Preliminary Programme

Showing: Material and Consumer Culture (all days)
Wed 12 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 13 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Fri 14 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Sat 15 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00

All days
Wednesday 12 April 2023 11.00 - 13.00
S-2 MAT10 Consumer Preferences and Practices
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Jon Stobart
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Marcus Falk : Consumption Patterns in the Rural Early Modern Household, Southern Sweden 1670-1860
Matleena Frisk : Before Green Thinking: Shortening Lifespan and Disposability of Products in Finland from the Second World War to the 1970s
Dziugas Misevicius : On the Taste and Smell of Obshchepit in Vilnius during the Soviet Era
Ilja Van Damme, Lith Lefranc : Gender, Class, Age and Consumption. Shoplifting and Criminal Detection Bias during the Development of a New Retail Culture in Antwerp, c. 1870-c. 1940

Wednesday 12 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
Q-3 MAT01a Auctions and Households. Comparative Perspectives across the Globe, 17th-20th Centuries I
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Bruno Blondé
Organizers: Bruno Blondé, Anne Sophie Overkamp, Jon Stobart Discussant: Anne Sophie Overkamp
Elizabeth Harding : A Risky Profession in Transition: Selling Art and Books at Early Modern German Auctions in 18. Century Leipzig
Emma Hart : Selling People: The Auction as a Commercial Tool of the Early American Slave Trade
Jozias Kole, Bruno Blondé : Elite Household Estate Auctions in Eighteenth-century Antwerp and Amsterdam. A Comparative Exploration of Changing Practices and Values
Jon Stobart, Sara Pennell : ‘Genteel and Modern’: Auctioning the Household Belongings of Church of England Clergy, 1760-1840

Wednesday 12 April 2023 16.30 - 18.30
Q-4 MAT01b Auctions and Households. Comparative Perspectives across the Globe, 17th-20th Centuries II
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Jon Stobart
Organizers: Bruno Blondé, Anne Sophie Overkamp, Jon Stobart Discussants: -
Kerry Bristol : Buying Old? Selling New? Auctioneers and St James’s Square, London, in the Long Eighteenth Century
Kristina Lilja : The Paths of Demand: the Auction Trade of Clothing in Sweden, 1830-1900
Anne Sophie Overkamp : A Window of Opportunity – the Country House Sales at Haus Hueth, 1792-1827
Claudia Ravazzolo : Public Auctions of Household Effects in Urban and Rural Bern (17th and 18th Century)

Thursday 13 April 2023 08.30 - 10.30
Q-5 MAT02 Consumer Decisions: Professional Women’s Advice on Energy Transitions, 1870-1965.
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Graeme Gooday
Organizers: Abigail Harrison Moore, Ruth Sandwell Discussant: Graeme Gooday
Jan Hadlaw : A ‘Hello Girl’ with a ‘Big Dial’: Gender, Automation Anxiety, and Displays of Technological Expertise in Interwar Telephony
Abigail Harrison Moore : ‘Lady Experts’ and Housewives. Mediation, Women and Energy Transitions
Ruth Sandwell : Energy Consumption Professionals: the Role of Home Economists in the Transition to Fossil Fuels
Cameron Tailford : Women as Consumers of Inter-war Radio

Thursday 13 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
Q-7 MAT04 Negotiating and Exploiting Business Relationships: Face-to-face Credit in Quebec in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Jon Stobart
Organizer: Sylvie Taschereau Discussant: Jon Stobart
Isabelle Bouchard : Land and Credit Markets in the First Nations Community of Odanak (1830-1865)
Brian Gettler : Underwriting Settler Colonialism: the Wendat of Wendake and Local Money Markets in the Long Nineteenth Century
Mary Anne Poutanen : Serving Up Irish Hospitality on Credit: Women Publicans and Grocers’ Business Practices in Montreal, 1840-1870
Sylvie Taschereau : Negotiating Purchasing Power at the Corner Grocery: Store Credit in Interwar Montreal

Thursday 13 April 2023 16.30 - 18.30
Q-8 MAT05 The Old German Empire in 18th Century Global Trade
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Ilja Van Damme
Organizer: Christine Fertig Discussants: -
Christine Fertig : Exotic Substances in Northwest Germany. Trade and Knowledge Production in the 18th Century
Felicia Gottmann : “Prussians” Trading to the East Indies in the 1750s
Magnus Ressel : A Colonial History of Provincial Germany from Below: a Value Chain Analysis of Colonial Products from Bordeaux into Central Europe
Jutta Wimmler : Berlin goes Global: Insights from the Dyestuffs Trade, c. 1720-1760

