Preliminary Programme

Showing: Tuesday 13 April 2010 (entire day)
Tue 13 April

Wed 14 April

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Fri 16 April

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Tuesday 13 April 2010 8.30
A-1 EDU01 Education and World War
Auditorium, muziekcentrum
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Margot Hillel
Organizers: - Discussant: Ning De Coninck-Smith
Korppi-Tommola Aura : Children and Foreign Soldiers in Finland 1939-1945
Mathieu Roeges : The New Order school. The Ideological Battle about Education in Belgium during the Second World War
Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde : Church, occupation and schools in Belgium, 1940-1944
Vasiloudi Vasiliki, Theodorou Vasiliki : Children’s Mobilization in Greece during World War II: “the Children’s Movement” (1943-1946)

B-1 POL01 After the Purge. Re-integrating Collaborators in Post-war Society: Failure of Success?
Bibliotheek, muziekcentrum
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Bruno De Wever
Organizers: - Discussant: Bruno De Wever
Koen Aerts : From scaffold to liberty. Setting free the last WWII-collaborators in Belgium
Baard Herman Borge : The reconciliation that never came: Norway's settlement with the quislings after WWII
Bram Enning, Helen Grevers : Role of psychiatry in post-war trials
Helen Grevers : Preparations for encompassment into 'good citizenship': special probation service in the internment camps for political delinquents in the Netherlands and Belgium, 1945-1950

C-1 MAT02 Life Stories of Consumption
Kraakhuis, muziekcentrum
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Lewis Siegelbaum
Organizers: - Discussant: Lewis Siegelbaum
Matleena Frisk : New consumer goods, adolescent identities and embodied gender in mid 20th century Finland
Joeri Januarius : Keeping Up Appearances? Clothing, Haircuts, and Material Culture of Mineworkers’ Families in the 1950s
Lesley Whitworth : The American Notebooks: Natasha Kroll's 1948 US retail research trip

D-1 LAB04 Rural class relations and radical politics in 20th century Ireland
Artiestenfoyer, muziekcentrum
Networks: Labour , Rural Chair: Lars Olsson
Organizer: Conor Mccabe Discussant: Lars Olsson
Caitriona Clear : Women's household work and power in Ireland 1921-61
Donnacha Sean Lucey : Class, welfare and politics in Ireland, 1918-32
Conor Mccabe : 'Fair Play' for the Ranchers: Cattle and Class in Ireland, 1922-1975
Emmet O'Connor : Mutiny in the International Brigades: The Irish defection to the Abraham Lincoln Battalion in the Spanish Civil War

E-1 CRI01 The Ideal Policeman
Zaal L 4, muziekcentrum
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Herbert Reinke
Organizer: Joanne Klein Discussant: Wilbur Miller
Jonathan Dunnage : Representatives of the modern authoritarian state or agents of the ‘Revolution'? Constructions of the ideal policeman in fascist Italy
Anja Johansen : Shaping the Perfect Policeman
Joanne Klein : The Evolution of the Ideal English Constable: Portrayals in Police Instruction Books from the 19th century to the present
Haia Shpayer-Makov : France as the 'other' in public debates about law enforcement in Victorian England

F-1 REL01 Methodological, Conceptual and Theoretical Issues in the Study of Religion
Vestibule, muziekcentrum
Network: Religion Chair: Peter Versteeg
Organizers: - Discussant: Edwin Koster
Jan Bleyen : Materialities of Absence and the Study of Religion
Aline Coutinho : Compared "post-life sociology" in a same religous matrix: how Hell and Heaven can tell us about Earth
Johan Roeland, Peter Versteeg : In and out of experiential religiosity: Implications for Participatory fieldwork

H-1 LAB10 Working for the film and tv industry part I (double session)
Hortazaal, Pauli
Network: Labour Chairs: -
Organizer: Andrew Dawson Discussants: -
Andrew Dawson : ’Flexible Specialisation’ and New Hollywood: Time for a Paradigm Shift?
Olof Hedling : New Creative Cities in Scandinavia? Or, is the European Creative Class too Underprivileged, Undercompensated and Reluctant to Leave their Urban Backgrounds to Contribute to Regional Regeneration?
Sean Holmes : No Room for Manoeuvre: Star Images and the Regulation of Actors’ Labour in Silent-Era Hollywood
Ikechukwu Obiaya : Behind the Scenes: The Hidden Face of Nollywood
Katrien Pype : Fathers, Patrons and Clients: Social and Economic Aspects in the Production of Television Drama in Post-Mobutu Kinshasa
Alison Smith : A Place Behind the Camera: Women Working as Cinematographers in France
Clare Wilkinson-Weber : Making Faces: Competition and Change in the Production of Bollywood Film Star Looks.

