To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences

Preliminary Programme

Showing: Wednesday 4 April 2018 16.30 - 18.30 (single time slot)
Wed 4 April
    8.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
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    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 5 April
    8.30 - 10.30
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Fri 6 April
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Sat 7 April
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All days
Wednesday 4 April 2018 16.30 - 18.30
A-4 - ASI01 : Borders, Migration, Identity
LAN/OG/047 Lanyon Building
Networks: Asia , Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Ratna Saptari
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Khushboo Chauhan : The Partition of India: a Genocide?
Subhasree Ghosh : Border-Making, Making of Identity: a Case-Study of the Indo-Bangladesh Border, 1947-1971
Raoudha Kammoun : Gender in the Arab World: a Globalized Muddled Issue. Generalization or Ignorance?
Ahmed Mohaebs : Turkmens Minority in Iraq: a Contradiction of Historical and Sociological Backgrounds
Shyamal Chandra Sarkar : Origin and Development of International Boundary Problems between Berubari and Bangladesh (1947-1974)

B-4 - WOR04 : Extensions of the state and cultural encounters in Africa, Asia and Europe from the 17th to the 20th century
LAN/OG/074 Lanyon Building
Network: World History Chair: Lars Berge
Organizer: Otso KortekangasDiscussant: Lisa Hellman
Patrik Hettula : Influencing British colonial policy – Expatriate Euro-Africans and the Gold Coast press in the change of the 20th century
Francisca Hoyer : “Records concerning the estates of deceased subjects abroad”: Prussia’s and Wurttemberg’s involvement in their subjects’ migration to the East Indies during the 18th century.
Otso Kortekangas : Inclusions through exclusions. Education of the indigenous Sámi in early twentieth century Norway, Sweden and Finland
Kaarle Wirta : Between optimism and despair: Expectations versus realities of the Danish trade in the Indian Ocean during the 17th century

C-4 - CRI19 : Criminal Offenders in the Twentieth-century Justice System
OSCR Lanyon Building
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Heather Shore
Organizer: Alana PiperDiscussant: Heather Shore
Lisa Featherstone : Medicalising Sexual Offenders: Psychiatry in the Courtroom in Late Twentieth Century Australia
Mark Finnane : True Confessions: their Fall and Rise
Arlie Loughnan : Women’s Responsibility for Crime in Twentieth-century Australia
Alana Piper : Co-offenders before the Courts: the Joinder Effect

D-4 - HEA05 : Non-governmental Organisations, Scientific Associations, International Health Agencies and Governments, and International Health Cooperation during the 20th Century
Senate Room Lanyon Building
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Dolores Martin_Moruno
Organizers: María-José Báguena, María-Isabel PorrasDiscussant: Dolores Martin_Moruno
María-José Báguena , María-Isabel Porras : The Impact of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Country Programme E-25 on the Development of Virology in Spain
Rosa Ballester , Esteban Rodriguez Ocaña : Prematurity: Joint Activities WHO-UNICEF in the Field of Child Health Services (1949-1962). A Case Study
Maria Eugenia Galiana , Lucia Pozzi & Josep Bernabeu-Mestre : International Health Cooperation in the Fight against Poverty-related Diseases during the Inter-war Period
Kaisa Harju : Global or Local Strategy? Treatment and Decision Making in Somalia-Finland Tuberculosis Control Project, 1981– 83.
Ben Walker : The Spiritual and Secular in International Health: Medical Missionaries and Development in Ghana, 1919-1983

E-4 - ANT02 : The Political Economy of Ancient Greece
MAP/OG/005 Maths and Physics
Networks: Antiquity , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Roland Oetjen
Organizer: Roland OetjenDiscussant: Roland Oetjen
Philipp Bösherz , Lauritz Noack : The Connection of Market Activity and Happiness in Plato's Laws: the Prelude on Retailers as an Example of Plato’s Thoughts on the Importance of Functioning Markets within a Polis
Brooks Kaiser : Resource Economics and Institutions in Ancient Athens
Carl Hampus Lyttkens : A Belligerent Democracy
George Tridimas : Why Ancient Greece Failed to Industrialize: Cost of Energy, Culture and City-State Multiplicity