Friday 14 April 2023 11.00 - 13.00
Q-10 MAT06 The Politics of Urban Food Provisioning (1700-1900)
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Wouter Ryckbosch
Organizer: Dennis De Vriese Discussants: -
Jonas Albrecht : Between Moral and Market Economies. Regulating Bread in Vienna, 1775-1885.
Dennis De Vriese : Price-setting, Free Market and Back again. Meat Price (De)regulation in Early Nineteenth-century Brussels
Jessica Dijkman, Matthias Berlandi : The Discourse on Grain and Bread in North-German and Baltic Cities, Late 18th – Early 19th Century
Robin Rose Southard : "Malice and Hate": Food Sellers and Litigation in 18th-century Brussels
Michael Zeheter : The Four Consumption Regimes of Mineral Water (1800 to the Present)

Friday 14 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
Q-11 MAT07 War, Crisis and Consumption
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Klara Arnberg
Organizers: Klara Arnberg, Nikolas Glover Discussant: David Clampin
Li Eriksdotter Andersson : Work or Wheat? Frictions of Production and Consumption in the Swedish Trade Union Movement, 1914-1945
Anna Inez Bergman : Consuming Contraceptives: Business Strategies for Navigating Radical Changes in Consumer Patterns during the Second World War
Oliver Kühschelm : The Moral Imperative of Patriotic Consumption under Military and Economic Threat. How the “Buy Austrian Goods”-campaign of the 1920s Imagined its Early Modern Forerunners
Iryna Skubii : Consumption under Extremes: Feral Animals and Famines in the Soviet Land
Fia Sundevall, Nikolas Glover : Making the Moral Home Front Citizen: Gendered Gift Economy and National Mobilization in Neutral Sweden

Friday 14 April 2023 16.30 - 18.30
Q-12 MAT08 Marketing Goods in the 20th Century
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Christine Fertig
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Emily Baines : Dresses for Matrons and Girls: Age-Defined Fashion in the Interwar Period
Mona Rudolph : A Valuable Commodity? Commodity Chain, Commodification, and Perception of Diamonds from Colonial Namibia from 1920 to 1950
Will Wilson : IVA 65, Cold War Culture, and the Masculinity of Modernity

W-12 URB06 Shopping Centres in Northern Europe: their Emergence and Impact
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Urban Chair: Jan Logemann
Organizers: Per Lundin, Tiina Männistö-Funk Discussant: Jan Logemann
Klara Arnberg, Katarina Mattsson : The Floating Shopping Mall: Notions of Gender, Sexuality, and Nation in the Marketing of Ferry Lines between Sweden and Finland 1970-2020
Per Lundin : The Political Economy of the Swedish Shopping Centre
Tiina Männistö-Funk : The Break-through of “Car Markets” in Finland

Saturday 15 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
K-15 ELI14 Accounting for Consumption – Account Books and the Temporal and Spatial Settings of Early Modern Consumption
B44 (Z)
Networks: Elites and Forerunners , Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Anne Sophie Overkamp
Organizers: Johanna Ilmakunnas, Anne Sophie Overkamp Discussants: -
Bruno Blondé, Kristine Dyrmann : Managing Count and Countess von Scheel’s Consumption in Copenhagen and at Gammel Estrup Manor House, c. 1754-1772
Johanna Ilmakunnas : Accounting Across and Over Generations: Life-cycle Perspective on Elite Consumption in Eighteenth-century Sweden
Britta Kägler : Accounting for Pleasure: Counting and Managing Expenditures of Cultural Court Life (1650-1750)
Marie Steinrud : Accounting for Acquisitions. Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Elite Consumption in the Accounting Books of the Ironmasters of Bergslagen, Sweden at the Turn of the 19th Century

P-15 TEC07b Dispensing and Drinking Early Modern Waters. The History of a Complex Consumable
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Science & Technology Chair: Bob Pierik
Organizer: Bob Pierik Discussant: Bob Pierik
Armel Cornu : Drinking Mineral Waters in Eighteenth-Century France: a Study of Popular Practices through the Network of Water Distributors
David Gentilcore : Acquaroli: The Role of Water-Carriers in Early Modern Venice
Merit Hondelink : Water: a Culinary Ingredient in Early Modern Dutch Printed Cookbooks

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