J-1 HIS01 Framing the Spatial Humanities: Religion and the Atlantic World as a Testbed
Room D11, Pauli
Networks: , Chair: Paul Ell
Organizers: - Discussant: Paul Ell
David Bodenhamer : The Atlantic World, Religion, and the Perspective of Spatial Humanities
John Corrigan : Applying the Spatial Humanities: Religion in the Atlantic World
Trevor Harris : Crossing Worlds and Colonizing the Humanities: Geographic Information Science, Pareto GIS, and the Spatial Turn in the Humanities

K-1 CUL02 Media and Societies in Europe since the 17th Century
Room D13, Pauli
Network: Culture Chair: Joris van Eijnatten
Organizers: - Discussant: Joris van Eijnatten
Frank Bösch : Media, Politics and Society in the 19th Century
José de Kruif : Textmining Media Hypes of the Nineteenth Century
Joop W. Koopmans : The importance of eighteenth century newsbooks in Western Europe
Corey Ross : Media and Society in 20th-century Europe: Developments and Methodologies in Diachronic Perspective

N-1 ELI01 Fascist Elites
Auditorium D2, Pauli
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Marja Vuorinen
Organizers: - Discussant: Sabil Francis
Goffredo Adinolfi : The Fascist Elites, Government and the Grand Council
Antonio Costa Pinto : Ruling Elites and Decision-Making in Fascist-Era Dictatorships. Comparative Perpectives
Heikki Länsisalo : The National Socialist Idea of the "Man of Culture" ? An Analysis of the Propaganda Movie Friedrich Schiller
Alexandre Rocha : The Portuguese Ruling Class after the Defeat of Hitler’s Germany: an Elite to be Seduced

O-1 LAB24 The making of the welfare state. Working conditions and labour regulations in international perspective
Auditorium D3, Pauli
Network: Labour Chair: Widukind De Ridder
Organizers: - Discussant: Geert Van Goethem
David Lyddon : From Gowers to Robens: health and safety reform in the UK, 1945–74
Ruediger Von Krosigk : Mastering the Labour Market: The Emergence of Employment Exchanges in Britain and Germany, 1890-1945
Seth Wigderson : Labor Movements Respond to Beveridge

P-1 SOC01 European Almshouses
Auditorium D5, Pauli
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Thomas M. Adams
Organizer: Thomas M. Adams Discussant: Frank Hatje
Nigel Goose : The English almshouse and the mixed economy of welfare c. 1500-1900
Henk Looijesteijn : Founding almshouses in the Netherlands, ca. 1500-1800
Angela Schwarz : Jewish foundations in Hamburg against homelessness
Christina Vanja : Hospitals and care for the Elderly in Hesse, 1500-1800

S-1 CUL13 Inter-Faith Commerce in Medieval and Early Modern Times (I): Culture, Normes and Negotiations
M101, Marissal
Network: Culture Chair: Francesca Trivellato
Organizers: - Discussant: Francesca Trivellato
Yvonne Friedman : Trade as a factor in peace treaties in the Latin East
Leor Halevi : Religion and cross-cultural trade: interdisciplinary reflections
Giuseppe Marcocci : Trade and Commerce with the Muslim World: Moral Limits and Proscriptions in the Portuguese Empire, ca. 1540-1560
David Harris Sacks : The Blessings of Exchange: economic theology and religious accomodation in the making of the English Atlantic world

T-1 WOM08 Gendering Combat
M202, Marissal
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Maria Sjöberg
Organizers: - Discussant: Jutta Schwarzkopf
Beate Fieseler : Gendering Combat: Soviet Women in the Red Army and in Partisan Units during World War II
M. Michaela Hampf : Sexuality, Combat, and Gender in Great Britain and the United States During World War II
Jutta Schwarzkopf : Gendering Combat: Women in Mixed Heavy Anti-Aircraft Batteries in Second-World-War Britain

U-1 THE07 Politics, Memory and Historical Consciousness
M207, Marissal
Network: Theory Chair: Stefan Berger
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Daniel Brauer : Memory, history and the experience of the past
María Inés Mudrovcic : Historical Time, Memory Time: the Political Heart of History
Francisco Naishtat : Memory and hope in post-historical politics
Nora Rabotnikof : Conmemoration: history, national identity and political uses of the past: Mexican Bicentennaries

V-1 ETH01 Austrian Migration after 1945
M209, Marissal
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Karin Maria Schmidlechner
Organizers: - Discussant: Karin Maria Schmidlechner
Isabel Schropper : The Blue Danube Scheme – ‘Woman’power for Britain’s economy
Ute Sonnleitner : "I Had Only Good Experiences - But I Never Would have Wanted to Stay": Research-Project "Female Styrian Emigrant Work 1945 - 1955"
Andrea Strutz : Return Migration from Canada: Migratory Experiences of Austrian Female and Male Labour Migrants in the Post-World War II Period
Astrid Tumpold-Juri : "Skim off the Cream"

W-1 FAM01 Fertily and Migration
M210, Marissal
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Tamas Faragó
Organizer: Peter Teibenbacher Discussant: Peter Teibenbacher
Siegfried Gruber : The influence of migration on fertility in Albania around 1900
Sarah Moreels : Immigration to the port city of Antwerp (1846-1920). A detailed analysis of immigrants’ spacing behaviour in an urbanizing context
Péter Öri : Ethnicity, integration and fertility differences in 19th century Hungary in the neighbourhood of Budapest
Hanna Snellman : To More Barren Spaces: The Case of Rural Finns in Urban Sweden

X-1 CUL07 Civillian and Military Encounters during the First World War
M211, Marissal
Network: Culture Chair: Conny Kristel
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Krista Cowman, James Chapman : “A Wonderful & Most Realistic Production”: watching The Battle of the Somme on the Western Front.
Eva Krivanec : Theatre Censorship in the First World War. A comparative view.
Michael Roper : Beyond containing: the First World War and the psychoanalytic theories of Wilfred Bion
Angela Smith : Waiting for the Allies: British Civilian Women as Prisoners of War

