To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences

Ethnicity and Migration

From its beginning, the ESSHC has been an important venue for migration researchers (it might be said that it is currently the most important platform). The migration and ethnicity network is not the only ESSHC network that deals with this topic. Also in many of the other networks issues related to migration are addressed. We welcome sessions which deal with movement or settlement, or both. We aim to cover a large time span (from Antiquity until today) and the whole world.

Marlou Schrover
Leiden University, History Department, NL
Phillipe Rygiel
Université Paris I, Centre d'histoire sociale du XXe siècle, France
Per-Olof Gronberg
Centre for Population Studies, Umeå University, Sweden

Ideas for topics for the 2018 ESSHC

- media and migration

- NGOs and migration management

- post-colonial migration

- migration and colonisation in the Roman Empire

- migration and empire

- (dis)remembering migration (musea, heritage tours)

- teaching migration

- building a wall: popularism, control and migration from a historical perspective

- migration management and the intersection of gender, class and ethnicity

- immigrant parties: immigrant organising from a historical perspective

- migration and trade routes in the early modern period

- roots and routes (about migrant trajectories)

- large databases and migration 

- Migration to and from Belfast

- refugee migration in a historical perspective

- in and out of Africa

- A German Sonderweg in migration?

- movies and mobility (special session including the screening of movies)

- every migration is a diaspora, every connection transnationalism (about conceptual stretching)

- Bilingual countries

- Guest workers in eastern Europe before the 1990s

- the mobility turn

- Migration business/immigrant entrepreneurs

- expats

- In and out of Latin America

- Author meets critics sessions