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All days
Thursday 5 April 2018 16.30 - 18.30
A-8 - ASI02 : Histories of Contestation and Contested Histories
LAN/OG/049 Lanyon Building
Networks: Asia , Ethnicity and Migration , World History Chair: Ratna Saptari
Organizers: -Discussant: Ratna Saptari
Stephanie Mawson : Upland Resistance to Spanish Colonisation in the Seventeenth Century Philippines
Liesbeth Rosen Jacobson : Colonial Minorities in Young and Old Colonies during the Era of Decolonisation

B-8 - RUR14 : Growth and Inequality. Explaining Unequal Growth Paths in European Pre-Industrial Societies (Late Middle Ages - 19th Century)
OSCR Lanyon Building
Networks: Rural , Social Inequality Chair: Tim Soens
Organizer: Davide CristoferiDiscussant: Tim Soens
Ana Avino de Pablo : Inequality and the Evolution of the Land Market(s) within Peasant Societies. An Aspect of the Relations between Economic Growth and Inequality in Late Medieval England (14th-16th c.)
Esther Beeckaert , Eric Vanhoute : Access to Land and Regional Inequalities in Belgium, ca. 1800-1850
Pinar Ceylan : Regional Variations in the Sixteenth Century Western Anatolia
Davide Cristoferi : Inequalities and Growth in the Late Medieval Mezzadria Tuscany (15th-early 16th c.): First Results from an Ongoing Research

C-8 - HEA10 : Spanish Flu 1918/1919 in Austro-Hungarian Provinces Austrian Littoral and Carniola – Scope and Consequences
Senate Room Lanyon Building
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Heike Karge
Organizer: Petra SvoljšakDiscussant: Dragica Cec
Katarina Keber : Spanish Flu in the City of Ljubljana
Iva Milovan Delic : Spanish Flu 1918/1919 in Austrian Littoral: Case Studies of Pula and Pazin
Marlena Plavšic : Spanish Flu and Mental Disorders in the Margraviate of Istria at the End of WWI
Miha Serucnik : Spanish Flu in the Mortuary Records - a Collaborative Study

D-8 - ANT05 : Trust, Inequality and Cult in the Ancient World
MAP/OG/005 Maths and Physics
Network: Antiquity Chair: Neville Morley
Organizers: -Discussant: Neville Morley
Irene Salvo : Inequality, Education, and Religion in Classical Athens
Dies van der Linde : Dialectical Patterns and the Roman Imperial Cult
Arjan Zuiderhoek : Modelling the Middle? Stratification, Social Mobility and Status Bargaining in the Cities of the Roman East

E-8 - CRI08 : Who, When and Why? Urban Crime Scene Investigation in Early Modern Europe and Beyond (16th-19th Centuries)
MAP/OG/006 Maths and Physics
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Xavier Rousseaux
Organizers: Catherine Denys, Gerrit VerhoevenDiscussant: Gerd Schwerhoff
Salvatore Bottari : Social Control in Sicily in the Sixteenth Century
Catherine Denys : Parisian Inspectors versus Provincial Police Officers in Crime Investigation at the End of the 18th Century. Were their Skills and Methods so Different ?
Vincent Fontana : From the Field to the Office: Judges and Police Officers on the Urban Crime Scene in the Early Nineteenth Century
Gerrit Verhoeven : Class Justice? Early Modern CSI and Social Inequality in Antwerp

F-8 - RUR03b : Disseminating Rural Knowledge. Transnational Perspectives on Agricultural Education in the 20th Century (session 2)
MAP/OG/017 Maths and Physics
Network: Rural Chairs: -
Organizer: Heinrich HartmannDiscussant: Katja Bruisch
Kalliopi Geronymaki : Forming Farmers and Citizens. Greek Governmental Planning of Agricultural Professional Training and its Transnational Connotations, 1945-1953
Heinrich Hartmann : Building on Old Institutions. The Agricultural Extension Service and the Village Institutes in Post-war Rural Turkey
Cassandra Mark-Thiesen : Postwar Black Atlantic Development Encounters in Liberia: Rural Education, Race and the Question of Revolution and Social Change
Corinne A. Pernet : Getting Closer to the Ground: Agricultural Education Programs at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture, Costa Rica (1958 to 1978)