Y-1 ORA01 Truth and the Construction of Stories
M212, Marissal
Network: Oral History Chair: Evelien Gans
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Miguel Cardina : Politics, Punishment and Silencing in the Radical Oppositions to the Portuguese New State
Bea Lewkowicz : Changing Stories ? Interviewers and the Interviewees’ Narratives
Albert Lichtblau : Political Envolvement, Espionage & Exile

Tuesday 13 April 2010 10.45
A-2 CUL12 Dead Bodies, Identity and Society
Auditorium, muziekcentrum
Network: Culture Chair: Marga Altena
Organizers: - Discussant: Marga Altena
Ilona Kemppainen : Death and Social Stratification
Marcel Reyes-Cortez : Socialising the Dead: Material culture and photography in the cemeteries of Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City
Isabel Richter : Postmortem-Portraits: intercultural comparisons in the early history of photography

B-2 CRI03 Authoritarian Criminal Justice in Transnational Perspective: The Soviet Union, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
Bibliotheek, muziekcentrum
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Benjamin Hett
Organizers: Paul Garfinkel, Richard Wetzell Discussant: Benjamin Hett
Paul Garfinkel : How "Fascist" Was It? Italy's 1930 Rocco Code in National and International Context
Anthony Mcelligott : Sex Murder and Volksgemeinschaft: Justice and Injustice in the Third Reich
Peter Solomon : The International Factor in the Criminal Policy of Authoritarian Regimes:
Richard Wetzell : Nazi Criminal Justice and the International Penal Reform Movement

C-2 CUL01 History, National Identity and Representation
Kraakhuis, muziekcentrum
Network: Culture Chair: Magdalena Elchinova
Organizers: - Discussant: Magdalena Elchinova
Jyoti Atwal : Representation of Iconic ‘Hindu Widowhood’ and the Cinematic ImagiNation
Eveline G. Bouwers : Defying Germany. The Symbolic Codification of the Pan-German Walhalla Pantheon (Regensburg), ca. 1807-42
Heli Rantala : Finnish national identity and the question of "culture"

D-2 LAB06 Between state monopoly and institutional diversity: finding jobs in early 20th century Europe
Artiestenfoyer, muziekcentrum
Network: Labour Chair: Jan Lucassen
Organizers: Thomas Buchner, Irina Vana Discussants: -
Thomas Buchner : Organising the market? Reflections on the relationship between labour exchanges and labour markets
Nils Edling : Creating a national labour market: Labour exchanges in Sweden 1890–1914
Irina Vana : Negotiating working conditions: The influence of public labour offices on the differentiation of labour and labour markets in Austria (1918-1938)
Noel Whiteside : Reforming labour markets: Germany and Britain compared

E-2 ECO01 Inter-faith commerce in Medieval and Early Modern Times II: Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Zaal L 4, muziekcentrum
Network: Economics Chair: Roxani Margariti
Organizers: Catia Antunes, Francesca Trivellato Discussant: Roxani Margariti
Wolfgang Kaiser : The Economy of Ransoming in the Early Modern Mediterranean
Ghislaine Lydon : Partners in Profit: the leagal and practical implications of Muslim-Jewish collaborations in trans-Saharan trade
Kathryn Miller : Commerce and Captivity: the role of trust in the redemption of captives across religious and political boundaries
Viorel Panaite : Foreigners, commercial navigation and Islamic law in the Ottoman Mediterranean: the evidence of a manuscript from Bibliotheque Nationale de France

F-2 HEA02 Non-standard Medicine
Vestibule, muziekcentrum
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Teemu Sakari Ryymin
Organizers: - Discussant: Teemu Sakari Ryymin
Esmeralda Celeste Mariano, et all. : Cutting of the genital area as treatment for infertility in Tete Province, Mozambique
Marie Clark Nelson : The Healing Power of Water Hydrotherapy and the Swedish Coastal Sanatoria in the Early 20th Century
Elise Pattyn : Postmodernism in health: the rising of alternative medicine in Western-Europe

H-2 LB10B LAB10B: Working for the film and tv industry part II (double session)
Hortazaal, Pauli
Network: Labour Chair: Aad Blok
Organizer: Andrew Dawson Discussants: -

I-2 TEC02 National Technological Politics
Room D1, Pauli
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Technology Chair: Peter Meyer
Organizers: - Discussant: Peter Meyer
Ann-Kristin Bergquist, Kristina Söderholm : Shared problems, shared costs and common solutions. Cooperation for clean technology development in the Swedish pulp- and paper industry 1900-1990.
Sabil Francis : Negotiating Technology: The IITs in India
Lewis Siegelbaum : Sputnik and the Soviet Pavilion at the Brussels World's Fair, 1958
Will Wilson : 'A Nation at Work' Exhibition Düsseldorf 1937: Producing and Consuming

J-2 EDU02 Negotiating Childhood, Citizenship and Political Conflict
Room D11, Pauli
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Shurlee Swain
Organizers: - Discussant: Karin Zetterqvist Nelson
Maria Del Mar Del Pozo Andrés : Children at risk in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): from refugees to citizens
Heidi Morrison : The Prophet as the Ultimate Scout: Egyptians Negotiating Childhood under the British Protectorate
Daniella Sarnoff : "Insolent children, raised free of communist teachers:" Children and Childhood in French Fascism, 1919-1939

