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Showing: Saturday 27 March 2004 (entire day)
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Saturday 27 March 2004 8:30
A-13 - THE05 : The Role of Historical Conceptions in Politics
Room A
Network: Theory Chair: Stefan Berger
Organizers: -Discussant: Kevin Morgan
James Cronin : New Labour and its Pasts
Waldemar Czajkowski : Fascism, Communism, Totalitarianism, and - Modernity

B-13 - WOM09 : Where Gender and Communal Identities are Fashioned: Ego-Documents and the Formation of the Historical Self
Room B
Network: Women and Gender Chair: David Warren Sabean
Organizers: -Discussant: David Warren Sabean
Alexandra Garbarini : 'A message in a bottle': The Diaries of German Jewish Parents during the Second World War
Daniel Hurewitz : Forging Community and Refashioning the Self: Issues of Gender among Los Angeles Artists, 1930-1950
Nancy L. Stockdale : 'Acting that double part': Cross-Cultural Sexuality and Respectability in the Diary of Margaret Fountaine

C-13 - URB06 : The View from the Street: revisiting the modern metropolis
Room C
Network: Urban Chair: Alastair Owens
Organizers: Simon Gunn, Alastair OwensDiscussant: Rosemary Wakeman
Aaron Freundschuh : Criminal Narrative and the Urban Social Imaginary: Narrations of the Theft of the Mona Lisa, 1911-1913
Ulf Strohmayer : Normative civic spaces: the public sphere expanded
Jennifer Terni : Old forms in new landscapes: the cultural significance of networks (Paris 1820-1848)

D-13 - HEA07 : Health in the postmodern condition
Room D
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Martin Gorsky
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Signild Vallgårda : To govern and not to govern - paradoxes in public health policies in late 20th century Denmark and Sweden

E-13 - ORA15 : Testimonies of Migration
Room E
Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Oral History Chair: Andreas Fahrmeir
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Roland Curth : The Socialization of Refugees from the GDR
Bibi Panhuysen : The collection and presentation of life stories for public use: migrants in the Netherlands
Pat Ryan : Journeys into Inheritance; a project to record individual recollections of emigration from Ireland to Australia

F-13 - WOM14 : Construction of the Gendered Worker
Room F
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Nathalie Ostroot
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Vera Sollova : Industrialization Process, Demographic Change and Women's Labor Force Participation in Central Mexico, 1970-2000
Ulla Wikander : International perspective on women's work participation, around 1900
Yuval Yonay , Vered Kraus : Modernization under Constraints: Demographic and Labor Force Participation of Palestinian and Jewish Women in Israel, 1972-1995

G-13 - EDU08 : History of Special Education (Theme session)
Room G
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: André Turmel
Organizers: -Discussant: André Turmel
Joyce Goodman : Pedagogy and Sex: Mary Dendy, 'feebleminded' girls and the Sandlebridge
Annemieke Van Drenth : Gender and religion in the care for mentally deprived children in the Netherlands around 1900.
Angelo van Gorp : 'Backing Decroly'. About the influence of the Société protectrice de l'Enfance anormale and the Société belge de Pédotechnie on Ovide Decroly's contribution to Special and New Education
Pieter Verstraete : Towards a revaluation of Michel Foucault: The medicalisation of care for children with a mental handicap in 19th century France

H-13 - FAM14 : Positive or preventive? Reproduction in Taiwan and the Netherlands, 1870-1940 I
Room H
Network: Family and Demography Chair: James Lee
Organizers: Theo Engelen, Jan KokDiscussant: James Lee
Ying Chang Chuang , Theo Engelen & Arthur Wolf : An Introduction tot the Program Population and Society in Taiwan and the Netherlands
Ying-hui Hsieh , Theo Engelen & Wen-Shan Yang : The comparative study for fertility decline in Taiwan and the Netherlands
John R. Shepherd , Frans van Poppel : Fertility and childhood mortality
Wen-Shan Yang , Jan Kok & Ying-hui Hsieh : Spacing and stopping behavior in rural Taiwan and The Netherlands, a comparative, multivariate analysis

I-13 - ETH21 : Large databases Hand-on session
Room N1 O1
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Lotta Vikström
Organizer: Patricia Kelly HallDiscussant: Lotta Vikström
Patricia Kelly Hall : Roads Not Taken: The Migration of Black World War II Veterans in the United States, 1950-1990
Walter Kamphoefner : Multiple Destinations: A Comparison of Intra-German, Intra-European, and Overseas Migration from the Osnabrück Region, 1830-1870
Jochen Krebber : Spatial and social mobility of southwest German migrants in the U.S. and Canada, 1850-1880
Gunnar Thorvaldsen : Short term absence and presence in late 19th century censuses

J-13 - LAB25 : German Workers and Trade Unions in the second half of the 20th Century
Room J
Network: Labour Chair: Peter Birke
Organizers: -Discussant: Inger Jonsson
Heiner Dribbusch : When high hopes collapsed. The rapid decline of trade union density in eastern Germany since 1990: the case of retail
Steve French : Between wages and employment: the dilemma of IG Metall's employment oriented collective bargaining from an historical perspective
Brigitte Lestrade : Temporary Work and Trade Unions : a history of conflicts (1967-2002)

K-13 - SEX13 : Sex and the State
Room K
Network: Sexuality Chair: Roger Davidson
Organizers: -Discussant: Caroline Walker
Gayle Davis : 'The Practice of Shopping Around': Abortion Policy in Scotland, c.1950-80
Natalia Gerodetti : Regulating Sexualities: Eugenics and Citizenship in Modern Switzerland
Helmut Puff : Sodomy and Rule in Early Modern Europe: Pappenheim vs. Pappenheim (1649-1651)