G-8 - MID05 : Transport and Stevedoring in the Medieval European Atlantic
MAP/OG/018 Maths and Physics
Networks: Labour , Middle Ages Chair: Roberto J. González Zalacain
Organizer: Ana María Rivera MedinaDiscussant: Roberto J. González Zalacain
María Álvarez Fernández : In partibus ultramaris. Success and Fragility in Asturian Ports of the Middle Ages (13-16th Centuries)
Fernando Martín Pérez : Market Networks – Networks of Merchants in the Cantabrian Coast in Late Middle Ages
Ana María Rivera Medina : Stevedoring in the Ports of the Bay of Biscay (15th- 16th Centuries)

H-8 - CUL16 : (Trans)national Feminist Practices in the Nordic Countries since the 1960s
MST/03/004 Main Site Tower
Networks: Culture , Women and Gender Chairs: -
Organizers: Heidi Kurvinen, Arja TurunenDiscussants: -
Elisabeth Elgán : 1970’s Feminist Activism: Archives vs Testimonies
Heidi Kurvinen : Feminist Practices in Swedish and Finnish Newsrooms 1970–1990: Interpreting Oral Histories and Media Texts
Arja Turunen : “I am a Feminist because I don’t fit in”: Life Stories of Finnish Second Wave Feminists
Hannah Yoken : Transnational Influences & Connections: Exploring Finnish and Swedish Feminist Magazines, 1970s–1990s.

I-8 - CUL08 : Striving for Recognition, Striving for Power – Opposing Gendered Cultures of Science and the Public Sphere in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Europe
MST/OG/009 Main Site Tower
Network: Culture Chair: Kirsti Niskanen
Organizer: Kirsti NiskanenDiscussant: Mineke Bosch
Anna Cabanel : Producing and Performing a Persona for ‘University Women’: an Analyse of the Early International Conferences of the International Federation of University Women (1920-1926)
Julia Dahlberg : Empirical Study and Critical Evaluation. Art, Science and Female Intellectual Personae in the 1890’s
Sarah Erman : Networks and Hybrid Personae in Promoting one's Image in the Public Sphere? The Case of the Belgian Botanist Josephine Schouteden-Wéry (1879-1954)
Lisa Svanfeldt-Winter : Synergies and Challenges: Strives for Shared and Individual Academic Recognition in a Collegial Marriage

J-8 - SPA03 : Rural and Environmental
MST/OG/010 Main Site Tower
Networks: Rural , Spatial and Digital History Chair: Sebastian Klüsener
Organizers: -Discussant: Bogumil Szady
Óskar Guðlaugsson , Gudmundur Jonsson : The Household Economy of Early 18th Century Iceland
Ewa Kazmierczyk : Geographical Context of the Population Distribution in Southern Poland at the End of 18th Century – a Case Study
Joshua Rhodes : Using GIS to Uncover and Understand Subtenancy in Seventeenth- to Eighteenth-century England

K-8 - ECO09b : Institutions of Labour Coercion: Towards a Global Perspective II
PFC/02/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Economic History , Labour Chair: Mikolaj Malinowski
Organizer: Erik GreenDiscussant: Gareth Austin
Angus Dalrymple-Smith : Comparative Trajectories and Commercial Transitions in Three West African Export Economies 1630 to 1860
Erik Green , Jutta Bolt : How Important was Labour Coercion for the Success of European Settler Farming in Africa?
Calumet Links , Erik Green : Myth or Fact: the Adaptability of Coerced Labour on the Eighteenth Century Eastern Cape Colonial Frontier
Igor Martins : Slave Trade Act 1807: How does a Slave Import Ban Impacts Slave Purchasing Behavior of Farmers in Cape Colony?

L-8 - TEC01 : Patents and Innovation
PFC/02/013 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Science & Technology Chair: Michelangelo Vasta
Organizer: Alessandro NuvolariDiscussants: -
Ugo Gragnolati , Alessandro Nuvolari : Innovation, Localized Knowledge Spillovers and the British Industrial Revolution, 1700-1850
Mario Holzner , Stefan Jestl : State Capacity and European Technological and Economic Development from 1870 to 1913
Jochen Streb , Sybille Lehman-Hasemeyer : Inventors' Experience and Expectation in the German State of Wuerttemberg, 1818-1866