K-2 ETH17 Changes in the Country of Origin, Development of Nation States and Cultural Proximity
Room D13, Pauli
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Colin Pooley
Organizers: - Discussant: Colin Pooley
Melodee Beals : Scottish Emigration and the Scottish Provincial Press, 1770-1850
Ivana Dobrivojevic Tomic : In quest for welfare. The Labour Migrations of Yugoslav Citizens in Western European Countries 1960 – 1977
Per-Olof Grönberg : The Welcoming City? Immigrant Integration in Urban Sweden, 1860-1925
Johan Svanberg : Experiences and Social Memories, Narratives and Counter-Narratives: Swedes and Estonians in Olofström after 1945
Miika Tervonen : ’Gypsies’, ’Tatars’ and the peasants: ethnic boundary-drawing and the nation-state in Finland and Sweden, c.1865-1925

L-2 REL02 Globalization, Migration and Identities
Room D14, Pauli
Network: Religion Chair: Yvonne Maria Werner
Organizers: - Discussant: Yvonne Maria Werner
Frederique Harry : Reconfiguration of Christian Organizations as a Result of Globalization of the Scandinavian Christian Identities : the Case of Foreign Missions
Patrick Pasture, Chang Shu-chin : De-Christianization and Easternization in the Netherlands

M-2 POL02 Post-communism and the Governance of Conflicted Memories: The Case of Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic
Baertsoenzaal, Pauli
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Malgorzata Mazurek
Organizers: - Discussant: Malgorzata Mazurek
Muriel Blaive : Dealing with the memory of the communist secret police : the Czech case
Paul Gradvohl : Current Hungarian memory politics : from communist nostalgia to neo-fascist confiscation of the past
Thomas Lindenberger : Neither relativizing nor belittling. Vergangenheitsbewältigung and governmentality in post-communist Germany

N-2 ELI17 Workshop: the concept of power, applied (double session)
Auditorium D2, Pauli
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Marianna Muravyeva
Organizer: Marja Vuorinen Discussants: -
Francesco Aimerito : Judicial and legal professions in the States of Savoy: élites and 'middle-class' (XVI-XIX centuries)
Jaana Gluschkoff : Innovations and the rise and fall of elites
Carlos Eduardo Rebello De Mendonça : Trotsky and counter-hegemony in Western Europe in the interwar period
Raquel Sánchez : Cultural politics and national identity in Spain
Alex Snellman : Remodelling Bourdieu's Capitals as Power Resources
Pedro Urbano : The Portuguese constitutional monarchy
Marja Vuorinen : What makes people tick? Cross-discipline approaches to ideological power

O-2 ANT01 Economic Power in Ancient Greece I
Auditorium D3, Pauli
Network: Antiquity Chair: Olivier Mariaud
Organizers: - Discussant: Olivier Mariaud
Christel Muller : Wealth and Power: the Economics of Euergetism in the cities of Hellenistic Greece
Sylvie Rougier-Blanc : Richesse, enrichissement et représentation dans la poésie grecque archaïque
Marie-Joséphine Werlings : Solon's laws and the economic grounds for political power in Athens at the beginning of the VIth century BC
Julien Zurbach : Lineages of the Ancient City-State

P-2 THE01 Self Images of the Historical Discipline or: What Philosophers of History Can(not) Learn from how Historians Understand their own Practice
Auditorium D5, Pauli
Network: Theory Chair: Thomas Welskopp
Organizers: - Discussant: Berber Bevernage
Davide Bondì : Why Philosophy of History Cannot be Restricted to the Historian’s Self-Image
Herman Paul : Mythic Genealogies of the Historical Discipline
Eugen Zelenak : Who Should Characterize the Nature of History? The Wrong Question

Q-2 RUR18 Wine in the World: Production, Consumption and Exchange, 1750-2000
Atelier R2, Pauli
Network: Rural Chair: Giuliana Biagioli
Organizer: Noelle Plack Discussant: Giuliana Biagioli
Eva Fernandez : Collective solution to falling prices: wine co-operatives in France, Italy and Spain, 1890-1980
James Nicholls : Civilising Intoxication: Wine Licensing and Drinking Cultures in England
Noelle Plack : Vive la liberte: Wine and the French Revolution, c. 1789-1830

R-2 MAT05 Material and Consumer Culture in Transformation
Atelier R3, Pauli
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Merijn Knibbe
Organizers: - Discussant: Merijn Knibbe
Eloy Alves Filho, Arlete Salcides : The use of traditional and modern technics in the small farms in Brazil
Ingo Heidbrink : US Influences on Danish Colonial Greenland - The material culture
Alan Hutchinson : The introduction of new consumer goods in the Northern Trade
Jaco Zuijderduijn : Investment Strategies in 16th Century Holland

T-2 WOM10 Women's Peace Movements in the Twentieth Century
M202, Marissal
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Elisabeth Elgán
Organizers: - Discussant: Karen Offen
Laurie R. Cohen : “Surprisingly deep and warm feelings.” A Complicated, Transatlantic, and Antimilitarist Feminist Struggle
Brigitte Rath : Austrian Women's Peace Politics (1918-1938)
Maria Grazia Suriano : "Education is better then poison gas".The Wilpf's Path to Peace