L-13 - CUL21 : Beasts, Bodies and Boundaries: Historical Perspectives on the Meaning and Value of Animals
Room L
Network: Culture Chair: Dorothee Brantz
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Mark Barrow : Alligator Tales: The Ironies of an Endangered Species Success Story
Jonathan Burt : Knives, Poleaxes and Mass Production: conflicts over religious slaughter practices in 20th Century Britain
Amy Nelson : 'Our Realities' and the Limits of Compassion: Animal Protection and Anti-Cruelty Legislation in Imperial Russia

M-13 - ECO12 : Oil companies
Room M
Network: Economics Chair: Joost Jonker
Organizers: -Discussants: -
James Bamberg : Churchill, Thatcher and BP: Standing Guard over a National Champion
Keetie Sluyterman , Peter Koudijs : You win some, you lose some: the relation between oil prices and investment in the upstream and downstream busines
Jan Luiten van Zanden : A quite succesful transnational merger. The formation of Royal Dutch Shell in 1907

N-13 - POL08 : Transitional Politics III: Political reconstruction in Europe after 1945
Room N
Network: Chair: Matthijs Lok
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Nele Beyens : Constitutional debates in France and the Netherlands
Ido de Haan : Neutralizing ideology: Cold War and social peace in France and the Netherlands since the late 1940's
Peter Romijn : The Netherlands, 1944-1946: transitions in local goverment

O-13 - ELI10 : Elite Identities in the 19th and Early 20th Century
Room O
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Göran Norrby
Organizers: -Discussant: Göran Norrby
Emilia Garcia : Relations of Power between (among) the Elites of the 19th century in Spain: Historiographical Discussion on the Access to the Political Power
Silke Marburg : Exchanging symbols of memory. Mechanisms of Social Cohesion in the 19th Century European High Aristocracy.
Konstantinos Raptis : A higly resistant elite group? Continuities and discontinuities in the life, status, and social significance of an Austrian high nobility family during and after the First World War
Marja Vuorinen : A middle-class elite?

P-13 - CUL12 : The Transformations of Ritual in Modern Societies
Room P
Network: Culture Chair: Elfie Rembold
Organizers: -Discussant: Elfie Rembold
Jurij Fikfak : Rituals Between Tradition and Production of Local Identity
Rasa Paukstyte : Folk Culture and Urbanization. Transformation of Baptism Traditions in Lithuanian Town

Q-13 - LAB13 : Labour and the State
Room R
Network: Labour Chair: Richard Maguire
Organizers: -Discussant: Peter Ackers
Shani Bar-On , David De Vries : 'In the Procrustean Bed of Professionalism': Lawyers and the Histadrut in 1920-1930 Palestine
Norman Caulfield : Labor in Mexico and the US: Ten Years of NAFTA
John Chircop : Combined modes of Labour regimes in the British-controlled Mediterranean Islands, 1800-1880s
Seth Wigderson : The Fight To 'Privatize' American Labor Relations: 1933-1965

S-13 - FAM37 : Transmission strategies in urban and rural environment: a comparative analysis II
Room T
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Akira Hayami
Organizer: Arrizabalaga Marie-PierreDiscussants: Isabel Moll-Blanes, Mary Louise Nagata
Béatrice Craig : Land ladies and estate builders/ female proprietors in Lille in the XIX century
Llorenc Ferrer Alos : The transmission of assets in Catalunia through females: "pubillas" and"cabaleres"
Arrizabalaga Marie-Pierre : Heiresses' property transmission strategies in Basque rural families' single inheritance practices in the nineteenth century
Noriko Tsuya , Satomi Kurosu : Household Life Course in Farming Villages in Northeastern Tokugawa Japan: Retirement, Death, and Extinction

T-13 - CRI08 : Criminal Justice in Times of Political Crisis: Central Europe 1920-1950
Room U
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Eric Johnson
Organizers: -Discussants: Eric Johnson, Helmut Thome
Gabriel Finder : Retributive Justice in Polish Jewish Life after the Holocaust
Benjamin Hett : The Crisis of Justice in Weimar Berlin
Richard Wetzell : Criminal Justice between Democracy and Dictatorship: The Politics of Penal Reform from the Weimar Republic to the Nazi Regime

U-13 - LAT04 : Anarcho-Syndicalism in Latin America
Room Cie1
Networks: Labour , Latin America Chair: Lucien Van Der Walt
Organizer: Steven HirschDiscussant: Lucien Van Der Walt
Paul Henderson : The Rise and Fall of Anarcho-Syndicalism in South America, 1880-1930
Steven Hirsch : The Multiple-Meanings and Praxis of Revolutionary Syndicalism in 1920s Lima-Callao, Peru

V-13 - SOC11 : Social inequality in Family and Society: A Reassesment of Male Breadwinning as Practice and Ideology
Room Cie2
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Christiane Eifert
Organizers: -Discussant: Lessie Jo Frazier
Valerie Burton : Breadwinning Reconsidered: Men's Provision for Families in an Early Twentieth Century British Port
Deborah Cohen : Unsuccessful Breadwinners: Mexican Migration to the US and Threats to Proper Manhood
Lisa Lindsay : Working with Gender in Colonial Africa: The Construction of the 'Male Breadwinner' in Southwestern Nigeria

