Preliminary Programme

Showing: Middle Ages (all days)
Wed 12 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 13 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Fri 14 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Sat 15 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00

All days
Wednesday 12 April 2023 08.30 - 10.30
P-1 MID01 Actors, Codes and Strategies of Social Mediation in the Iberian Peninsula between the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Networks: Middle Ages , Social Inequality Chair: Iñaki Martín Viso
Organizers: Raquel Ezquerro Jiménez, Alicia Martín Rodríguez Discussant: Igor Santos Salazar
Moderators: -
Kay Boers : The Trauma of Chindasvinth. Law, Language and ‘Mediation’ in Reccesvinth’s Liber Iudiciorum
Gonzalo J. Escudero Manzano : Date et dabitur vobis. The Biblical Evocation as Mediation in the Gift Economy during the Hispanic Early Middle Ages
Raquel Ezquerro Jiménez : Mediating Actors and Tributary Networks in Visigothic Iberian Peninsula
Alicia Martín Rodríguez : Boni homines (et bonae muliebris)? Mediating Actors and Gender in Early Medieval Iberian Peninsula

Wednesday 12 April 2023 11.00 - 13.00
P-2 MID02 Economic Inequality before the Black Death: Sources, Methods and Case-studies (1290-1348)
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Antoni Furió
Organizer: Davide Cristoferi Discussant: Maika de Keyzer
Moderators: -
Luis Almenar Fernández : Animals, Land, Silver. Peasants’ Wealth Inequality through Probate Inventories in the Kingdom of Valencia during the Fourteenth Century
Davide Cristoferi : Economic Inequality and Socio-property Relations at the Peak of Medieval Development: Comparing Sienese Tuscany and Northern France (c. 1295-c. 1320)
Sam Geens : From top to Bottom. Estimating Wealth Inequality through Elite Taxation: the Case of Fourteenth-century Bruges
Laura Miquel Milian : Sources for the Study of Inequality in the City of Tortosa before and after the Black Death

Wednesday 12 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
P-3 MID03 Navigating the Normative and Juridical Framework in the Burgundian and Habsburg Low Countries
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Klaas Van Gelder
Organizer: Tom De Waele Discussants: -
Moderators: -
Tom De Waele : “To avoid all further lawsuits and difficulties”: Conflict, Dialogue and Pragmatic Strategies in Seigneuries of Burgundian and Habsburg Flanders
Adam Hall : Navigating Conflicts: Legal and Diplomatic Means of Managing Privateering and Ship Seizures in Burgundian-Habsburg Flanders and Holland-Zeeland (1440-1545)
Bente Marschall : Extra-territoriality and Legal Pluralism in Late Medieval Maastricht (15th Century)
Jurriaan Wink : Beyond Courts: Resolving Commercial Conflicts through Diplomacy in the North-eastern Low Countries during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Thursday 13 April 2023 08.30 - 10.30
I-5 REL02 Religious Manoeuvrability in Mediaeval Chinese Society
Networks: Asia , Middle Ages , Religion Chairs: -
Organizer: Qingfeng Nie Discussants: -
Moderators: -
Chao Ling : Poetic Construction of Multiple Times in Li Shen’s “Twenty Poems on the New Tower”
Qingfeng Nie : Statesmen's Religious Dilemma in Late Tang
Yu Wen : The Perfidious Poems: Buddhism in Han Yu’s Poetry Writing
Bo Xie : The Ambivalence of Yin: the Conflicting Images of Women in Early Daoist Rituals

Thursday 13 April 2023 16.30 - 18.30
P-8 WOM19 Transformation, Social and Economic Shifts in Gender Roles in Medieval Towns
Networks: Middle Ages , Urban , Women and Gender Chair: Michaela Antonín Malaníková
Organizers: Michaela Antonín Malaníková, Anna Molnar Discussant: Michaela Antonín Malaníková
Moderators: -
Piotr Lozowski : Women, Money and Independence. Economic Activity of Women in Towns of Late-medieval Poland
Anna Molnar : The Participation and Role of Women in Urban Financial Affairs of Late Medieval Vienna
Zrinka Nikolic Jakus : Making Decisions: Widows and Single Women in Dalmatian Cities
Laura Peris : Women as Creditors in Late Medieval Valencia