U-2 SOC02 New Perspectives on Early Modern Poor Relief I: England
M207, Marissal
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Lynn Botelho
Organizers: - Discussant: Lynn Botelho
Paul A. Fideler : A ‘Third Way’ in Early Seventeenth-Century English Poor Relief
Steve Hindle : Overseers and Collectioners in Late-Seventeenth-Century England: Chilvers Coton (Warwickshire), c.1680-1720
Susannah Ottaway : Locating Poverty and Entering Poor Households in the Eighteenth-Century English Parish

V-2 ETH02 Refugees from Nazi Germany and the Liberal European States, New York - Oxford: Berghahn Books 2009
M209, Marissal
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Frank Caestecker
Organizers: - Discussant: Frank Caestecker
Michal Frankl : Czechoslovakia, a better refuge?
Aviva Halamish : The Role of Palestine as a Destination for Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany: The British Perspective
Susanne Heim : The International Refugee Regime and the Jewish Emigration from Nazi Germany

W-2 FAM02 Family Transmission Systems: From Customs to Civil Codes I
M210, Marissal
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Antoinette-Marie Chamoux-Fauve
Organizer: Antoinette-Marie Chamoux-Fauve Discussant: Antoinette-Marie Chamoux-Fauve
Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga : Pyrenean customs and the Civil Code: conflicts and continuity in the nineteenth century
Daniela Detesan : The Influence of the Napoleonic Code on the Family Laws of the Romanians from Transylvania (1850–1900)
Margarida Durães, Emília Lagido : To get married and to die: a Portuguese family’s legal rights
Fábio Faria Mendes : Social Networks, Succession and Inheritance in Guarapiranga, 1780-1880
Kiyoko Nishi : The Japanese Civil Code and custom

X-2 HIS02 Why Was it There? Geographic Approaches to Understanding Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Human Activity, Natural Phenomena and Scientific Research in the North
M211, Marissal
Networks: , Chair: David Bodenhamer
Organizers: - Discussant: David Bodenhamer
Stefan Claesson : Development of the HMAP Fishing Grounds Atlas
Alexander Nakhimovsky : EventMaps: Timeline-Controlled Sequences of Annotated Google Maps for Representing Sequences of Events
Tiffany Vance : Mapping Cold History: patterns of oceanographic and fisheries research in the US Arctic

Y-2 ORA02 Eyewitness Narratives and Transitional Justice
M212, Marissal
Network: Oral History Chair: Daniela Koleva
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Nanci Adler : The Bright Past, or Whose (Hi)story?
Gulie Ne'eman Arad : Truth-telling and Truth-value: The Eichmann Trial and Arendt’s 'Eichmann in Jerusalem'.

Z-2 LAB12 Whither Labour History? New perspective and approaches
M204, Marissal
Network: Labour Chair: Marcel van der Linden
Organizer: James Jaffe Discussant: David Lyddon
James Jaffe : Honor, Respect, and Reputation: What Labour Historians Can Learn from Economists
Quentin Outram : Labour History and the History of the Emotions

Tuesday 13 April 2010 14.15
A-3 EDU03 Children and Health
Auditorium, muziekcentrum
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Karin Zetterqvist Nelson
Organizers: - Discussant: Annemieke Van Drenth
Cynthia Connolly : Nurses, Physicians, and the “Terror of the Tenements” in New York City: Coney Island’s Sea Breeze Hospital for Children with Tuberculosis in the Early Twentieth Century
Meghan Crnic : Children and the Sea: Environmental Understandings of Health and Disease, 1870-1930
Bruno Vanobbergen : The Sea Hospital Roger de Grimberghe: Belgium’s first school funding controversy in miniature

B-3 RUR20 Meet the author: Paolo Malanima: Pre-Modern European Economy
Bibliotheek, muziekcentrum
Networks: Economics , Rural Chair: Anton Schuurman
Organizer: Anton Schuurman Discussants: Paolo Malanima, Anne Mccants, Socrates Petmezas, Erik Thoen, Peer Vries

C-3 CRI07 Evolutionary Perspectives on the History of Violence
Kraakhuis, muziekcentrum
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Clive Emsley
Organizer: Manuel Eisner Discussant: Clive Emsley
Ian Armit : The prehistory of warfare and inter-personal violence
Manuel Eisner : Killing Kings - Elite Violence in Evolutionary Perspective: Europe, 600-1800
Pete King : The Rapid Rise of recorded Homicide and the Geography of Lethal Violence in Britain 1800-1860
Frédéric Vesentini : Ordinary Violence, Lethal Violence and Economic Crisis in Belgium in the mid-19th century
John C. Wood : A change of perspective: integrating evolutionary psychology into the historiography of violence

D-3 FAM20 The Power of Fathers
Artiestenfoyer, muziekcentrum
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Anna Bellavitis
Organizers: - Discussant: Anna Bellavitis
Angiolina Arru : Power games in the contemporary age: the fathers' last wills in the twentieth century
Alberto Mario Banti : Fathers of the Nation: Father Figure and Political Power in Contemporary Europe
Nikolaus Benke : On the Roman father’s right to kill his adulterous daughter
Sandra Cavallo : Varieties of fatherhood: the weak father among the non-propertied classes in early modern Italian cities
Margareth Lanzinger : Paternal authority and patrilineal power in marriage contracts of the eighteenth century

