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Propose a session

How to propose a session?

A session organizer has to gather four speakers who will each present a paper on a related topic (the authors), a discussant who will start the discussion with a prepared comment on the papers and a chair. The roles of session organizer, chair and discussant can be fulfilled by the same or different persons. (NB an author cannot act as chair or discussant in the session. He or she can act as such in other sessions.) Confirm participation and arrange with these individuals the (date of) exchange of papers and the way the session will be conducted. If possible, have one or more substitute speakers available in case one of the speakers withdraws.

The ESSHC prefers sessions that are interdisciplinary and international.  Please note that the conference language is English.

online registration form

In our  online pre-registration form you can select  "propose a session".   In theform you can propose the entire session: title, abstract and proposed participants. For the proposed participants you select the role i.e. author, chair, discussant, organiser. Fill in: Name,  affiliation, e-mail address and for the authors: paper title and abstract.

Important: You can contact the chairs of the network if you want to discuss your proposal first. But please note that it is only actually proposed after you register online and on time on our website.