X-13 - POL09 : Patterns and perceptions of party formation in Europe
Network: Chair: Dylan Riley
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Federigo Argentieri : European party patterns and Berlusconi's Italy
Filiz Baskan : Turkey's Ultra-Right-Wing Nationalist Action Party: Continuity or Change?
Aebischer Sylvie : Left and right still alive : a founding element of political perceptions
Andrew Thorpe : Engaging youth in politics: British political parties and young people, 1940-50

Saturday 27 March 2004 10:45
A-14 - FAM27 : Public life and family life at the Savoy Court ( XVIIth-XVIIIth century): the case study of Venaria Reale
Room A
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Isabella Ricci Massabò
Organizer: Paolo CornagliaDiscussant: Isabella Ricci Massabò
Paola Bianchi : How Noblemen Become Courtiers in Turin during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century
Paolo Cornaglia : Public life and family life of the court in the palace of Venaria Reale in the XVIIIth century
Silvia Maria Carla Ghisotti : Ceremonies and public life of the court at Venaria Reale in the XVIIth century. The rite of hunting in the framework of the decoration.
Andrea Merlotti : Serving the King. Nobilities at the courts of Savoy and Savoy-Carignan between Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Tomaso Ricardi Di Netro : Roles, apanages and spaces of the King's sons. State politics and family strategies of Victor Amadeus III, king of Sardinia (1773-96)

B-14 - ECO13 : Innovation
Room B
Network: Economics Chair: Markus Baltzer
Organizer: Uwe FraunholzDiscussants: -
Uwe Fraunholz : From Fat Gap to Protein Gap: Single Cell Protein and the failure of the national innovation system in the GDR
Kirsten Labuske , Et Al. : Did Network Externalities Turn Germany from a Poor into a Rich Country? Evidence from Patent and Capital Market Data
Manuel Schramm : Quantifying university - industry relations in 20th century Germany: honorary doctorates as indicator

C-14 - NAT07 : Attitudes towards the Nation and Nationalism
Room C
Network: Chair: Ton Zwaan
Organizers: -Discussant: Ton Zwaan
Dieter Buse : Federative Nationalism--Rethinking a Concept with Special Emphasis upon 19th Century Germany
Raluca Fratiloiu : Berlin Wall and the Constitution of Post-Nation in Europe
Ilona Kemppainen : Emotions in a nation at war - encouraged and forbidden
Mary Pickering : Positivism and Nationalism

D-14 - FAM21 : Changes in urban marital and reproduction behaviour
Room D
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Sölvi Sogner
Organizers: -Discussant: Sölvi Sogner
Ulf Brunnbauer : 'More Children in Our Homes'. Family and Reproduction Policies in Socialist Bulgaria, 1944-1989
Gentiana Kera : Mean age at marriage in the city of Tirana in the first half of the 20th century
Enriketa Papa : Marriage patterns in the Albanian city of Shkodra at the beginning of the 20th century
Heiko Tjalsma : Modern demographic patterns in an old industrial city: The case of Leiden 1750-1850

E-14 - GEO08 : Territory and identity
Room E
Network: Chair: Matthew Gandy
Organizers: -Discussant: Matthew Gandy
Itamar Katz , Ruth Kark : The Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Dissent with its Community: Entrepreneurship and Politics within a Greek, Israeli and Palestinian Context
Dessislava Lilova : The Balkans as Homeland? Versions about the Territorial Identity of the Bulgarians under Ottoman Rule

F-14 - ETH31 : Italians on the Move
Room F
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Tobias Brinkmann
Organizers: -Discussant: Tobias Brinkmann
Maud Bracke : Migration and labour organisation: the shifting sites of solidarity of Italian immigrant workers in Belgium, 1945-1973
Margaret Chotkowski : Colleagues, friends and partners? The composition of the personal relationships of the Italian migrants in the Netherlands
Eva Soom Ammann : Italian associations in Berne/Switzerland and their effect on integration

G-14 - URB05 : Shaping and Re-Shaping the City
Room G
Network: Urban Chair: John Davis
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Andrew Pask : Planning Nationalism: Capital Cities and the Scale of Nations, a Comparison of Ottawa and Amsterdam
Haim Yacobi : Re-shaping a sense of place: The Built Environment and Ethnic Conflict in the 'Mixed' City of Lydda/Lod Israel

H-14 - FAM15 : Positive of preventive? Reproduction in Taiwan and the Netherlands, 1870-1940 II
Room H
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Ad van der Woude
Organizers: Theo Engelen, Jan KokDiscussant: Ad van der Woude
Melissa Brown , Yinghai Pan, John R. Shepherd, Theo Engelen, Jan Kok & Claudia Engel : Fertility and Social Differentiation in Taiwan and the Netherlands: Ethnicity/Religion, Class, Cohort, and Region
Theo Engelen , Hill Gates : Rural and Urban Fertility in Taiwan and the Netherlands
Hill Gates , Marloes Schoonheim : The Ethnography of Fertility
Sping Wang , Jan Kok & Hill Gates : Illegitimacy in pre-industrial Taiwanese and Dutch Societies: A departure in culture, society and State between the East and the West

I-14 - SOC19 : Unequal access to education
Room N1 O1
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Ineke Maas
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Kees Mandemakers : Higher general secondary education and social mobility in the Netherlands, 1880-1960.
Irina Popova : Russian Professionals - From Marginal Status to Status Reconstruction
Bulent Tarman : From Global to Local: The Digital Divide in Education
Regina Werum , Bill Winders : Sectionalism and Economic Interests: Access to Vocational Training in the US. South, 1920-1937