E-3 ECO02 Interfaith commerce in Medieval and Early Modern Times III: Early Modern Europe and the Atlantic
Zaal L 4, muziekcentrum
Networks: Economics , World History Chair: Amélia Polónia
Organizers: Catia Antunes, Francesca Trivellato Discussant: Amélia Polónia
Catia Antunes : Atlantic Entrepreneurship: cross-cultural business networks, 1580-1776
Juan Gelabert : Pecunia, Patria, Religio: Atlantic trade during the Dutch Revolt (1585-1609)
Silvia Marzagalli : Trade across religious boundaries in Early Modern France
Jeroen Puttevils : Commerce and Religion in Sixteenth-Century Antwerp

F-3 HEA03 Doctors and Hospitals
Vestibule, muziekcentrum
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Alex Mold
Organizers: - Discussant: Alex Mold
Logie Barrow : Wobbly Elitism: Interwar British Medics
Diane Carpenter : Mental Health Care and Treatment in Hampshire, UK, 1845-1914
Stephan Curtis : Doctors on the move: The travels and travail of 19th-c. Swedish physicians
Tore Gronlie : Hospital Sector Structure and Organization in Britain and Scandinavia - A Contribution towards a Comparative Study

H-3 HIS03 Economy 1: Transport, Economy and GIS
Hortazaal, Pauli
Networks: , Technology Chair: Ian Gregory
Organizers: - Discussant: Ian Gregory
Sedef Akgungor, Yaprak Gulcan & Vahap Tecim : A GIS Approach for the Analysis of Regional Development Effects of the Road Network in Turkey
Ana Alcântara, Nuno Miguel Lima : Regional patterns of attractiveness and accessibility to railways in Portugal (1890-1930)
Yesim Kustepeli, Ian Gregory : Railroads, Population Growth and Economic Development: A Comparative
Luis Silveira, Daniel Alves : The Construction of the Modern Transport Network and Regional Population Distribution in Portugal (1801-1940)

I-3 SEX01 Female desires/desiring women
Room D1, Pauli
Network: Sexuality Chair: Lesley Hall
Organizers: - Discussant: Lesley Hall
Elise Chenier : The Archive of Lesbian Testimony (A LOT): Building a Digital Archive
Mark Cornwall : The Criminalized 'Third Sex': Czech Lesbians in Interwar Czechoslovakia 1918-1938
Geertje Mak : The turn inwards: Freud's theory of female sexuality as a psychologization of social practices
Alison Oram : The Democratisation of Desire: Women, sexuality and same-sex love in Britain from the 1930s to the 1950s

J-3 ELI02 Diplomatic Elites and the Shaping of National Ideas
Room D11, Pauli
Network: Elites and forerunners Chairs: Aappo Kähönen, Jukka Kortti
Organizers: - Discussant: Jukka Kortti
Michael Auwers : A Theoretical Framework for the Study of the History of Diplomatic Culture in Times of Crisis: the Case of the Belgian Diplomats, 1910-1940
Ronald Gebauer : Cadres on the Diplomatic Stage. The Social Origins and Career Patterns of GDR’s Former Diplomatic Personnel.
Vanni Pettinà : Facing Nationalism: State Department vs. Embassy during the Cuban Insurrection, (1955-1958).

K-3 ETH20 History, Memory and Migration I
Room D13, Pauli
Networks: Culture , Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Irial Glynn
Organizers: Irial Glynn, J. Olaf Kleist Discussant: José Lingna Nafafé
Magdalena Elchinova : Imagining the ‘Homeland’: Memory and History in the Construction of a Transnational Community (The Case of the Macedonian Americans)
J. Olaf Kleist : Migrant Incorporation and Political Memories: The Role of the Past in Australian Social Inclusion
Hans Leaman : The Pilgrim to this Land: Religion, Conservatism and Immigration in America

L-3 REL03 Gender and Religion
Room D14, Pauli
Network: Religion Chair: Tine Van Osselaer
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Antonio Irigoyen : Clergy, Family and Council of Trent in Early Modern Spain
Alexander Maurits : The Household of the Pastor – An exponent of Christian Manliness?
Yvonne Maria Werner : Catholic Manliness and Mission in the Nordic Countries 1850-1940
Cecilia Winterhalter : Stereotypes of female sanctity illustrated on the case of Thérèse of Lisieux

M-3 POL03 The Portuguese Estado Novo as an Example for Europe, 1926-1959. Transfer of Neo-corporatism
Baertsoenzaal, Pauli
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Jose Reis Santos
Organizers: - Discussant: Jose Reis Santos
Robin De Bruin : Neocorporatism and `renewal’ in the Netherlands, 1939-1946

N-3 EL17b ELI17b Workshop: the concept of power, applied, part 2 (double session)
Auditorium D2, Pauli
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Marianna Muravyeva
Organizer: Marja Vuorinen Discussants: -

O-3 ANT02 Economic Power in Ancient Greece II
Auditorium D3, Pauli
Network: Antiquity Chair: Hans Van Wees
Organizers: - Discussant: Hans Van Wees
Errietta M.A. Bissa : Wealth and monopoly in the polis
John Davies : Wealth and the power of wealth revisited
Benjamin Keim : Non-Material but not Immaterial: Demosthenes' Reassessment of the Wealth of Athens
Claire Taylor : Wealth in fourth-century BCE Athens

