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Tips for session chairs

Distribution of papers
Please contact the paper authors and co-authors of your session and make sure they upload or send you and the discussant(s) their paper one month before the start of the conference.
Please distribute the papers to all other participants in the session.

You are free to structure the session as you see fit, as long as all authors get the same amount of time to present their paper and there should be plenty of time for discussion. The participants will be used to the way most sessions are conducted. It might be useful to realise that this is the format both paper presenters and other participants expect, unless you tell them otherwise. In this 'standard procedure' each participant presents his or her paper. The time allotted to each participant obviously depends on the number of papers presented in the session, but would normally be something like 15-20 minutes. As chair you have to be very strict about the time a speaker has to make sure each presenter will get to present.  After that the chair or another discussant starts the discussion with a comment in which each of the papers is discussed. After that the discussion is open to everyone. Please make sure that there is at least half an hour, but preferably more, time left for this discussion. Also stress to the participants that they should not read their paper to the audience, but present their work. 

Roundtable sessions and Meet the author sessions are conducted in more or less the same way: the chair might want to give an introduction, in a Meet the author session the author should have about 15 minutes and in both types of sessions enough time should be left for a discussion with the audience (at least half an hour, preferably more).