To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences

Preliminary Programme

Showing: Thursday 5 April 2018 8.30 - 10.30 (single time slot)
Wed 4 April
    8.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
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    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 5 April
    8.30 - 10.30
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Fri 6 April
    8.30 - 10.30
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Sat 7 April
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All days
Thursday 5 April 2018 8.30 - 10.30
A-5 - ASI04 : A Geo-spatial Analysis of Agricultural Productivity in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
LAN/OG/047 Lanyon Building
Networks: Asia , Economic History Chair: Michael Pammer
Organizer: Semih CelikDiscussant: Michael Pammer
Ayca Akarcay , Nurhan Davutyan & Sezgin Polat : Agricultural Output and Other Consequences of 1915 in the Turkish Transition from Empire to Republic
Semih Celik , Erdem Kabadayi : Agricultural Productivity in Western and Central Anatolia: a Regional Perspective 1840-1950
Antonis Hadjikyriacou : Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Analysis of Agricultural Production Data from the 1572 Ottoman Fiscal Survey of Cyprus
Alp Yücel Kaya , Yücel Terzibasoglu : Dynamics of Agricultural Productivity and Land Organisation in the Hinterland of Bursa in the Mid-19th Century

B-5 - THE07 : Meet the Author: Ethan Kleinberg
LAN/OG/074 Lanyon Building
Network: Theory Chair: Stefan Berger
Organizers: -Discussants: Berber Bevernage, Maria Grever, Ethan Kleinberg, Herman Paul

C-5 - MAT01a : Daily Lives and Daily Routines: Spaces, Practices and Material Cultures, c.1650–1850
OSCR Lanyon Building
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Jon Stobart
Organizers: Gudrun Andersson, Jon StobartDiscussants: -
Gudrun Andersson : At Home: Daily Life in a Magistrate’s House in Early Nineteenth-century Sweden
Topi Artukka : Food and Festivities – the Assembly House and Daily Practices in Early 19th Century Finland
Panu Savolainen : Daily Practices of Artificial Light and Nocturnal Culture in 19th Century Nordic Towns
Hannah Wallace : Absent Masters: Servants and Community on the Country House Estate

D-5 - HEA03 : Hazardous Waste?
Senate Room Lanyon Building
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Judith Rainhorn
Organizer: Iris BorowyDiscussant: Judith Rainhorn
Iris Borowy : Hazardous Waste: the Birth of a New Concept in International Organizations in the 1980s
Ingun Klepp : Unclean Rinsing-water, Invisible Plastic and Old Beliefs
Simone Müller : Green Data and the Trade in Hazardous Waste
May-Brith Ohman Nielsen : Substances, Systems and Storytellers. Historicizing Hazardous Waste and Waste Management in Norway 1970-2017

E-5 - RUR15 : Political Institutions and Agricultural Intensification in Pre-modern Europe (500 BC – AD 1,200)
MAP/OG/005 Maths and Physics
Network: Rural Chair: Mario Adamo
Organizer: Mario AdamoDiscussant: Daniel Curtis
Margaret Burr : Peasants to Entrepreneurs? The Intensification of Grain Malting in Roman Hampshire
Young-Chae Kim : Centuriated Luceria: the Problem of Latin Territory under the Gracchan Agrarian Reforms
Tim Sorg : Peopling the Land: Human Capital and Syracusan Land Allotment, 483-380 BCE
Paolo Tomei , Lorenzo Tabarrini : Insecurity of Tenure, Desire for Control. The Long History of Manentes in the Light of Tuscan Medieval Sources (9th-12th Centuries).