J-14 - ELI11 : Economic and Administrative Elites of late 19th and early 20th Century Europe
Room J
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Klas Nyberg
Organizers: -Discussant: Klas Nyberg
Paulo Guimarães : Entrepreneurial behaviour and traditionalism of a regional elite group of Southern Portugal (1880-1950)
Jarkko Keskinen : Changes in a business network during the 19th century
Tomas Nilson : Networks of anti-modernity among a local Business Elite.
Pedro Tavares De Almeida : Recruitment and Role of the Portuguese Administrative Elite (1851-1926)

K-14 - SOC04 : Unequal access to property
Room K
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Lynn Lees
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Beata Csibor : Social inequality in Hungary
Dhirendra Datt Dangwal : The Gujars and the Forests of Uttaranchal Himalayas(India): A History of Social Inequality in Acess to Forests and Pastures
Mark Spoerer : The (Over-) Burden of the Common People and the Laspeyres-Paradox: An Incidence Analysis of the Prussian Milling and Butchery Tax

L-14 - CUL22 : A Swedish dilemma - Alternative images of the Swedish Welfare State
Room L
Network: Culture Chair: Mats Greiff
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Fredrik Björk : Absorbing the sun's life-giving powers. Consumption and the meaning of sugar in Sweden 1900-1940
Stefan Nyzell : Political Culture and Popular Protest: Some Theoretical Aspects
Helena Tolvhed : Muscles of steel - willpower of steel

M-14 - SOC12 : The Discovery of Social Inequality through Public Health Inquiry: Rudolf Virchow and others
Room M
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Thomas Adams
Organizers: -Discussant: Anne Hardy
Constantin Goschler : Contagious Cities and Liberal Cleansing. Rudolf Virchow and the Sanitizing of Berlin
Emmanuele Pavolini , Giovanna Vicareli : The social and political background for the promulgation of the Code of Public Hygiene and Health in the 1880s: moderate reformism in post-unification Italy

N-14 - HIS05 : Roundtable: History & Computing: past, present and future
Room N
Network: Chair: Onno Boonstra
Organizers: -Discussants: Leen Breure, Peter Doorn

O-14 - LAB20 : Dockers in Wartime
Room O
Network: Labour Chair: William Kenefick
Organizer: Sam DaviesDiscussant: Klaus Weinhauer
Krista Cowman : Offending the Docker's Sense of Moral Decency: Women Dock Labourers in Liverpool during WW1
Sam Davies : Life and work on the Liverpool docks during WW2
Eric Taplin : Dock Workers in Britain during WW1

P-14 - HEA10 : The politics of health in Germany
Room P
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Philipp Sarasin
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Silke Fehlemann , Ulrike Lindner : Mothers and infants under medical control in Germany 1890-1970
Kristina Matron : Urban youth and (psychic) health - municipal youth welfare in Frankfurt am Main in the Weimar Republic
Florence Vienne : Nazism and the history of man as an object of biopolitics
Maria Wolf : Life as a sexually transmitted deadly disease. Eugenic engineering of the 'generational order' in the 20th century

Q-14 - SEX10 : Deviant Bodies
Room R
Network: Sexuality Chair: Jennifer Evans
Organizers: -Discussant: Chris White
Rosalina Estrada : Violence, Love and Redemption
Gayle M. Macdonald , Leslie Jeffrey : Voices from the trade: Sex-trade workers talk back
Geertje Mak : Sexual functioning and sex assignment of hermaphrodites (1790 - 1908).

S-14 - ANT05 : Social Structure and Interstate Structure in the Ancient Mediterranean
Room T
Network: Antiquity Chair: Hans Van Wees
Organizer: Peter HuntDiscussant: Peter Hunt
Arthur M. Eckstein : The Power-Transition Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean after 207 B.C. and Roman Intervention in the Greek East
Jon Lendon : Roman Aggression and Roman Imperialism in the Second Century BC
Polly Low : Ideologies of intervention in Greek interstate society
Frank Russell : Offensive Realism and the Tragedy of Greek Power Politics, 351-338

T-14 - CRI10 : War, Law and Violence (20th c.)
Room U
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Eric Johnson
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Alex Jettinghoff : Dynamics of war and legal transformation
Benoît Majerus : Brussels in November 1918: a double process of leaving war.
Helene Sinnreich : ...I never missed an opportunity to steal : Theft as a Survival Strategy in the Lodz Ghetto
Antoon Vrints : Rites of liberation. Collective actions at the end of the Great War in Antwerp (Belgium)

U-14 - CUL13 : People of the Diaspora: Ideologies and Policies of Cultural Identity
Room Cie1
Network: Culture Chair: Marsha Siefert
Organizers: -Discussant: Marsha Siefert
Plamen Bochkov : Co-operation Networks in Immigrant Milieu
Hasmik Khalapyan : Stretching the Borders of 'Culture'. Transnationally: Value Orientation Conflicts and Misunderstandings Between Armenians in Diaspora and 'Homeland'
Katya Mihaylova : On the Ethnic and Cultural Identity of Poles in Bulgaria
Bogdana Yordanova Todorova : Muslims in Europe: Integration - balance of interests

X-14 - RUR07 : Weapons of the Weak. Everyday forms of peasant resistance
Network: Rural Chair: Miguel Cabo Villaverde
Organizers: -Discussant: Miguel Cabo Villaverde
Ana Cabana Iglesia : Everyday Resistence of the Spanish Peasantry to Francoism in the 40's. The Rural Galicia Case.
Rosa Congost , Gabriel Jover : The Mauvais gre an everyday form of resistance of preindustrial Catalonia
Antonio Linares : Privatisation and Forest Planning: Social Resistance to Changes in Property Rights in Spain (1850-1936)
Eija Stark : Folk ideas regarding rural poverty in the agrarian north