F-4 - CRI04 : Justice Inscribed on the Body: Maiming Corporal Punishments in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages
MAP/OG/006 Maths and Physics
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Marion Pluskota
Organizers: Filippo Carlà-Uhink, Christine Alexandra KleinjungDiscussant: Marion Pluskota
Filippo Carlà-Uhink : Castration as Punishment in Ancient Rome
Christine Alexandra Kleinjung : Mutilated Popes and Blinded Bishops. Bodies, Wounds and Clerical Office
Judith Mengler : „…and if the nose is completely shattered and gulped down by the dogs...“. Some Remarks on the Perception and Relation of Corporal Punishment and Injuries in the Treatises of Late Medieval Surgeons
Christian Rollinger : A Wave of Mutilation. Facial Amputation as Punishment in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Empire

G-4 - RUR10 : Consumption, Food and Social Change
MAP/OG/017 Maths and Physics
Network: Rural Chairs: -
Organizer: Rosa CongostDiscussants: -
Gérard Béaur : Patterns of Food Consumption and Social Changes in the Long Run. The Postmortem Inventories of Meaux and the Brie Countryside (1600-1790)
Laurent Heyberger , Laurent Herment : Male Breadwinners’ Food Intakes and Estimations and Height of Conscripts in Nineteenth-century Rural France
Rosa Lluch-Bramon , Maria Soler-Sala : The imposition of bread in the Catalan Countryside in the Middle Ages
Rosa Ros , Rosa Congost & Enric Saguer : Consumption and Social Change. The Humble Social Groups in Rural Catalonia (the Girona Reggion, Eighteenth Century)
Ulrich Schwarz : Variation in Food Consumption Practices in Austria during the Crisis of the 1930s

H-4 - MID02 : The Social History of Devotion and Christianization
MAP/OG/018 Maths and Physics
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Jesus Angel Solorzano-Telechea
Organizers: Jelle Haemers, Jesus Angel Solorzano-TelecheaDiscussants: -
Louise Berglund : Constructing Influence: the Cooperation of Queen Blanche of Namur and Birgitta of Sweden in the 1340s and beyond
Fabrizio De Falco : Educate the Barbarians. The Unsuccessful Irish Church through the Eyes of the Anglo-Norman Invaders (XIIth Cen.)
Anna-Stina Hägglund : Birgittine Monasteries in the Baltic Sea Region and Benefactor Networks
Edoardo Manarini : A Bishop, his Flock, his Books. How to Build a Network for Salvation in Carolingian Italy: Leodoinus and the See of Modena

I-4 - CUL04 : The Heritage of Cultural Opposition in the Former Socialist Countries
MST/OG/009 Main Site Tower
Network: Culture Chair: Sándor Horváth
Organizers: Balazs Apor, Balazs AporDiscussant: Sándor Horváth
Balazs Apor : Jokes and Opposition in Hungary in the Stalinist 1950s
Anelia Kassabova : The Power of Images. Non-conformist Art in Bulgaria from the 1960s towards the 1980s
Orysia Kulick : Ukraine and its Dissidents: the ‘Sixtiers’ as Reformers, Rebels, and Freedom Fighters
Tamás Scheibner : "Flying Universities" and Its Functions: Underground Education in Hungary in the 1980s

J-4 - SPA09 : Visitor Encounters with Warfare, Genocide and Slavery
MST/OG/010 Main Site Tower
Network: Spatial and Digital History Chair: Laurie Slegtenhorst
Organizers: Ria Dunkley, Laurie SlegtenhorstDiscussant: Norah Karrouche
Michelle Bentley : Conceptualising Genocide: Virtual Expression of Mass Killing at Rwanda
Angela Bermudez : Ten Narrative Keys to De-Normalize Violence in Historical Accounts
Ria Dunkley , Thomas Smith : 'Walking with Romans’. Digital Interpretations of Dissonant Heritage
Thomas Foley : Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation through Digital Archives
Nour A. Munawar : Media as a Weapon: Representations of Heritage at War in Media during Syria’s Armed Conflict
James Wallis , Shanti Sumartojo : Conflicting Spaces? Encountering Digital Presentations of War in Historical Museum Exhibitions