F-5 - CRI05 : Legitimacy of Police and Justice in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Public Perceptions, Contestation and Debates
MAP/OG/006 Maths and Physics
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Xavier Rousseaux
Organizers: Margo De Koster, Herbert Reinke, Xavier RousseauxDiscussant: Klaus Weinhauer
Margo De Koster : Public Perceptions of the Legitimacy of the Punishment of Collaboration in Post WW II Belgium
Anja Johansen : Struggling for the Moral High-Ground: Police Legitimacy as Battle Ground for Public Debates, Berlin and Paris 1890-1914
Herbert Reinke : From Blue to Green. Policing and Legitimacy Issues in Germany from World War One to the Weimar Republic
Antoon Vrints : War Veterans as Agents of Justice in Belgium, 1918-1925

G-5 - RUR01a : Between Abundance and Scarcity: International Grain Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (XVI-XIX centuries)
MAP/OG/017 Maths and Physics
Network: Rural Chair: Cormac O'Grada
Organizers: Luca Mocarelli, Giulio OngaroDiscussant: Cormac O'Grada
Daniele Andreozzi : "I grandi commerci portano in groppa i piccoli". Trieste and the Cereal Trade in the XVIII Century (Practices, Merchants, Markets and States)
Andrea Bonoldi , Pier Luigi Novi Inverardi & Isabella Salvador : The Cereal Market in an Alpine Region at the End of the Ancient Regime: Tyrol (1745-1820)
Ida Fazio : Foreign and Domestic Grain Markets meet at the Caricatori: the Sicilian Institutional System of Conservation and Distribution of Wheat
Mikolaj Malinowski : The Power of Consensus: Parlamentarizm and Market Integration in Poland, 1505-1772
Giulio Ongaro , Luca Mocarelli & Fabrizio Constantini & Luciano Maffi : Wheat Prices and Wheat Market in the Republic of Venice and in the State of Milan (XVIIIth Century)

H-5 - WOR10 : Global Actors in Latin America
MAP/OG/018 Maths and Physics
Networks: Latin America , World History Chair: Bernhard Bayerlein
Organizers: -Discussant: Holger Weiss
Julio Lisandro Cañón Voirin : State Terrorism. The South of the American Continent during the 1970s. A Case of State Terrorism Transnationalization
César Augusto Duque Sánchez : International Exchanges between Historians at Beginings of XXth Century. Study Case of Colombia’s National Academy of History between (1902-1930)
Aruã Lima : Solidarity within Competition: Front Working Class Organizations in Brazil and Argentina (1919-1937)

I-5 - CUL05 : Using Computational Techniques to Account for Cultural Change over Time I
MST/OG/009 Main Site Tower
Network: Culture Chair: Joris van Eijnatten
Organizers: Pim Huijnen, Joris van EijnattenDiscussant: Jaap Verheul
Pim Huijnen : Opportunities and Challenges of Data-driven Approaches for the Study of Conceptual Change
Matthias Lemke : Talking Economization. Neoliberal Language in the Post-democracy Era
Jani Marjanen : An Ecosystem of Newspapers: the Life and Death of Finnish Newspapers 1771–1920
Federico Nanni : Studying the Impact of Global Events Using Large-Scale Web Archives

J-5 - SPA02 : Societies in Transition
MST/OG/010 Main Site Tower
Network: Spatial and Digital History Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Douglas Brown , David R. Green & Kathleen McIlvenna : Geographies of Ill-health among British Postal Workers in the Late Nineteenth Century
Vasilis Gavalas : The Educational Level as Index of Economic and Social Development: the Case of the Borderline Islands of the Aegean Archipelago
Nicholas Gliserman : Measuring Socio-Environmental Spatial Patterns in General James Murray’s 1761 Geographical Survey of the St. Lawrence River Valley
Nicolas Marqué , Jack Thomas : From the Old to the New Regime in Toulouse: Judiciary Professionals in Spatial Perspective, 1790-1830

K-5 - ECO08 : Finance, the State and Development in Independent Africa
PFC/02/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Economic History Chair: Gareth Austin
Organizer: Gareth AustinDiscussants: -
Denis Cogneau , Yannick Dupraz, Justine Knebelmann, Sandrine Mesple-Somps : The Evolution of Public Finance from Colonial Times to Today, through Structural Adjustment
Hannan Marwah : Institutional Failure or an Unsustainable Foreign Debt Burden? Financing and Management of Ghana State-owned Electricity Distribution 1960-2002
Chibuike Uche : Nigeria and the Sterling Area 1967-80

