To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences

Preliminary Programme

Showing: Thursday 5 April 2018 11.00 - 13.00 (single time slot)
Wed 4 April
    8.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 5 April
    8.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Fri 6 April
    8.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
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Sat 7 April
    8.30 - 10.30
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All days
Thursday 5 April 2018 11.00 - 13.00
A-6 - AFR04 : History and Politics in Portuguese-speaking Africa
LAN/OG/047 Lanyon Building
Network: Africa Chair: Didier Péclard
Organizer: Eric Morier-GenoudDiscussant: Nuno de Fragoso Vidal
Alexander Keese : Managing the Social Transition Locally: Land, Development, and Local Power under the PAIGC/PAICV Regime in the Barlavento (São Vicente and Santa Antão)
Eric Morier-Genoud : The Catholic Church in Mozambique and World Politics
Augusto Nascimento : The Course of Violence in São Tomé and Príncipe in the Last Half Century
Ana Santos : We fought to Liberate the Country: Memory, Legitimacy and the Enduring Legacy of War in Post-colonial Mozambique

B-6 - SPE02 : The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the 21st Century, by Walter Scheidel
LAN/OG/074 Lanyon Building
Networks: Antiquity , Economic History , Social Inequality , World History Chair: Anne Mccants
Organizer: Neville MorleyDiscussants: Guido Alfani, Lucy Grig, Willem Jongman, Brooks Kaiser, Geoffrey Kron, Wouter Ryckbosch, Walter Scheidel

C-6 - MAT01b : Daily Lives and Daily Routines: Spaces, Practices and Material Cultures, c. 1650-1850
OSCR Lanyon Building
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Gudrun Andersson
Organizers: Gudrun Andersson, Jon StobartDiscussants: -
Johanna Ilmakunnas : Spaces and Places for Handiwork at Country Houses in Sweden and Finland, c. 1750–1850
Thomas McGrath , Jon Stobart : Convenient and Ornamental: Producing Domestic Space in Eighteenth-century England
Catherine Richardson , Tara Hamling : Middling Domestic Routines in Seventeenth-century England
Brodie Waddell : Making Sense of Working Life: the Everyday Writings of ‘Ordinary People’ in England, c.1600-1750

D-6 - HEA14 : Healthy and Dangerous Environments
Senate Room Lanyon Building
Network: Health and Environment Chair: May-Brith Ohman Nielsen
Organizers: -Discussant: May-Brith Ohman Nielsen
Abraham Ename Minko : Natural Resources Governance in Africa
Grainne Goodwin : Invading Invalids: British Health Tourists to Algeria in the Late-nineteenth Century
Rosemarie Schade , Tonia Ruppenthal : What's Old is New? What's New is Old? Benedictine Nuns, Sustainability, and Organic Gardening
Amanda Sciampacone : Picturing Disease and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Vittorio Tigrino : Coasts and Beaches as Contact Zones: Coastal Communities and Marine Landscapes in Mediterranean Sea, the Case of Liguria (XVIth-XXth c.)

E-6 - MID06 : Certifying Inequalities in Late Medieval Europe. England, Italy and France in Comparative Perspective
MAP/OG/005 Maths and Physics
Networks: Middle Ages , Social Inequality Chair: Massimo Vallerani
Organizer: Marta GravelaDiscussant: Massimo Vallerani
James Davis : Social Stratification in the Streets and Markets of Medieval English Towns
Ian Forrest : Inequality and Trustworthiness in Late Medieval England
Marta Gravela : Unequal Citizenship. The Fiscal Assessment of Inequalities in Late Medieval Italy
Clément Lenoble : Microcredit and Inequalities in the Middle Ages

F-6 - CRI06 : Penal Solutions in the Early Twentieth Century Europe
MAP/OG/006 Maths and Physics
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Zoe Alker
Organizer: Helen JohnstonDiscussant: Margo De Koster
Pamela Cox : The ‘Great Decarceration’: Social and Penal Policy in Early Twentieth Century Britain and its Contemporary Legacies
Elsa Genard : Punish and Care: the Physicians in French Prisons in the Early Twentieth Century
Helen Johnston : Borstal Girls: the Modified System for Female Offenders in England, 1908-1950
Heather Shore : Revisiting the Borstal Experiment, 1908-1982