K-4 - ECO07 : Epidemiological Shocks with not so Inevitable Consequences? Capturing and Explaining the Economic Effects of Pre-industrial Plague Outbreaks
PFC/02/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Economic History , Health and Environment Chair: Maarten Prak
Organizers: Daniel Curtis, Bram van BesouwDiscussant: Wouter Ryckbosch
Daniel Curtis : Reconstructing Mortality in the Face of Plagues and Warfare during the Seventeenth Century Low Countries
Joris Roosen : Plague, Death-blow or Window of Opportunity? Market Speculation in Times of Plague in the County of Hainaut, 1349-1500
Tarek Sabraa , Stuart Borsch : Charting the Population Effects of the Black Death throughout the Middle East
Nukhet Varlik : The Black Death and its Long Term Political Consequences in the Ottoman Empire

L-4 - TEC06 : New STS Perspectives on Innovation and Resistance
PFC/02/013 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Science & Technology Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Viktor Borisov : A Steel Bullet for Russian Army (1760 – 1762): between Magic and Science
Lena Eckert-Erdheim : “Builds Muscles, Dams Tear Ducts”: the Promise of Testosterone in 1938
Francisco Molina Artaloytia : Interaction between Theory and Biography: Homosexuals under the Iberian Dictatorships of the Twentieth Century (1912- 1979)
Roberto Sala : So Similar, So Different. The Institutionalization of Sociology in Germany and the United States in the Early 20th Century
Felicitas Söhner : Social Ethical Implications and their Medical-historical Framework of Human Genetics in Germany – in the Memory of Contemporary Witnesses

M-4 - ELI05 : Family Strategies and Career Possibilities in Composite Monarchies, 16th–18th Centuries
PFC/02/017 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Elites and Forerunners Chair: Jonathan Spangler
Organizers: Veronika Hyden-Hanscho, Klaas Van GelderDiscussant: Jonathan Spangler
Keith Brown : Composite Monarchy and the Scottish Aristocracy: Responses and Strategies during the Anglo-Scottish Regal Union, 1603-1707
Karin Friedrich : Kinship and Power across Borders: Boguslaw Radziwill (1620-1669) as Governor of Ducal Prussia
Veronika Hyden-Hanscho : Transterritorial Families from Border Regions: the Cases of Carretto and Arenberg between Madrid, Brussels and Vienna in the 17th and 18th Centuries
Klaas Van Gelder : Vienna, Naples, and Brussels: the Composite Habsburg Monarchy and the Career Strategies of the Counts of Harrach (1728-1749)

N-4 - POL19 : Citizenship and Loyalty in Europe in the Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
PFC/02/018 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Nives Rumenjak
Organizers: -Discussant: Andreas Fahrmeir
Ivan Kosnica : Peace Treaties and the Issue of Loyalty in the First Yugoslav State (1919-1941)
Wladyslaw Peksa , Anna Kociolek - Peksa : Citizenships, Borders and Phantom-borders, Loyalty, Identity, Cooperation and Ethnical Cleansing. Legal Aspects of the Creation Citizenship of a “New” Network of Borders and New States in Central Europe between 1918 and 1945. Polish Example
Ana Victoria Sima : The Manifold Identities of Ordinary Romanians in Transylvania during World War I
Tatiana Teterevleva : Option of Citizenship after 1920 Peace Treaties and the Baltic Natives in the Russian North
Norbert Varga : Hungarian Citizenship Law and Loyalty in the 19th Century

O-4 - POL04 : Anarchists and Antifascism during the 1930s
PFC/02/016 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Bert Altena
Organizer: Tom GoyensDiscussant: Bert Altena
Morris Brodie : ‘Crying in the Wilderness?’: Emma Goldman, the CNT-FAI and the Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista in London
Montse Feu : Jesús González Malo: Antifascism and Anarcho-Syndicalism in the United States
Tom Goyens : Against the Current: Robert Bek-gran and the German Antifascists in New York
Nathan Jun : Historical Development of Antifascist Thought in the Anarchist Milieu

P-4 - FAM04 : The History of Health in European Port Cities
PFC/02/025 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Hideko Matsuo
Organizer: Angelique JanssensDiscussants: -
Renzo Derosas , Cristina Munno : Nineteenth-century Venice: Mortality and Health Disparities in a Port City
Yannis Gonatidis : Public Health in a New Port City: the Case of Hermoupolis (Syros) in the First Half of the 19th Century (1821-1854)
Angelique Janssens , Evelien Walhout : The Epidemiological Profile of Amsterdam, 1875-1899. An Analysis of Causes of Death and Public Health Interventions
Michail Raftakis : Mortality Patterns in a Greek Port-city, Hermoupolis (1859-1940)