Friday 14 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
P-11 MID04a Seigneurial Power and Peasant Agency in the Crown of Aragon during the Late Middle Ages. I
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Guillermo Vijil Picot
Organizer: Vicente Royo Pérez Discussants: -
Moderators: -
Sandra Aliaga Ugencio : Owning and Making Use of Land in the Rural Terms of Zaragoza (XIIIth and XIVth Centuries)
Mario Lafuente Gómez : Centralised Feudal Rents and Peasant Economy in Aragon at the Beginning of the Reign of Peter the Ceremonious (1336-1346)
Núria Pacheco Catalán : Landscape Transformation in Tortosa (Catalunya, Spain) after the Christian Conquest (1148-1213)
Vicente Royo Pérez : The Peasantry and the Government of Rural Communities in the Kingdom of Valencia (XIIIth-XVth Centuries)

Friday 14 April 2023 16.30 - 18.30
P-12 MID04b Seigneurial Power and Peasant Agency in the Crown of Aragon during the Late Middle Ages. II
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Sandra Aliaga Ugencio
Organizer: Vicente Royo Pérez Discussants: -
Moderators: -
Maria del Camí Dols Martorell : The Fiscal Pressure of the Chapter of the Headquarters of Mallorca in the First Third of the 15th Century. Symbiosis between Tithe Collection and the Agricultural Specialisation in Medieval Mallorca (1400-1420)
Carlos Laliena Corbera : The Indebtedness of the Peasant Communities of the Kingdom of Aragon in the 15th Century: Collective Action and Social Strategies
Miriam Parra Villaescusa : Peasantry, “Llauradors” and Lands in the South of the Kingdom of Valencia during the Late Middle Ages
Guillermo Vijil Picot : The Community of Villages of Teruel in the Cortes: Peasant Agency in Parliamentary Sessions in the Kingdom of Aragon (XIVth-XVth Centuries)

Saturday 15 April 2023 08.30 - 10.30
P-13 MID07 Agency, Culture, and the Social History of the Environment in the Middle Ages
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Jan Dumolyn
Organizers: Jelle Haemers, Jesús Ángel Solorzano-Telechea Discussants: -
Moderators: -
Sopio Kadagishvili : Perception of Collective Cultural Identity Terms in Medieval Georgia (From Relative (natesavi) to Nation (eri))
Nina Kršljanin : Peasant Women of Medieval Serbia in the Eyes of the Law
Carolina Obradors-Suazo : Agency, Language and Belonging in the Late Medieval Hispanic City
Vitor Pinto : Dona Joana of Castile. From 'a Beltraneja' to 'Excellent Lady'. A Sociological Study of a Cloistered Queen
Cosmin Catalin Rusu : Urban ”Rurality” vs. Rural ”Urbanity”. Farming and Environmental Sustainability in the Late Medieval Transylvania

Saturday 15 April 2023 11.00 - 13.00
P-14 MID06 Power Law, and the Market in Medieval Towns
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Jelle Haemers
Organizer: Jesús Ángel Solorzano-Telechea Discussants: -
Moderators: -
Elisa Bonduel : Toll Tariffs and Economic Development in Flanders during the Central Middle Ages
James Davis : The Flow of Information in the Local Markets of Medieval England
Jan Dumolyn : Economic Development and Urban Growth during the Central Middle Ages in the Southern Low Countries: a Theoretical Exercise
Zrinka Pešorda Vardic, Irena Benyovsky Latin : Topography of Power: Social Topography of Ragusan Urban Elite in the Late Middle Ages

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