G-6 - RUR01b : Between Abundance and Scarcity: International Grain Markets in Pre-Industrial Europe (XVI-XIX centuries)
MAP/OG/017 Maths and Physics
Network: Rural Chair: Cormac O'Grada
Organizers: Luca Mocarelli, Giulio OngaroDiscussant: Cormac O'Grada
Alida Clemente , Annastella Carrino : Grain Markets in an Emergency Situation: Circuits, Actors and Institutions during the 1763-64 Famine in the Kingdom of Naples
Pietro Ficarra : Scarcity in a Land of Plenty: the Case of XV-XVI Century Padua
Aleksander Panjek : Urban Merchants vs. Peasant Traders: the Parallel Grain Trade in Early Modern Slovenia
Laura Prosperi : Famine, Staple Trade and Food Habits: what about the Impact of Grain Losses in the Modern Age?
Donatella Strangio : Between Abundance and Scarcity: “Tratte”, Smuggling of Grain, Merchants

H-6 - LAT02a : Latin American State Formation in the Periphery I
MAP/OG/018 Maths and Physics
Networks: Latin America , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chairs: -
Organizers: Kim Clark, Paulo DrinotDiscussants: -
Marco Calderon : State Formation, Rural Education and the Transformation of Landscape in the Mexican Countryside: 1910-1940
Brenda Elsey : Harmonious Mothers versus Terrifying Amazons: Gender, Physical Education, and the Chilean State, 1902-1931
Andrés Estefane : Anomalous Territories: Legal Exceptions, Bureaucratic Plurality, and the Colonization Processes in Chile
Alberto Harambour : Capital and Barbarism in the Uttermost Frontiers of Civilization: Transnational Trajectories of State Building in the Amazon Jungle and the Patagonian Channels (1880-1950s)
María José Ortiz Bergia : Health Policies and the Rural Population in Córdoba´s Pampa (1930-1950)

I-6 - CUL06 : Using Computational Techniques to Account for Cultural Change over Time II
MST/OG/009 Main Site Tower
Network: Culture Chair: Pim Huijnen
Organizers: Pim Huijnen, Joris van EijnattenDiscussant: Matthias Lemke
Jochen Hung : German Media Discourses in the Interwar Period: Magazines and Time
Mikko Tolonen : Octavo: A Tool for Text and Data Mining ECCO and ESTC
Joris van Eijnatten , Jaap Verheul : Visualising Broadcasts. Do-it-yourself Approaches to Timelines
Christophe Verbruggen : The International Scope of Belgian Socialist Newspapers, 1885-1940: a Digital Approach

J-6 - SPA10 : History in Digital Turn: Practices, Visualizations and Interpretations
MST/OG/010 Main Site Tower
Network: Spatial and Digital History Chairs: -
Organizer: Andrei VolodinDiscussants: -
Øyvind Eide : Historical Narrative, Models, and Media Modalities
Timur Valetov : Making of the Vector Maps Depositary for Russian History GIS-based Researches
Andrei Volodin : How “Digital” Impacts the Research Practices of Historians?

L-6 - THE06 : Anarchism and Republicanism: Theory
PFC/02/013 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Theory Chair: Bert Altena
Organizers: Bert Altena, Ruth KinnaDiscussant: Carl Levy
Guilherme Falleiros : Federalism in Anarchism, Republicanism and Amerindian Politics
Ruth Kinna , Alex Prichard : Anarchism Violence and Freedom: the Evolution of an Anarchist-republican Debate

M-6 - ELI07 : The European Country House (1880-2000): New and Old Forms of Sociocultural Distinction and Cultural Consumption
PFC/02/017 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Elites and Forerunners , Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Yme Kuiper
Organizers: José Miguel Hernández, Yme KuiperDiscussants: Michael Seelig, Marja Vuorinen
José Miguel Hernández : Spanish Country House 1900-1950: Symbol of a New High-society?
Daniel Menning : Reviving Country House Culture in Southwestern Germany around 1900
Jonathan Spangler : Leaving the Court - the Uses of the Country House for Princes in the Late Seventeenth Century
Elyze Storms-Smeets : Heritage Lost and Found. The Revival of Country Houses and their Landed Estates in the German-Dutch Border Area in the Post World War II Period
Fred Vogelzang : Old and New Elite Lifestyles in Nineteenth Century Country House Culture