P-3 FAM21 Family Foundations I. Anchoring the Family: Property Strategies of Migrants
Auditorium D5, Pauli
Network: Family and Demography Chair: David Warren Sabean
Organizer: David Warren Sabean Discussant: Beshara Doumani
Isaac Xerxes Malki : The Transnational Politics of the West African Lebanese and the Pursuit of ‘Community’, c.1925-1962
Astrid Meier : Between Balkh and Damascus
Katalin Prajda : Acting as one: Common action, collectivity and property strategies in the case of a double-rooted Florentine kinship network
Nurfadzilah Yahaya : The Arab under English Law in the British Straits Settlements

Q-3 RUR10 Problems of Landownership and Landdistribution
Atelier R2, Pauli
Network: Rural Chair: Rosa Congost
Organizers: - Discussant: Rosa Congost
Aikaterini Aroni - Tsichli : Problems of Ownership in Agrarian Greece, 1821-1923
Marina Monteiro Machado : Sides of the Frontier: indians and whites in the lands of Rio de Janeiro
Doina Simona Niculae : Forest property transformations in Transylvania in the XX th Century
Ulla Rosén : Swedish emigrants landownership and landtransmission: Minnesota 1850-1950
Jose Vicente Serrao : Lands over Seas: Property Rights in the Early Modern Portuguese Empire

R-3 MAT04 Court Consumption
Atelier R3, Pauli
Networks: Elites and forerunners , Material and Consumer Culture , Urban Chair: Peter Stabel
Organizer: Jonathan Spangler Discussant: Peter Stabel
Christina Antenhofer : Luggage for a life yet to live: The Bride’s treasure as an example for female material culture
Luc Duerloo : Tangible Courtesies: Diplomatic Gift Exchange at the Archducal Court of Brussels
Pauline Lemaigre-Gaffier : The "Menus Plaisirs" administration and its material sphere. A study on material court culture in the 18th century France
Dries Raeymaekers : Living like Kings and Loving it. Consumption and Display at the Court of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella in Brussels, 1598-1621
Jonathan Spangler : Material Culture in the Court of the Guise: inventories, libraries, furniture and visual representations of power and piety in 17th-century Paris

S-3 AFR03 Mapping Africa
M101, Marissal
Network: Africa Chair: Jan-Bart Gewald
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Arthur Hanna Jr. : Rastafari, Repatriation, Reparations, African National Identity and the Concept of Globalization: A Critical Re-evaluation of the PanAfrican Black Star Agenda in the 21st Century
Andrew Macdonald : Mind Maps: Migrant Associations and the Social Meaning of Borders in Southern Africa c.1900- c.1950
Paulo Polanah : Westernity in Africa: Cui Bono?
Ana Roque : Disputing Borders: the case of Mozambique-Tongaland Border (19th-20th century)

T-3 WOM11 Gender and Violence in the Twentieth Century
M202, Marissal
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Maria Bucur
Organizers: - Discussant: Maria Bucur
Tina Bahovec : Constructing the Boundaries of Gender, Nation, State. Women and Yugoslavia’s Border Conflicts after World War I
Sara Valentina Di Palma : Mass Rape as Weapon against Women in Bosnia
Ana Miskovska Kajevska : What's in a name? A lot. Naming, blaming and shaming and the Zagreb feminists in the 1990s

U-3 CUL03 Changing Vision - Dynamic Connections between Transformations in Political Representations and Visual Strategies
M207, Marissal
Network: Culture Chair: Birgit Emich
Organizers: - Discussant: Gabriele Wimböck
Christina Brauner : 'Sheen and Been': Jan van Leiden and the Representation of the Illegitimate
Dorothee Linnemann : Making of the ‘Truth’ – Visual Strategies in Processes of Legitimating Institutions. European Diplomacy in the Arts in the 17th and 18th Century
Kathrin Maurer : Visualizing Nation: Illustrated History Books in Nineteenth-Century Germany
Almut Pollmer : The performativity of beholding. The depictions of the Orange monument and the defiant state of stadholderate in the Dutch Republic

V-3 ETH03 Historical Approaches to Transnational Ethnic Identities
M209, Marissal
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Nadia Bouras
Organizers: - Discussant: Nadia Bouras
Brigitte Cairus : The Testimony of a Gypsy Queen: immigration, identity politics and interculturality in contemporary Brazil
Eric Payseur : “Ethnic Identity can come in waves too”: Polish Canadian Leaders, Gender, Polishness and Canadianization
Christa Wirth : 'Americans don’t appreciate their country!' How Descendants of Italian Immigrants to the United States Construct Ethnic Identities in Migration Narratives

W-3 THE02 Do Levels of Interpretation Matter?
M210, Marissal
Network: Theory Chair: Chris Lorenz
Organizers: - Discussant: Willeke Los
Carla Aubry : Financing schools: Money and Morals
Anne Bosche : Governing School Reforms: Choosing determinants of explanation in historical research
Andrea De Vincenti, Michael Geiss : Shaping Schools: Agency and structure in historical research practice

X-3 ORA03 Using Narrative Biographical Data in Different Settings
M211, Marissal
Network: Oral History Chair: Alexander Von Plato
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Irene Bandhauer-Schoeffmann : Narrations and Narratives on Terrorism in Austria in the 1970s
Karoline Feyertag : Transcriptions of Life: How to write a 'polyphonic biography' in a philosophical setting.
Ela Hornung : Different Settings? Narrative interviews versus psychoanalytical interviews