Y-14 - POL14 : Democracy, Policy, Knowledge
Network: Chair: Aad Blok
Organizers: Christianne Smit, Dirk Jan WolfframDiscussants: -
Stefan Couperus : The conduction of international municipal ideas to the level of municipal policy
Wilfried Rudloff : Social welfare policies: communication networks between the German cities 1900-1933
Christianne Smit : International inspiration for social reform: Toynbee work in the Netherlands
Dirk Jan Wolffram : Democracy, policy, knowledge. transfer of social politics

Z-14 - ET21B : ETH21B: Large databases Hand-on session practicum
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -

Saturday 27 March 2004 14:15
A-15 - ORA17 : Embodied Experience
Room A
Network: Oral History Chair: Graham Smith
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Magdalena Bengtsson : Experiences of the female body and reflections upon health, sexuality, life and death
Margriet Heesch, Van : Ethical Trouble and the Lives of Dutch Adults Born with intersex conditions
Margot Souliere : Plural perspective, a multivocal approach in narrative analysis in Medical Anthropology. The Mindful Body : listening, reading and interpreting the multiple voices in ethnographic narratives
Laura Stark : The 'open body' in early modern Finnish rural experience
Saara Tuomaala : First Bike and the Joy of the Handlebars.Technical Modernization and Bodily Identities of Rural Youth in Finland of the 1920's and 1930's

B-15 - LAB32 : Insecure Professionals
Room B
Network: Labour Chair: John Stewart
Organizer: Chris NottinghamDiscussants: -
Rona Dougall : Socialising the medical profession: Jane Paterson and the General Practice Teaching Unit, Edinburgh
Chris Nottingham : Changing Jurisdictions. Reflections on the politics of an insecure professional
Marsha Wilson : Experiences of change: the impact of public health policy on health visitors

C-15 - URB02 : Total War and the European City
Room C
Network: Urban Chair: John Davis
Organizers: -Discussant: Elizabeth Harvey
Tobias Abse : The war experience of civilians in Italian industrial cities, 1940-45
Karl Christian Fuehrer : Images of Destruction: Representations of 'Operation Gomorrha' in Hamburg Newspapers during the 1940s and 1950s
Helen Jones : Representations of the urban experience of war in Britain, 1939-1945

D-15 - ELI12 : Consumption and Differentiation in Early Modern Europe
Room D
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Brendan Dooley
Organizers: -Discussant: Brendan Dooley
Eva Deak : Elite clothing in Transylvania at the second half of the seventeenth century: the example of the family Teleki
Johanna Ilmakunnas : Lifestyle and Consumption of the Swedish Aristocracy in Eighteenth Century
Klas Nyberg : The 'Skeppsbro Nobility' in Stockholm in the 18th century : the rise and decline of a merchant elite.
Karen A. Seip : Conspicuous consumption in Denmark-Norway in the 16th century

E-15 - MID07 : Religion and society in Medieval Europe
Room E
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Ana Maria S.A. Rodrigues
Organizer: Peter StabelDiscussants: -
Ionut Epurescu-Pascovici : A Franciscan 'Personal Community' of the Thirteenth Century
Gabriella Erdélyi : Conflicts, negotiations, concessions: the laity and the clergy in Late Medieval Hungary
Ruxandra-Iulia Stoica : Medieval semiology: an esoteric perspective
Liesbeth Zuidema : Artistic patronage in Carthusian monasteries in late medieval Europe

F-15 - ETH26 : Ethnicity & Identity
Room F
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Leo Lucassen
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Brenda Gaydosh : Caftan versus Cravat: Shaping Jewish Identity in Modern Europe, A Historiographic View
Karin Hofmeester : Shaping the Nation and Jewish Identity in Revolutionary times. Constitutional Debates on Jewish citizenship in France and the Netherlands compared
Patrick Kury : The construction of the Swiss 'National Body' after World War One
Deborah Michaels : Constructing Citizens: Civic Education and Romani Relations in the Former Czechoslovakia

G-15 - ECO14 : Capital Market Anomalies
Room G
Network: Economics Chair: Leonid Borodkin
Organizer: Joerg BatenDiscussants: Stefano Battilossi, Leonid Borodkin
Gerhard Kling , Markus Baltzer : Efficiency of the pre-World War I German capital market: Applying a simple fad model
Margaryta Korolenko , Joerg Baten & Peter Beckschaefer : War, Crisis, and the Capital Market: The Anomaly of the Size Effect 1880-1990
Lyndon Moore , Steve Juh : 60 years before Black Scholes: How well did investors price warrants on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

H-15 - LAB35 : Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation: 19th century case studies
Room H
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Ulla Wikander
Organizers: -Discussant: Ulla Wikander
Cristina Borderías : Wage Gender Gap in Barcelona Labour Market 1856-1930
Luisa Muñoz : Labor markets in maritime industries
Nathalie Ostroot , Eliane Richard : Contextual Effects: Women's Employment in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence in the Late 19th Century

I-15 - CUL24 : Method and Theory in the Study of Culture: Perspectives and Challenges
Room N1 O1
Network: Culture Chair: Tatiana Artemyeva
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Tunde Adeleke : African-American Studies and the Challenges of Race, Ethnicity & Identity.
Maria A. Paz , Julio Montero : Talking Pictures: Photography as a Mean to Study Film Audiences in Spanish Social History (1896-1936)
Raisa Maria Toivo : Power and authority in early modern patriarchal theory and peasant practise?