L-5 - ECO25 : Financial Markets and Intermediation
PFC/02/013 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Economic History Chair: Christiaan van Bochove
Organizers: -Discussant: Christiaan van Bochove
Christos Desyllas : Strange and Powerful Forms of Credit
Adrian Leonard : The Merits of Joint Stock: Floating Marine Insurance Companies on a Bubble
Christopher Pihl : Between Personal and Institutional Trust? The Bank of Sweden in the Seventeenth Century Credit Market
Tonia Ruppenthal , Rosemarie Schade : A Historically Successful Business Model: Financing Benedictine Abbey’s

M-5 - ELI06 : Female Entrepreneurs as Business Elite: Property Rights and Ownership, 18th - 20th Centuries
PFC/02/017 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Elites and Forerunners Chair: Marja Vuorinen
Organizers: Susana Martínez-Rodríguez, Galina UlyanovaDiscussant: Béatrice Craig
Seven Agir : Towards Understanding Female Entrepreneurship in Turkey: a Historical-Institutional Analysis, 1850-1970
Susana Martínez-Rodríguez : “Who´s that Lady?” The Female Partners in Multiowner Firms in Spain, 1800-1950
Erica Salvaj , Andrea Lluch : Women may be Climbing on Board, but not in First Class: Female Board Participation in Chile and Argentina, 1901-2010
Galina Ulyanova : Female Entrepreneurs as Board Directors and Stakeholders of the Biggest Russian Joint-stock Companies, 1870-1900

N-5 - POL20 : Insurgents, Irregular Fighters, Resistans, or Citizens? Defining, Debating and Remembering the Partisan
PFC/02/018 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Ana Sofia Ferreira
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Bernardas Gailius : Another Theory of Partisan
Fedele Greta : The Transitional Justice and the Trials of the Partisans in the Aftermath of World War II in France and Italy
Gianni Perona : National Resistance Movement in Italy: the Roots of a "National" Civil War
Gerben Zaagsma : Jewish Volunteers in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War

O-5 - POL05 : Authoritarianism and Corporatism in Europe and Latin America
PFC/02/016 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Antonio Costa Pinto
Organizers: Antonio Costa Pinto, Constantin IordachiDiscussants: Luciano Abreu, Gabriela de Lima Grecco
Constantin Iordachi : Mihail Manoilescu and the Debate over Corporatiism in Interwar Romania
Jose Reis Santos : Self-fashioning of a Conservative Revolutionary: Salazar’s Integral Corporatism and the International Networks of the 1930’s Conservative Revolution
Mario Sznajder : Authoritarianism and Corporatism in Chile: Intellectual Influences
Valerio Torreggiani : From Individual to Function: Ramiro De Maeztu as a Transnational Agent of Corporatism between Spain, United Kingdom and Latin America (1905-1936)

P-5 - FAM06 : Demography, Health and Great War
PFC/02/025 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Family and Demography , World History Chair: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux
Organizers: Ioan Bolovan, Helena da SilvaDiscussant: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux
Elena Crinela Holom : After Four Years of Conflict: Romanian Soldiers from Transylvania and their Families Fighting with the Experience and the Consequences of the First World War
Daniela Marza : The Influence of the Great War on Family Life in Transylvania
Emilia Musumeci : 'Venus at the Front': Syphilis and Prostitution during the WWI in Italy
Nicolas Todd : Transmission of Father’s First Name to Prenatal Orphans during World War One

Q-5 - FAM19 : Family Systems and Kinship Systems: Exploring a Conundrum
PFC/03/005 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chairs: -
Organizer: Mikolaj SzoltysekDiscussants: -
Fabrice Boudjaaba : Family Links and Neighborhood in the Context of Urbanization (Paris Suburbs, 19th Cent.)
Réka Gyimesi , Péter Öri : East of the Hajnal-line: Household Structure, First Marriage and Out-migration in Hungary (Zsámbék and Bonyhád in the 1850s and 1860s)
Mary Louise Nagata : Intersecting Communities: Household, Family and Neighborhood in Early Modern Kyoto
Christopher Neumaier : From Patriarchy to Partnership: a Path Not Taken? The Negotiation of Gender Roles in West German Families, 1950s – 1980s
Mikolaj Szoltysek , Radoslaw Poniat & Siegfried Gruber : Family Systems and the “Woman’s Property Complex”: Testing the Unity of Western Eurasia with Historical Census Microdata Samples

