To bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences

Social Inequality

The social Inequality network deals with patterns and processes of social inequality, its causes and consequences globally. Any topic within this realm is welcome: e.g. charity, mutual aid, philanthropy, welfare, social stratification, income differences, segregation, and mobility.

Tymofii Brik
Kyiv School of Economics
Lynn Hollen Lees
Department of History, College Hall, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Marco van Leeuwen
Utrecht University/IISH, NL

The Social Inequality Network of the ESSHC invites you to consider organizing a session on a social inequality topic.  While you can certainly propose an individual paper, your chance of being accepted is higher if you work with colleagues to present a group of papers on a defined theme.  This is so because space on the program is limited to the number of rooms available, and in the last two conferences, demand for slots exceeded the supply. For the sessions, we encourage international diversity within sessions and broad comparisons. For an impression of the broad range of topics this network hosts, see e.g.