J-15 - FAM16 : Historical sources on family and demography. A critical comparisan from Asian and European perspective
Room J
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux
Organizer: Satoshi MurayamaDiscussant: Satomi Kurosu
Christina Deutsch : Ecclesiastical records from Southern Germany (1450-1550) as historical sources
Noboru Higashi : Religious registation in pre-modern Japan
Tsunetoshi Mizoguchi : Precious topographies of pre-modern Japan, 1603-1912
Satoshi Murayama : Population registers in social change of German pre-industrial regions. 17th - 19th century

K-15 - LAB26 : Left-wing organisational life in Europe and Africa 1895-1940
Room K
Network: Labour Chair: Julie Guard
Organizers: -Discussants: Piet Hoekman, Jannes Houkes
Ulla Aatsinki : The Creation of a Secret Organisation - The Communist Network in Finland, 1918-1939
Allison Drew : Cultures of Communism: A Comparative Analysis of South Africa and Algeria in the 1930s
William Kenefick : The Scots and the South African Labour Movement c. 1895 to 1914.
Lucien Van Der Walt : Bakunin's Heirs in South Africa: Race and Revolutionary Syndicalism from the IWW to the International Socialist League, 1910-1921

L-15 - CUL14 : Inventing Tradition: Political and Ideological Utilisation of Tradition
Room L
Network: Culture Chair: Elfie Rembold
Organizers: -Discussant: Elfie Rembold
Michael Dawson : Imperialist Nostalgia and Cultural Selection in British Columbia's Tourism Industry, 1900-1970
Solange Ferraz Lima : Artisans, clients and taste choices in Brazilian home interior decorative painting
Lilia Venegas , Anna Fernández : The myth of the pretty indian girl: nationalism in early XXth century in Mexico
Kristine Wirts : The Bourgeoisie of the Heavens: Protestant Ideology in Seventeenth-Century France

M-15 - ETH09 : Regionally determined migration
Room M
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Sylvia Hahn
Organizers: -Discussant: Annemarie Steidl
Christof Jeggle : The Production of Linen and Regional Migration to Munster/Westfalia, 1580-1635
Jelle van Lottum : Migration in the North Sea region 1550-1750
Anne Winter : Movement in and out of transforming Antwerp, ca 1780-ca 1860
Hermann Zeitlhofer : Migration in rural Bohemia, 1850-1910

N-15 - SOC13 : The Petite Bourgeoisie and the State during the Interwar Period I
Room N
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Thimo de Nijs
Organizer: Thimo de NijsDiscussants: -
John Benson : Market Traders and Small Shopkeepers, the National State and the Local State: Britain, 1900-1940
Heinz-Gerhard Haupt : The German Petite Bourgeoisie and the State during the Interwar Period
Peter Heyrman : Unlocking the padlock-law. Large and small scale distribution in Belgium (1918-1961)
Jonathan Morris : Shopkeepers and Fascists in Italy (1919-1939)

O-15 - TEC06 : Technology in the Postwar Order
Room O
Networks: Labour , Technology Chair: Margaret Power
Organizers: -Discussant: Dick Van Lente
Jens Lachmund : Shaping Urban Nature: Urban Wasteland Conservation in Berlin
Staffan Stranne : Local Labour Conditions during the Third Industrial Revolution. Report from a Workplace Discussion Group.

P-15 - HEA12 : Declining urban mortality in the Nordic Countries
Room P
Network: Health and Environment Chair: K. Schurer
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Bo Burstrom : Piped water and diarrhoea mortality in Stockholm 1878-1926
Anne Løkke : Victorian side effects - hygiene, wet nurses and infant mortality in Copenhagen 1820-1920
Lisa Öberg : Medico-political and citizen action to reduce infant and child mortality in Stockholm 1878-1926
John Rogers , Sören Edvinsson & Anders Brändström : Causes of death in northern Swedish towns during the demographic and the epidemiological transition

Q-15 - SEX11 : LGBT identities in contemporary societies
Room R
Network: Sexuality Chair: Dan Healey
Organizers: -Discussant: Alison Oram
Jenny Kangasvuo : Positioning Finnish Bisexuality - Experiences of Finnish bisexuals and discourses of the media in comparison
Jens Rydström : Le quint état civil: The history of registered partnership for homosexuals in Scandinavia

R-15 - THE06 : Methodological issues in social science history
Room S
Network: Theory Chair: Gary Roth
Organizers: -Discussant: Gary Roth
Gidon Cohen , Kevin Morgan & Andrew Flinn : Towards a Mixed Method Social History: combining qualitative and quantiative methods in the study of collective biography
Paul Kerry : An Investigation of Possible Influences on national Socialist Party Membership Using Multivariate Statistics
Philipp Mueller : Explanation or Fiction? Reflections on the Concept of Narrative in Historical Writing
Matti Peltonen : Lebensmethodik and Dispositifs. A Comparison of Weber's and Foucault's Central Concept

S-15 - SOC03 : Homogamy: Planning the IRSH supplement
Room T
Network: Social Inequality Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: Ineke Maas, Marco Van Leeuwen

T-15 - CRI11 : Drugs, Politics and Consumption from the 1950's to the 1970's: International Perspectives
Room U
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Herbert Reinke
Organizers: Detlef Briesen, Klaus WeinhauerDiscussant: Herbert Reinke
Detlef Briesen : Juvenile Drug Culture in New York in the 1940/50s
Robert Stephens : Gender and the Politics of Drugs: Debating Drug Consumption in Hamburg, 1969-1975
Klaus Weinhauer : The London Drug Scenes in the 1960/70s