R-5 - EDU04 : Popular Education and the Capitalist State in Western Europe, 1800–2015
PFC/03/006A Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Germund Larsson
Organizer: Samuel EdquistDiscussant: Esbjörn Larsson
Anne Berg : Governing the Evolution of Freedom: the Capitalist State and the Making of Popular Education c. 1870 to the 1910s
Jesper Eckhardt Larsen : The Role of ”Folk-” Institutions in Danish and Norwegian State Primary Teacher Recruitment from 1855 to 1967
Samuel Edquist : The Capitalist State and the Making of Civil Society: Government funding of Swedish Popular Education 1911–2015
Johanna Ringarp : Public Governance of Popular Education after 1991

S-5 - SEX05 : New perspectives on British Queer Histories
PFC/03/006B Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Sexuality Chair: Henk de Smaele
Organizer: Matt CookDiscussant: Henk de Smaele
Justin Bengry : “A Spot of Controversy Could Well Turn to Your Advantage”: Profit and Regulation on the Queer Stage and Screen
Alison Oram : Convivial Queer Communities in Four British Cities: 1960s-2010s.
Clare Tebbutt : Not Quite Broadcasting it: Ray Gosling and the Variable Visibility of Queerness in Britain from the Mid-Twentieth Century

T-5 - ETH04a : Comparing the Irish Migration Experience since 1922
PFC/03/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Donald MacRaild
Organizer: Irial GlynnDiscussant: Johanne Devlin Trew
Irial Glynn : Irish Postwar Emigration Compared
Christopher Kissane : Contemporary Irish Emigration in Historical Perspective
Kevin Myers : Migration, Memory and the Making of Educational Multiculturalism among Irish and Afro-Caribbean Communities in Post-war Britain
Miriam Nyhan Grey : Post-war Irish Immigrants in London and New York: a Comparative Lens
Louise Ryan : '...It all depends': a Comparative Analysis of Irish and Polish Highly Qualified Female Migrants Navigating Competing Priorities

U-5 - REL09 : Gendered Responses
PFC/03/030 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Religion Chair: Tine Van Osselaer
Organizers: -Discussant: Tine Van Osselaer
Eider De Dios , Raúl Mínguez Blasco : Catholic and Feminist Identity in Spain during Francoism and Democracy (c 1960-2015)
Tiina Lintunen : Revolution and Religion: the Attitudes of Socialist Rebels towards Religion
Martin Nykvist : Abstinent Masculinity: Christian Responses to the Sexual Revolution in Sweden

V-5 - LAB04a : Domestic Service and Regulation in Colonial Societies
6CP/01/035 6 College park, School of Sociology
Networks: Family and Demography , Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Raffaella Sarti
Organizer: Nitin VarmaDiscussant: Raffaella Sarti
Shireen Ally : White Mother's Baby, Black Nanny's Maybe? Race and Maternity in Colonial Domestic Service
Claire Lowrie : Protectors or Perpetrators? White Masters and the Colonial Implications of Violence by and towards Domestic Servants in the Northern Territory of Australia and Singapore, 1880s-1930s.
Nitin Sinha : The Power of Failure: Colonial Regulations and Domestic Servants in Early Colonial India
Nitin Varma : Masters of Home: Regulating Master Servant Relationship in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India

W-5 - LAB20 : Workers’ Education: Enlightenment, Education, and Empowerment
6CP/01/037 6 Collega Park/ School of Sociology
Networks: Education and Childhood , Labour , Social Inequality Chair: Fia Sundevall
Organizers: Jenny Jansson, Jonas SöderqvistDiscussant: Jane Kenway
Jenny Jansson : Portraying Organized Labor in Workers’ Education: a Comparison of Self-images in German and Swedish Educational Material
Jan Kellershohn : Vocational Retraining and De-industrialisation. Trade Unions, Lifelong Learning and Workers’ Subjectification in Germany during the 1960s
Elena Musiani : Popular Education and Vocational Training in Italy in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: a Comparative Analysis
Jonas Söderqvist : Social Mobility or Class Formation? Goals and Ambitions among the Students at Brunnsvik Folk College, Sweden 1906-­1920