N-6 - ETH22 : EU Migration
PFC/02/018 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Grazia Biorci : Metaphors and New Visions in “Migration Narrative “ in Italian
Fathi Bourmeche : EU Migration and Mobility in British Press: the ‘Othering’ of Bulgarians and Romanians from 2007 to 2014
Karijn Nijhoff : Dutch Assimilation Versus Migrants’ Hybridism: Narratives of Poles in The Hague
Bogdana Yordanova Todorova : Migrants and the Religious Tolerance in Bulgaria - a Case Study
Matti Välimäki : Under Pressure from International Developments. Refugee Politics of the Finnish Centre Party, the National Coalition Party and the Social Democratic Party, 1973–2015

O-6 - WOM10 : The Two-supporter-model in Early Modern Scandinavia
PFC/02/016 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Women and Gender Chairs: -
Organizer: Karin Hassan JanssonDiscussant: Amy Erickson
Maria Ågren : The State as Master: Gender, State Formation and Commercialisation in Urban Sweden, 1650-1780
Pirita Frigren : Migrant Work and Supporting a Family: the Case of Finnish Merchant Sailors’ Households, 1830-1870
Sofia Maria Gustafsson : The Soldier’s Wife: The Solid Economic Base for the Swedish Army in the Eighteenth Century
AnnaSara Hammar : Households in Military Service. Changing Living Conditions among Swedish Sailor Families 1650-1750

P-6 - FAM05 : Life Course Approaches to Human Stature
PFC/02/025 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Tim Riswick
Organizer: Jan KokDiscussant: Bernard Harris
Ewout Depauw : Toddlers, Teenagers and Terminal Heights: the Importance of Puberty for Adult Stature, Flanders 1800-76
Jan Kok : Early Life Conditions and Young Adult Height in 19th Century Netherlands
France Portrait , Kristina Thompson : The Association between Body Height and Socio-economic Status of Mid-19th Century Males
Kim Price : Visualising Nineteenth-century Prisoner Health using Twenty-first-century ‘Patient Pathways’
Vincent Tassenaar : Regional Variety in Stature in the Netherlands (1840-1925)

Q-6 - FAM20 : Perspectives on Fertility Decline
PFC/03/005 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chairs: -
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Eilidh Garrett : Fertility Decline in England and Wales 1851 and 1911: Two Views from the 1911 Census
Shoko Hirai : Population Growth and Fertility Increase in Pre-Industrial Japan: Infanticide and Sex Ratio at Birth
Bartosz Ogórek : “Because of the Hard Times”. Induced Abortion and Fertility Decline in the Interwar Poland
Péter Öri , Levente Pakot : Fertility Transition in 19th and Early 20th Century Hungary: Spatial and Social Differences at the Micro-level, a Comparative Study
Katerina Piro : The Taboo of Family Planning: Germany’s Fertility Transition in Ego-documents
Alice Reid , Hannaliis Jaadla & Eilidh Garrett : A Spatial Analysis of Fertility Decline in England and Wales, 1851-1911

R-6 - EDU07 : The History of Teachers: Social, Cultural and Economic Perspectives
PFC/03/006A Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Johannes Westberg
Organizer: Johannes WestbergDiscussant: Nancy Beadie
Emil Marklund : Who would become a Teacher? The Socio-economic Origin of Teachers in Northern Sweden 1870-1950
David Mitch : The Influence of School Bureaucratization on Female Teacher Career Patterns: Evidence from early Twentieth Century London
Attila Nóbik : Educational Journals and the Professionalization of Elementary Teaching in Late 19th Century Hungary
Gabriela Wuethrich , Ulrich Woitek : Career and Cash: Swiss Teachers in the Long Nineteenth Century
Helen Young : Community Players: Exploring the Social Significance of Scotland's Rural Teachers through Interdisciplinary Historical Research, 1696-2000

S-6 - SEX06 : Sex and Violence: Prostitution as a Violent Profession?
PFC/03/006B Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Sexuality Chair: Magaly Rodríguez García
Organizers: Elwin Hofman, Pieter VanheesDiscussant: Yvonne Svanström
Sonja Dolinsek : Prostitution and Violence in Post-Abolitionist France
Elwin Hofman : Violent Prostitutes: the Dialectics of Resistance in Belgium, 1750-1830
Alexandra Skedzuhn-Safir : Mapping Sex: the Hidden Topography of 19th Century Prostitution in Florence
Pieter Vanhees : A Dangerous Profession? Space, Prostitution and Violence in the Antwerp Port District, 1880-1895