U-15 - WOM05 : States - Children - Families: Comparisons in Post-War Europe
Room Cie1
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Sonya Michel
Organizers: Karen Hagemann, Sonya MichelDiscussant: Sonya Michel
Eva Bicskei : The Politics of Pre-School Education in Hungary, 1945-1989
Karen Hagemann : Father State and His Children: The Politics of Public Education--Comparing the Two Germanies
Jacqueline Heinen : Childcare Policies in Poland
Wiebke Kolbe : Swedish childcare and parental politics since World War II

W-15 - LAB22 : Trade Unions, Workers and the State in Britain, 1951-79
Room A2
Network: Labour Chair: Chris Williams
Organizers: -Discussant: Chris Williams
Peter Ackers , Adrian Wilkinson : The British Industrial Relations paradigm: A critical
Nina Fishman : Banquo's ghost-relations between Conservative governments and the Trade Union Congress, 1951-64
Dave Lyddon : The British state and strikes, 1951-79
Richard Whiting : Justice and work in modern Britain

X-15 - POL15 : Comparative perspectives on political development and state formation
Network: Chair: Ido de Haan
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Anula A.S. Attanayake : Social History as the Dynamic of State Power: Comparative Analysis on Europe and South Asia
Christoph Boyer : The GDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary: Socialist development paths in comparative perspective.
Mathieu Denis : For that system, many men, many pennies - the politics of German trade unions in the unification, 1989-1990
Matthieu Leimgruber : Business Power and the Divided Welfare State: Switzerland and the United States in Comparative Perspective

Y-15 - WOR01 : Part 1. Canada and the Spanish Civil War
Networks: , World History Chair: Serge Jaumain
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Caroline Désy : From Montreal to Barcelona: Canadians and the Spanish Civil War
Jean-François Gazaille : Canadians Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War: The Account of a political Emancipation
Larry Hannant : Canadian Women in the Spanish Civil War
Michael Petrou : The ethnic background of the Canadian Volunteers in the Spanish War

Saturday 27 March 2004 16:30
A-16 - CUL23 : Visual Arts: Mythmaking and Images of Identity
Room A
Network: Culture Chair: Claire Levy
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Christine Gorby : Provisioning the City - Rural and Urban Life Contrasted: United States Cooperative Extension Service Films between 1917-1931
Julia Tuñon : Loving rituals in the classical mexican film

B-16 - FAM17 : Family budgets within households
Room B
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Katherine A. Lynch
Organizer: Richard WallDiscussant: Katherine A. Lynch
Piotr Guzowski : Changing Economy - Models of Peasant Budgets in the 15th and 16th century Poland.
Michifumi Isoda : A Samurai's Assets and Liabilities : From A Household Accounts Book in Japan, 1842-1879
Richard Wall : The contribution of young people in parental budget

C-16 - HIS04 : Computing the past
Room C
Network: Chair: Gunnar Thorvaldsen
Organizers: -Discussant: Gunnar Thorvaldsen
Leonid Borodkin , Andrey Andreyev : Nonlinear Modelling of Historical Social Conflicts: Self-Organization and Chaotic Behavior (Strikes in Russia, 1890-1913)
Nanna Floor Clausen , Hans Joergen Marker : Household sizes in Denmark 1801
Isto Vatanen : Computing the Perception of Ancient Maritime Landscape:

D-16 - SEX12 : Medical discourses of sex in different systems
Room D
Network: Sexuality Chair: Caroline Walker
Organizers: -Discussant: Ivan Crozier
Hans-Georg Hofer : Medicine and the idea of the 'male climacterium' in Germany, 1890s-1920s
Abdul Nasser Kaadan : Sexology in Medieval Arabic Medicine
Sumiyo Umekawa : Chinese sexual techniques to become the immortal: in relationship with female orgasm

E-16 - ORA18 : Oral History and the History of Medicine
Room E
Network: Oral History Chair: Timothy Ashplant
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Joanna Bornat : Chance as narrative theme or pragmatic function? geriatricians recall their careers.
Jaap Bos : A slaught of despond: On trying to influence the paths of history
Paula Nicolson , Graham Smith : Should we treat masculinity in history as a transmittable disease?
Michelle Winslow , David Clark, Jane Seymour & Bill Noble : The voice of experience: living with cancer pain

G-16 - FAM20 : Individual and family strategies of young people
Room G
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Sherry Olson
Organizer: Sherry OlsonDiscussant: Colin Pooley
Hans Henrik Bull : The role of the family in the risk of getting married.18th and 19th century eastern Norway
Patricia Thornton , Danielle Gauvreau : Changing marriage and fertility strategies of young women in the industrializing city, Montreal 1870-1900
Lotta Vikström , Ulf Drugge : Illegal Acts and the Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Youths Committing Crimes inand Area and Century of Change: The Sundsvall Region, Sweden 1840-1880

I-16 - ECO15 : New Developments
Room N1 O1
Network: Economics Chair: Joerg Baten
Organizers: -Discussant: Douglas Puffert
Gerben Bakker : Setting the standard: Path dependence and the economics of standardisation in the music industry
Joseph Ferrie : A Tale of Two Labor Markets: Career Mobility in the U.K. (1851-81) and U.S.
Rick Garside : Bitter harvest? Japan's economic crisis in historical perspective
Jens-Wilhelm Wessels : Economic Policy and Performance in Inter-war Austria. The History of Austrian Industrial Joint-Stock Companies in the Global Economy between 1918-1938