M-8 - ELI09a : Walking the Line between Great Opportunities and Broken Careers: the Administrative and Political Elite in Central and Eastern Europe in the Years 1917-1921 I
PFC/02/017 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Elites and Forerunners Chair: Pavel Kladiwa
Organizers: Judit Pál, Vlad PopoviciDiscussant: Pavel Kladiwa
Julia A. Bavouzet : The High Civil Servants in the Turmoil of the After War: Technocrats vs. Politicians
Mark Cornwall : Lawyers and their Transition out of the Habsburg Empire
Martin Klecacký : Building up a New State on Old Grounds. Austrian Imperial Bureaucracy in Republican Service
Judit Pál , Vlad Popovici : Changes and Continuities in the Civil Service from Transylvania before and after 1919

P-8 - FAM08 : Child Adoption Practices in the Long 20th Century: Trends and Outcomes
PFC/02/025 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Caroline Rusterholz
Organizers: Yuliya Hilevych, Jan Kok, Nynke van den Boomen, Evelien WalhoutDiscussant: Paul-André Rosental
Lucy Bland : Britain’s ‘Brown Babies’ of World War II and their Limited Adoption
Sangwoo Han , Byunggiu Son & Keuntae Kim : Result and Effect of Sharing Sons: Adoption and Family System of the 17-19th Century Korea
Ying-Hui Hsieh , XingChen ChiaChi Lin & Tim Riswick : Between Rivalry and Support: Differences in the Mortality Chances of Adopted and Non-Adopted Daughters in Taiwan (1906-1946)
Jean-François Mignot : Child Adoption in Western Europe, 1900-2015
Nynke van den Boomen , Jacques Dane & Yuliya Hilevich & Evelien Walhout & Jan Kok : Adoption Practices and Birth Mothers’ Experiences of Forced Adoption in the Netherlands, 1956-1984

Q-8 - FAM23a : Long Term Perspectives on Family I
PFC/03/005 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Gabriel Brea Martinez
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Shannon Devlin : Sibling Separation in Nineteenth-century Ulster
Sigríður Hjördís Jörundsdóttir , Ólöf Garðarsdóttir : Coming of Age in an Early 18th Century Agrarian Society. The Case of Iceland
Marzena Liedke : Family Strategies of Aristocratic Kins in the 16th – 18th Centuries. Political Program and Demographic Results.
Raquel Tovar Pulido : Family and Widows in Southern Spain in the Eighteenth Century

R-8 - EDU05b : School Acts and the Emergence of Modern School Systems II
PFC/03/006A Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Ingrid Brühwiler
Organizer: Lukas BoserDiscussants: -
Nancy Beadie : ‘Hidden’ Governance or Counterfactual Case? Assessing Causes and Consequences of the U.S. Failure to Pass a National Education Act, 1870-1940
Gabriele Cappelli : A Struggling Nation in the Making? Liberal Italy and the Cost of Neglecting Primary Education
Nuria Mallorqui : School Acts and Elementary Education in 19th Century Spain
Johannes Westberg : Simple Beginnings: the School Act of 1842 and the Rise of Mass Schooling in Sweden

S-8 - SEX09 : Sexuality and Expertise under State Socialism
PFC/03/006B Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Sexuality Chair: Chiara Beccalossi
Organizer: Katerina LiskovaDiscussant: Chiara Beccalossi
Natalia Jarska : Modern Marriage and the Culture of Sexual Relations – Experts Shaping Marital Sex in Poland, 1957-1970
Katerina Liskova : Until Divorce do Us Part. Marriage Troubles and the Rise and Fall of Marital Counseling in Late Socialist Czechoslovakia
Lucia Moravanska : Spousal Murder as an Act Threatening the Socialist Way of Life. An Analysis of Criminological Discourse after 1968 in Czechoslovakia
Gabor Szegedi : The Community and the Individual in the Sexological Discourse on Self-Pleasure in Socialist Hungary 1958 – 1985

T-8 - ETH08 : Migrations from a Regional Perspective
PFC/03/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Karijn Nijhoff
Organizer: Ute SonnleitnerDiscussant: Karijn Nijhoff
Ida Al Fakir : ’Rise up and Walk!’ The Swedish Church and the Social in Early 20th Century
Verena Lorber : Recruited. Everyday Life of Guest Workers in Styria (1960-1980)
Daniel Nilsson Ranta : Wanted or not – The 1912 Remigration from Argentina to Sweden
Ute Sonnleitner : Artists in the Region - Migration, Politics and Business
Sabine Veits-Falk : Visibility and Perception of Migration History