Q-4 - FAM18 : Crisis, Pressure and Adaption over Generations
PFC/03/005 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chairs: -
Organizers: Per Axelsson, Lisa DillonDiscussants: -
Tim Bruckner , Samantha Gailey & Stacey Hallman & Marilyn Amorevieta-Gentil & Lisa Dillon & Alain Gagnon : Epidemic Cycles and Environmental Pressure in Colonial Quebec
Lisa Dillon , Per Axelsson & Lotta Vikström & Sören Edvinsson & Glenn Sandström & Cecily Kelleher : Births Amid Disasters: International Comparisons of the Trans-generational Effect of Historic Climate Crises on Reproductive Outcomes
Ólöf Garðarsdóttir : The Effects of the Volcanic Eruption of Laki in Iceland 1783-1785
Lena Karlsson : Infant Mortality and Birth Seasonality of the Sami and non-Sami populations, 19th-century Sweden
Janet McCalman , Rebecca Kippen : The Great Irish Famine Transported

R-4 - FAM14 : Kinship and Child Mortality
PFC/03/006A Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Christa Matthys
Organizer: Tim RiswickDiscussant: Kai Willführ
Emiko Higami , Ken'ichi Tomobe : Perinatal Mortality and Infant Mortality in Osaka in the Early 20th Century : Influence of Industrialization on Maternal Health
Heejin Park , Bongoh Key : Intergenerational Transmission of Child Mortality in Korea in the Mid-twentieth Century
Paul Puschmann , Katharina E. Pink & Koen Matthijs : The effects of extrinsic early life mortality on individuals’ reproductive outcomes. A case study on Antwerp, Belgium (1846-1920)
Tim Riswick : Between Rivalry and Support: Differences in the Mortality Chances of Brothers and Sisters in Taiwan (1906-1946) and the Netherlands (1863-1910)
Alice Velková : The Effect of Grandmothers on their Grandchildren’s Survival (West Bohemia, 1750-1850)

S-4 - SEX03 : The Varying Effects of Pathologization of Same-sex Sexuality in Four Countries of the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire
PFC/03/006B Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Sexuality Chair: Mark Cornwall
Organizer: Johann Karl KirchknopfDiscussant: Mark Cornwall
Franko Dota : Defining "Unnatural Fornication": Homosexuality in Yugoslav Legal and Medical Debates (1918-1977)
Johann Karl Kirchknopf : ‘Sodomy’ versus ‘Homosexuality’. How the Juridical Practice in 20th Century Austria made Use of Two very Different Interpretative Models
Roman Kuhar : Decriminalization of “Unnatural Fornication” among Men in Post-War Slovenia as a Side Effect of Criminalization of Marital Rape
Judit Takács , Tamás P.Tóth : Liberating Pathologization? The Historical Background of the 1961 Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Hungary

T-4 - ETH07 : The Simultaneity of Belonging: Migrant Letters and the Transnational Social Field
PFC/03/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chairs: -
Organizer: Félix KrawatzekDiscussants: -
Marcelo Borges : Here, There, and On the Move: Narratives of Space in Migrant Letters
Sonia Cancian : Re/constructing Language and Memories in a Migrant Love Letter Collection: the Intersubjectivities of Multiple Journeys
Félix Krawatzek : Local Conditions and Ideas of Belonging in Migrant Letters
Emma Moreton : Using Corpus Methods to Explore Notions of ‘here’ and ‘there’ in Digitised Migrant Letter Collections
Linda Reeder : Love and Duty: Soldiers and Migrants in Wartime Italy, 1914-1922

U-4 - REL04 : Religion and Economic Resources in a Catholic Society (Portugal, 16th-19th centuries)
PFC/03/030 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Religion Chair: Sarah Moran
Organizer: Isabel dos Guimarães SáDiscussant: Silvia Evangelisti
Paula Bessa : Donations for Portuguese Parish Churches and Chapels in the Sixteenth Century
Luciana Gandelman : Rituals of Exchange: Conflicts over Economic Relations in Daily Life through Felipe III’s Pardon Letters in Portugal (1598-1621)
Ana Mafalda Lopes : "As Soon as God Takes Me: Widows and Provisions for the Afterlife
Isabel dos Guimarães Sá : Material Provisions for Spiritual Concerns: Profane and Sacred Objects in the Afterlife (Porto, 1500-1700)