J-16 - LAB21 : New Developments in the History of Unemployment
Room J
Network: Labour Chair: Andrée Lévesque
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Jean Faniel : Belgian Unions and the Unemployed
Matti Hannikainen : The Extent, Timing and Duration of Unemployment Among Construction Workers in Helsinki from 1920 until 1939

K-16 - LAB27 : Iberian Occupations and Worker Identities
Room K
Network: Labour Chair: Lars Stubbe
Organizers: -Discussant: Cristina Borderías
Rui Manuel Brás : Dependence and deference in the Lisbon tobacco workers community
Antonio Miguez : Formation of the Class Identity and Collective Action: Artisans in Northwest -Spain as a Case-Study
Juanjo Romero-Marin : The Artisan World of Labour during Industrialisation. Barcelona, 1814-1860
Miguel Suárez Bosa : Trade Union Corporativismo and Monopolistic Job Offers in Spanish Ports

N-16 - SOC14 : The Petite Bourgeoisie and the State during the Interwar Period II
Room N
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Jonathan Morris
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Thimo de Nijs : Dutch shopkeepers and the state during the Interwar Period.
Tom Ericsson : The last battle. Anti-Semitism and anti-socialism among Swedish shopkeepers 1890-1930
Steve Zdatny : Mittelstandspolitik a la française: Artisans and the State in Interwar France

O-16 - ELI13 : Medieval and 16th Century Scandinavian Elites
Room O
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Simon Teuscher
Organizers: -Discussant: Simon Teuscher
Lars Hermanson : Friendship as an Aristocratic Self-representation in 12th century Denmark
Tuula Hockman : Marriages, Heirs and the Property of Land: Ingeborg Tott and her Family, 1460-1507
Ulla Koskinen : Lords, brothers, servants: the social network of Arvid Henriksson Tawast, c. 1580-1599
Philip Line : The Folkunga family - a power behind the throne in 12th and 13th century Sweden

P-16 - SOC16 : Philantropy and Welfare
Room P
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Ineke Maas
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Thomas Adams : The Mixed Moral Economy of Welfare: European Perspectives
David Hammack : Thinking About Nongovernment and Nonprofit Organizations and Philanthropy in Europe and the United States
Mikael Spång : The Hegemony of the People's Home in Sweden

Q-16 - CRI12 : Crime, Law and Narratives of Sexuality in 19th and 20t Century Europe
Room R
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Judith Rowbotham
Organizers: -Discussant: Judith Rowbotham
Olivier Cyril : The pen and the scissors. Two prefecture's employee shaved during the Liberation in Poitiers (France) 1944
Shani Dcruze : Gender Murder and Middlebrow culture in interwar Britain
Louise Jackson : The 'White Slave Trade' as Cultural Myth: Narratives of Sexual Abuse 1870-1970
Domenico Rizzo : Invention of Private Sphere, Construction of Public Sphere: Sex Crimes in Liberal Italy Between the Church State and the Liberal State (Rome, 19. c.)

R-16 - CUL15 : Culture in Complex Societies
Room S
Network: Culture Chair: Miglena Ivanova
Organizers: -Discussants: -
John Helsloot : The triumph of St Valentine' s Day in the Netherlands -after fifty years
Anita Horkai : Screenagers in Hungary
Carlos Eduardo Rebello De Mendonça : From Donald Duck to Xena: Marxist Notes on the historical changes in the ideological content of Mass Culture
Zilvytis Saknys : Roots in West, trunk in East: Birth of St. Valentine Day in Lithuania

S-16 - WOM01 : Justice, Gender and the Income Tax
Room T
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Kirsti Niskanen
Organizer: Kirsti NiskanenDiscussant: Gisela Bock
Viktoria Bergström : Gender and the Swedish Income Tax System in the Post-war Period
Anna-Birte Ravn : Economic Citizenship: Debates on Gender and Tax Legislation in Denmark, 1903-83

T-16 - RUR05 : Agrarian Organizations in Spain and Portugal
Room U
Network: Rural Chair: Lourenzo Fernández-Prieto
Organizers: -Discussant: Lourenzo Fernández-Prieto
Conceição Andrade Martins , Ana Matos & Manuela Rocha : The Agrarian elites and the Agricultural Association Movement in Portugal (1860-1974)
Anxo Collarte Pérez , José Penedo Fernández : Ideological approach to the cooperative world in Galicia under Francoist dictatorship (1936-1971)
Gloria Sanz Lafuente : Professional identity, conservative mobilization and ilimitated growth. The social practice of the agrarian catholic Federations in Aragón. 1906-1931

U-16 - POL17 : Roundtable Genocides - the state and mass annihalation
Room Cie1
Network: Chair: Ido de Haan
Organizers: -Discussants: Abram de Swaan, Peter Romijn, Ton Zwaan

Y-16 - WOR02 : Part 2. Canada and European Wars
Network: World History Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Magali Deleuze : Canada and Indochina War (1945-1954)
Anna Jakabfi : Wars in Europe: Impact on Canada: the Napoleonic Wars in Canadian Fiction
Dolores Olivares : Representation and self-representation in Capitaine Bellenden S.Hutcheson's Lettre de guerre
Fernandez Aurea Rodriguez : The Contribution of the Spanish Civil War to Quebecoise Literature. Folch-Ribas: original and translated Version
Matt Schumann : Canada's Effects on the German War (1749-1763)