U-8 - REL12b : The Man Behind the Curtain. The Social Life of Clergy (session 2)
PFC/03/017 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Religion Chair: Jon Stobart
Organizers: Jon Stobart, Beverly TjerngrenDiscussant: Mikael Alm
Jackie Eales : The Social Identity of the Clergy Family in Early Modern England
Craig Kelly : On the Frontline of a Social Disciplinary Revolution: the Case of Church Ministers in Aberdeen and Perth
Rosamund Oates : Clerical Hospitality and Sociable Eating in Early Modern England
Beverly Tjerngren : If these Walls could Talk: the Rectory, the Clergy Household, and Social Identity in Early Modern Sweden

V-8 - LAB08 : Labour on the Margins – Gender and the Complexities of Provision 1890-2016
6 CP/01/035 6 College Park, School of Sociology
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Dorothy Sue Cobble
Organizer: Yvonne SvanströmDiscussant: Silke Neunsinger
Magaly Rodríguez García : Is Sex Work Work? The Debate Continues (1920s to the Present).
Yvonne Svanström : Unemployed and Forced to Labour: Vagrancy, Legislation and Gender in Sweden 1920s - 1950s
Frode Ulvund : Idle Women? Vagrancy, Forced Labour and Gender in Norway, c 1890-1940
Gillian Wylie : Devoured by a (Celtic) Tiger? Forced Labour in the Context of Ireland's Globalization and Beyond

W-8 - LAB23 : Workers, Employers, Companies: a Dialogue between Labour History and Business History
6 CP/01/037 6 College Park, School of Sociology
Networks: Economic History , Labour Chair: Stefan Berger
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Knud Andresen : Multinational Companies in South Africa during Apartheid: a Case of Labour Regulation or of Human Rights?
Linda Clarke , Ian Fitzgerald : Blacklisting and the Free Movement of Labour, with Particular Reference to the British Construction Industry
Jose Rowell Tapac Corpuz : Competition and Rent-Seeking During the Slave Trade: the Royal African Company and Chiefs in the Seventeenth-Century Gold Coast
Jordi Ibarz , Brendan von Briesen : From Corporations to Companies: the Development of Capitalism in Maritime Cargo-handling in the Port of Barcelona (c. 1760-1863)

Y-8 - SOC23 : Unwed Motherhood in 18th- and 19th-century History. Contextualizing Pauper and Female Agency
11UQ/01/010 University Square
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Manon van der Heijden
Organizers: Ariadne Schmidt, Griet VermeeschDiscussant: Manon van der Heijden
Loraine Chappuis : Unwed Mothers and their Illegitimate Child in 18th Century Geneva
Ariadne Schmidt , Sanne Muurling & Jeanette Kamp : Unwed Mothers, Urban Institutions and Female Agency in Northern and Southern European Towns
Griet Vermeesch : Contextualising Pauper Agency. Unwed Motherhood in Eighteenth-Century Antwerp
Marian Weevers : Unwed Mothers in the State Labour Institution the Netherlands, Late 19th Century

Z-8 - MAT12 : Material Loss in Eighteenth-Century Britain's Homes and Cities
Music Lecture Theatre School of Music
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Jane Hamlett
Organizer: Kate SmithDiscussants: -
Leonie Hannan : Investigating Material Worlds and Confronting Absence in Eighteenth-Century Homes
Sara Pennell : Lost in Transit? The Materialities of Domestic Mobility in England, c. 1700-1840
Kate Smith : Lost Property and the Significance of Dispossession in London

ZA-8 - ORA08 : Methodological Explorations
Mc Mordie Hall School of Music
Network: Oral History Chair: Graham Smith
Organizers: -Discussants: -
Andrea Althaus : Second Analysis in Oral History. Old Interviews and New Questions
Linde Apel : Searching for Home. A Secondary Analysis of West-German Jewish/non-Jewish Oral History Interviews
Sabine Kittel : In the Jungle of Truths and Realities: the „Stasi” in Archival Files and in Personal Accounts
Olga Tabachnikova , Natalia Vinokurova : Narrative Strategies of Russian Scientists: Interview Analysis