To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences

Economic History

Economic history studies from myriad angles the most elementary question of all: how mankind managed to unleash an unprecented growth of affluence, which has been a blessing for many, a hope for many more, and a challenge for future generations. We think that finding empirical data will help us understand these issues, and that applying methods and concepts from economic theory will help to observe causal relationships that deepen our understanding of the economic past.

Erdem Kabadayi
Koç University
Christiaan van Bochove
Radboud University
Tamas Vonyo
Bocconi University, Italy


Economic History Network Call for Papers


The European Social Science History Conference is one of the largest congresses for the historical sciences in the world. It brings together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. It welcomes participants working on a wide range of topics and any historical period.

The economic history network invites proposals for papers as well as sessions of four related papers. We welcome proposals focusing on any aspect of the historical analysis of economic change using both quantitative and qualitative methods, on any region of Europe or the wider world. We welcome proposals from young scholars and we are open to proposals using interdisciplinary approaches that push the boundaries of economic history.

Both paper and session proposals must be submitted through the congress website by filling out the pre-registration form. If you wish to include your paper or session in our network, please select Economic History from the list of networks.

To propose a paper, submit a working title and an abstract of up to 500 words. To propose a session, submit a title and an abstract for the session and the list of participants. We ask you to suggest a chair and discussant(s) for your session, who may be the same person. All paper and session proposals must be submitted by 1 May 2017. Applicants will be notified of whether their submissions are accepted by July 2017.

Chairs of the Economic History Network:

Christiaan van Bochove (Radboud University of Nijmegen – corresponding chair:

Erden Kabadayi (Koç University)

Tamas Vonyo (Bocconi University)