X-5 - WOM08 : Women Travellers in Europe and Far Beyond (1750-1830): Exploration, Experience, Reflection
8UQ/OG/006 University Square
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Leonie Hannan
Organizer: Nataliia VoloshkovaDiscussant: Leonie Hannan
Sutapa Dutta : Defining Female Space and Agency: British Women Travelers to India in the Eighteenth Century
Tania Robles Ballesteros : Travelling to Gain Freedom: Germaine de Staël and Exile
Barbara Tetti : Ruins, Remains and Monuments: Charlotte Eaton’s Correspondence from Rome, 1816-1817
Nataliia Voloshkova : 'A Competent Witness': Mary Holderness and her Ethnographic Exploration of Crimea in the Early Nineteenth Century

Y-5 - WOM23 : Constructing Gender
11UQ/01/010 University Square
Network: Women and Gender Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Dijana Dijanic : Politics of Leisure Time
Ramona Mihaila , George Lazaroiu : The Instrumental Function of Gendered Citizenship and Symbolic Politics in the Social Construction of Labor Rights for Migrants
Olga Porshneva : Bolshevik Design of Gender Relations in the Early Soviet Period: Official Discourse and Social Practices (based on Materials from the Urals Region)
Jaswandi Wamburkar : Feminist Thought as Reflected in Women’s Magazines in India (Case Study of ‘Gruhlakshmi’, ‘Navi Gruhlakshmi’ and ‘Mahila’)

Z-5 - ORA05 : Migration, Immigrants and 'the Other' in Oral History
Mc Mordie Hall School of Music
Network: Oral History Chair: Andrea Strutz
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Pål Brunnström : How the Finns became White
Jack Crangle : Interviewing the ‘Other’ in Northern Ireland: Immigrants and Racism in a Sectarian Landscape
Melanie Dejnega : On the Meaning of Migration in Oral Histories. The Example of Ethnic Germans from Central Eastern Europe in Austria
Jesper Johansson , Malin Thor Tureby : The Collection Migration Finland-Sweden (ca 1970-1989) – Positioning and Identification in a Narrative Collection with Finnish Immigrants at the Archive of the Nordic Museum in Sweden
Marcel Thomas : Strangers in the Village: Life Histories, False Memories and 'Newcomers' in Rural Postwar Germany

ZA-5 - SOC03 : Comparative Perspectives on Poor Relief in European Rural Societies 1700 - 1830
Music Lecture Theatre School of Music
Networks: Rural , Social Inequality Chair: Esther Beeckaert
Organizer: Nick Van den BroeckDiscussant: Wouter Ryckbosch
Thijs Lambrecht , Anne Winter : The Determinants of Poor Relief in Early Modern Rural Societies: Western Flanders C. 1700
Luciano Maffi , Giovanni Gregorini & Marco Rochini : Poor Relief Systems in Northern Italy Rural Societies in the 18th Century.
Julie Marfany , Montserrat Carbonell-Esteller & Joana Maria Pujadas-Mora : Migration and the Household Economy of the Poor in Catalonia, 1762-1803
Nick Van den Broeck , Giovanni Gregorini & Marco Rochini : Between Regions and Localities: Framing and Explaining Micro-Variations in Rural Poor Relief Practices in the Southern Low Countries (1750-1830)

ZC-5 - LAT01 : Historical Perspectives on Income Distribution in Latin America
PFC/03/028 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Latin America , Social Inequality Chairs: -
Organizer: Paul SegalDiscussants: -
Ingrid Bleynat , Paul Segal : Factor Endowments and the Politics of Income Distribution in Argentina
Isabel Estevez : Examining the Relationship between De-industrialization and Income Inequality in Latin America
Hector Gutierrez Rufrancos , Cecilia Lanata Briones : Latin American Income Inequality in Household Budget Surveys, 1910-1970
Fernando Augusto Mansor de Mattos : The Debate on The Distribution of Income Through the Process of Economic Development in Brazil
Graciela Márquez Colín : Taxation and Inequality. A History of Inheritance Taxes in Mexico, 1821-2018