T-6 - ETH04b : Migration from Ireland and its Legacies
PFC/03/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Colin Pooley
Organizer: Colin PooleyDiscussant: Lynn Lees
Johanne Devlin Trew : Diaspora Perspectives on the Future of Ireland in the Shadow of Brexit
Donald MacRaild , Lewis Darwen : Britain’s Irish Famine: Responses to Famine Immigration and Disease, 1846-1849
Mary Anne Poutanen : Irish Hospitality in Montreal: Public Houses as Communication Nodes, 1840-1870
Bronwen Walter : Irish Descentness: Persistence of Difference in the Diaspora

U-6 - REL10 : Religion in Early Modern Europe
PFC/03/030 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Religion Chair: Liise Lehtsalu
Organizers: -Discussant: Liise Lehtsalu
Tobias Budke : European Reformers and their Network(s)
Michael Gasperoni : Confirmands and Godfathers in Central Italy (Rimini – Montefeltro) in Early Modern Times: a Socio-Demographical Approach.
Juan Ibáñez Castro : Judgments on Feminine Religiosity in 17th Century Spain. Women Mystics and Visionaries under Examination in the Writings of Fray Jerónimo Gracián (1604) and Fray Jerónimo Planes (1639)

V-6 - LAB04b : Roundtable: Domestic Service and Regulation in Colonial Societies
6CP/01/035 6 College park, School of Sociology
Networks: Family and Demography , Labour , Social Inequality Chair: Raffaella Sarti
Organizer: Nitin VarmaDiscussants: Alan Granadino, Victoria Haskins, Raffaella Sarti, Samita Sen

W-6 - LAB21 : Contemporary Labour: Crises, Precariousness, Resistance
6CP/01/037 6 Collega Park/ School of Sociology
Networks: Asia , Labour Chair: Sjaak Van der Velden
Organizers: -Discussant: Sjaak Van der Velden
Lori Flores : The Laboring and Activist Experiences of Latino Farmworkers' and Maritime Workers' in Maine
Marcelo Mattos , Paulo Terra : Precariousness, Informality and Recent Changes in Brazilian Labour Relations (2000-2016)
Ravi Tripathi : The Historical Transformation of the German Labour Market: Questioning the “German Model”
Aliki Vaxevanoglou : Work and “Underground” Economy in Greece: a Family Affair

X-6 - WOM07 : Secrets and Silences: Exploring the Hidden Lives of Families
8UQ/OG/006 University Square
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Shurlee Swain
Organizer: Birgitte SolandDiscussant: Shurlee Swain
Christina Benninghaus : Silence: Coping with Infertility in 19th Century Germany
Nara Milanich : Paternity Testing
Birgitte Soland : Vanishing Violence: The Mysterious Disappearance of Wife-Beating in Early-Twentieth Century Denmark
Mari Välimäki : Sons and Their Confidantes. The Relationship Between Sons and Mothers in a 17th Century Nordic Town
Karen Vallgårda : Ugly Intimacies and the Management of Knowledge in Danish 20th Century Divorces

Z-6 - ORA06 : Ethical Problems and Reflections
Mc Mordie Hall School of Music
Network: Oral History Chair: Malin Thor Tureby
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Jakub Galeziowski : When Historian meets Vulnerability – Methodological and Ethical Dilemmas from the Fieldwork
Gisela Holfter : The Role of Oral History and Life Histories in the Case of German-speaking Exiles in Ireland 1933-1945
Susan Lindholm : Remembering a Time of Crisis: Chilean Hip-hop as Transnational Memory Work

ZA-6 - SOC07 : Nomadic Livelihoods: Norms and Practices of Labour, Peddling, and Mobility in Pre-Industrial Nordic Societies
Music Lecture Theatre School of Music
Networks: Labour , Social Inequality Chair: Matias Kaihovirta
Organizer: Hanna LindbergDiscussant: Ariadne Schmidt
Theresa Johnsson : Our Not So Peaceful Society: Compulsory Service and Vagrancy in Sweden during the 1830s
Hanna Lindberg , Jutta Ahlbeck : Trading with Strangers. Roma and Karelian Peddlers and the Regulation of Peddling in Nineteenth-Century Finland
Hanne Østhus : Forced into Farm Service? Compulsory Service in Norway in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
Vilhelm Vilhelmsson : The Survival Tactics of Vagrants and Daylabourers in 19th Century Rural Iceland