V-4 - LAB07 : Labour in the Empire: Colonialisms, Modes of Exploitation and Workers’ Experiences in the Colonial City
6CP/01/035 6 College park, School of Sociology
Networks: Labour , Urban Chair: Nitin Varma
Organizers: Zaen Alkazi, Juliana BossletDiscussant: Nitin Varma
Prerna Agarwal : The Resentments of Oppression, the Confidence of Labouring: the Political Potency of the Wartime Experiences of Indian Labour at the Port of Calcutta
Zaen Alkazi : Labour and Decolonisation: Nation-making and Labour Politics on the Cusp of Indian Independence 1945-1947
Juliana Bosslet : Workers’ Experiences in the Colonial City: a Social History of Labour in Luanda, Angola
Naina Manjrekar : Maritime Labour and the End of Empire: the 1946 Naval Mutiny that Shook the Raj
Vidhya Raveendranathan : Powder Mills and Public Works: Labour in Nineteenth Century Madras

W-4 - WOR07 : Geographies of Memory - Space, Violence and Commemoration in Transnational Perspective
6CP/01/037 6 Collega Park/ School of Sociology
Network: World History Chair: David Featherstone
Organizer: Daniel WillisDiscussant: Jan Zahorik
Eira Capelan : Popular Monumentality – urban fragments and commemoration practices in Montevideo, Uruguay
Stephanie Mawson : Upland Resistance to Spanish Colonisation in the Seventeenth Century Philippines
Daniel Willis : Between the nation and the landscape: sites of memory and violence from Peru's Internal Armed Conflict (1980-2000)

X-4 - WOM09b : Women’s Wages and Time Allocation in Western Europe during Pre-industrial and Industrial Times (16th- Early 20th Centuries) II
8UQ/OG/006 University Square
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Cristina Borderías
Organizers: -Discussants: Raffaella Sarti, Ariadne Schmidt
Corinne Boter : Female Wages and the Gender Wage Gap: the Impact of Industrialization on Dutch Women’s Position in the Labour Market Mirrored in the British Experience, 1750-1914
Victoria López Barahona : Wool Hand-Spinning Wages in Eighteenth-Century Inland Spain
Manuela Martini : Gendered Division of Work and Wage Conflicts in the Lyon Slk Trades at the End of the 19th Century

Y-4 - WOM22 : Women's Movement and Activism
11UQ/01/010 University Square
Network: Women and Gender Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Nancy Forestell : Rethinking Canadian Suffrage Politics in the Context of British Settler Colonialism, 1914-1918
Luciana-Marioara Jinga : Women Nurture, Men Protect, or Not? Gender roles in the Transnational Humanitarian Commitment for Children in Romania (1980-2007)
Cristina Scheibe Wolff : Reason and Emotion: Women Activism against Dictatorships in Southern Cone do America. 1968-1985

Z-4 - ORA04 : Understanding AIDS Activism and Public Health Policy in Europe through Oral History
Mc Mordie Hall School of Music
Network: Oral History Chair: Beate Binder
Organizer: Christopher EwingDiscussant: Cindy Patton
Agata Dziuban , Todd Sekuler : Tracing the Contours of Europe in Oral History Narratives about HIV/AIDS
Christopher Ewing : The Emotions of Anti-Discrimination Activism in the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Ulrike Klöppel , Todd Sekuler : Struggling to Open up the Narrative Harmonization of the AIDS Crisis in Germany
Emily Nicholls : Mapping AIDS Activism and Policy in the UK through Oral History Interviews
Justyna Struzik : Mapping Tensions: Polish HIV/AIDS Activism through the 1990s

ZA-4 - SOC06 : Mutual aid and State Provision: Mutual Insurance, Social Policy and Individual Welfare in Europe in the 19th and 20th Century
Music Lecture Theatre School of Music
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Marco H.D. van Leeuwen
Organizer: Jonathan Fink-JensenDiscussant: Marco H.D. van Leeuwen
Lars Fredrik Anderson , Liselotte Eriksson : Adverse/Propitious Selection in Swedish Mutual Health Insurance Societies, 1905-1930
Jonathan Fink-Jensen : Mutual Sickness Insurance Traditions and Social Policy in England and the Netherlands, 1870-1950
Fernando Largo Jiménez : “Cooperate or Perish“. The Public Social Insurances in Spain and the Strategies of the Federation of Friendly Societies of Catalonia