Network Science or Empirical Choices?

X-13 SOC16 Long-term Studies of Social Inequality
Matthias de Vrieshof 4, 008A
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Tymofii Brik
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Gabriel Brea Martinez : Do Mothers pay? Transmission of In(equality) between Mothers and Fathers, Daughters and Sons in Southern Sweden (1947-2015)
Kateryna Karhina, Lotta Vikström & Johan Junkka : Two Centuries of Persistent Inequality: Disability and Partnership in Swedish Populations from the 1800s to 2010s
Ineke Maas, Marco H.D. van Leeuwen : Migration and Status Attainment: a Long-term Perspective
Natalia Mora-Sitja : Social Mobility in Nineteenth-century Barcelona

Y-13 WOM02 Migration and Communication in the British Empire
Van Wijkplaats 2, 002
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Beatrice Zucca Micheletto
Organizer: Marie Ruiz Discussant: Beatrice Zucca Micheletto
Jill C. Bender : Imperial Recruitment and Colonial Reception: the Assisted Emigration of Ireland’s Workhouse Women
Kathrin Levitan : The Long British Campaign for the Imperial Penny Post
Marie Ruiz : Colonial Training for Women to the British Colonies: a Transnational Approach (1903-1927)

Z-13 ETH21 Community and Space
Van Wijkplaats 4, 004
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Colin Pooley
Organizers: - Discussant: Colin Pooley
Brian Davies : V. A. Frankini and the Ethnic Cleansing of the Circassians
Gregory Kontos : Religio-national Symbiosis in the Greek and Dalmatian Diasporas: the Case of the Christian Orthodox Community of New Orleans (1854-1886)
Robert Olwell : “This is Our Plymouth Rock”: the Greek Colony in British Florida in 1768 as a Case Study of Historical Amnesia and Historical Memory
Linda Reeder : Strangers in Italy: Field Notes from the Archives
Tatiana Teterevleva : “We are a Remote Province of the Russian Diaspora”: on Spatial Dimension of the Immigrant Identity, 1920s-1930s

ZA-13 POL13 Border Making and its Consequences after the First World War: the Habsburg Case
Van Wijkplaats 4, 005
Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Andrei Cusco
Organizer: Machteld Venken Discussant: Andrei Cusco
Gábor Egry : Unruly Borderlands: Border-making, Post-imperial Spatial Reconfiguration, (Cumulative) Peripheralization and Layered Regionalism in Post-WWI Maramure? and Banat
Ondrej Ficeri : The Traitorous National Periphery: the Legacy of Identity Politics of Imperial Hungary in a New Eastern Metropolis of Czechoslovakia Košice/Kassa
Elisabeth Haid : The Reconfiguration of Borders: Consequences of Nation-State Building in the Galician-Bukovinian Border Region
Machteld Venken : What does a Border mean to you? Evidence from a Historical Re-enactment in Citizen Science regarding the Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

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