To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences


The Sexuality network brings together scholars who study the history of human sexuality in its countless varieties

Wannes Dupont
Antwerp University
Julie Gammon
University of Southampton, Department of History, UK
Jens Rydstrom
Lund University, Centre for Gender Studies, Sweden

Call for papers


The Sexuality Network of the ESSHC brings together both junior and senior scholars of sexual history from a wide range of countries, and is neither restricted to European topics, nor to European historians. With participants from across the globe, the network offers a unique opportunity to meet  colleagues and discuss the latest developments in the field. Few other recurrent platforms of this kind exist elsewhere and none do in Europe, despite the great need for comparative and transnational exchanges.

The network organizers will consider individual papers and pre-organized panels on the history of sexuality in a great variety of topics, dealing with all historical periods and a diversity of cultural and geographical settings. Especially welcome are themed pre-organized panels (of 3 to 4 papers), which explore new areas or directions, or that fill historiographical gaps.

Although it is open to presentations on any topic that is relevant to the history of sexuality, for this edition the Sexuality Network is particularly interested in receiving proposals that devote specific attention to:

• The comparative and transnational history of anti-gay, anti-sexual and antiliberal politics in and beyond the West

• Irish histories of sexuality

• The social history of representations of sex in (mass) media and art across national borders


In composing the programme the Network organizers will base their selection on the following criteria: innovation, empirical grounding, comparative or transnational focus, geographic spread and panel coherence. They will also strive for a good balance between beginning researchers and established scholars, and the latter are encouraged to bring their doctoral students along. Please note that participation in the conference is becoming increasingly competitive and that we regret we can only accommodate as many papers as we there are slots available.

The Conference is also an opportunity to meet other scholars on a more informal basis. The Sexuality Network will organize a social event to which all participants are warmly invited.

All paper proposers, panel proposers and panel participants must pre-register at the conference website by 1 May 2017 in order for their offers to be considered.

All proposals should be in English, and accompanied by a short CV (maximum one page)

that gives a sense of your research trajectory. The conference will take

place in English. Information about the conference fees and conditions are also available on this website:


For further information about the Sexuality Network you can also contact:

Wannes Dupont

Julie Gammon

Jens Rydström