Y-3 ELI03 Methodological Discussions in the Exploration of the History of Elites
M212, Marissal
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Violet Soen
Organizers: - Discussant: Ali Yaycioglu
Lynn Botelho : Methodological Approaches to Writing the Social History of Elite Peasants: England in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Henry French : Corresponding Problems: Methodological Problems in the Reconstruction of Elite Identities in England, c. 1660-1900
Martin Gustavsson, Andreas Melldahl : The Art of Success in Art. Using prosopographical methods in the study of social recruitment to elite schools and positions in the Swedish art field 1938–2007
William C. Lubenow : Some Notes Toward A Social History of Modern Elites
Andrea Pokludova : Forming Intelligence in Moravia and Silesia in the 2nd Half of the 19th and at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Z-3 SOC14 New Perspectives on Early Modern Poor Relief I GIGA (Giving in the Golden Age)
M204, Marissal
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Julie Marfany
Organizers: Lex Heerma van Voss, Marco Van Leeuwen Discussants: Thomas M. Adams, Larry Frohman, Steve Hindle, Steven King, Henk Looijesteijn, Nada Moumtaz, Joanna Handlin Smith, Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk

Tuesday 13 April 2010 16.30
A-4 FAM05 Measles and Other Childhood Diseases
Auditorium, muziekcentrum
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Alice Reid
Organizer: Renzo Derosas Discussants: -
Josep Bernabeu-Mestre, María Eugenia Galiana And Josep Bernabeu-Mestre And Angela Cremades : Epidemiological factors and childhood in contemporary endemic trachoma in Spain 1900-1960
Renzo Derosas : Measles epidemics in nineteenth-century Venice: dynamics and risk-factors
Sara García Ferrero, Jim Oeppen & Diego Ramiro Fariñas : Estimating Reproductive Numbers for the 1889-90 and 1918-20 Influenza Pandemics in the city of Madrid.
Ólöf Garðarsdóttir : Measles in virgin soil regions in Nordic countries during the 19th century

B-4 AFR01 Labour and Transport in Africa
Bibliotheek, muziekcentrum
Network: Africa Chair: Jan-Bart Gewald
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Ntewusu Aniegye : From Cattle Ranch to Lorry Park: A Social History of Accra Tudu Lorry Park 1920-2007
Mary Davies : Rest houses, recruitment centres and remote places: the social history of a ‘departure point’ in Northern Malawi 1933-1975
Walter Nkwi : “Human Lorries:” Labour mobillity and Transport in British Southern Cameroons, 1922-1961

C-4 CRI18 Meet the author: Randolph Roth: Homicide in Europe and the US
Kraakhuis, muziekcentrum
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Paul Lawrence
Organizers: - Discussants: Manuel Eisner, Pete King, Pieter Spierenburg
Randolph Roth : The Relationship between Guns and Homicide in the United States

D-4 LAB03 Politics and violence: 20th century Communism
Artiestenfoyer, muziekcentrum
Network: Labour Chair: Matthew Worley
Organizer: Matthew Worley Discussant: Kevin Morgan
Marco Albeltaro : Communism and violence in Italy 1921-1948
Sylvain Boulouque : French communist party and political violence
Nigel Copsey : Transatlantic Perspectives on Anti-Fascism: Communists and the Anti-Fascist Struggle in Inter-War Britain and the United States
Andreas Wirsching : Violence as discourse: For a 'linguistic turn' in communist history

E-4 EDU04 Childhood in Mental Health, Senses and Emotions
Zaal L 4, muziekcentrum
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Frank Simon
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Antonella Cagnolati : ‘Holy lives and joyful deaths’. Feelings of despair and hopes of salvation in children’s books (England, second half of XVIIth century)
Ian Grosvenor, Catherine Burke : The Hearing School: an exploration of sound and listening in the modern school
Bengt Sandin : Child Psychiatry between scholarly traditions in Sweden 1945-1985. Medical conferences as an arena for defining the borders and content of an emerging disciplinar field
Annemieke Van Drenth : Anomalous children. The discovery of the Cornelia de Lange syndroom
Karin Zetterqvist Nelson : Child therapy as an arena for normative regulation of childhood and individualization of children

F-4 WOR06 Interfaith Commerce in Medieval and Early Modern Times IV: In and Around the Indian Ocean
Vestibule, muziekcentrum
Network: World History Chair: Peer Vries
Organizers: Catia Antunes, Francesca Trivellato Discussant: Peer Vries
Leonard Blusse : Mammon meets the Gods: Dutch attitude towards Asian trading and religious practices
Ivana Elbl : The Bull Romanus Pontifex of 1454 and the Early European Trading in Sub-Saharan Atlantic Africa
Roxani Margariti : Coins and Commerce: the numismatics of the Indian Ocean's trading networks, 10th-13th centuries

G-4 SOC17 Hands on session on coding historical occupations
Computerroom D4, Pauli
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Richard Zijdeman
Organizer: Richard Zijdeman Discussants: -

H-4 TEC04 Economy 2: Railways, Agricultural Development and Urbanization in Britain, France and Spain, 1840-1970
Hortazaal, Pauli
Networks: , Technology Chair: Anne Mccants
Organizers: - Discussant: Anne Mccants
Ian Gregory : Where Can I Get the Train? Accessibility to Railway Transport in Great Britain, 1840-1950
Laia Mojica Gasol : Measuring the impact of railways on urbanization through GIS: a case study of the Iberian Peninsula and France.
Robert Schwartz, Ian Gregory : Railways and Agrarian Change in Rural Britain and France, 1850-1914
Thomas Thevenin, Arnaud Banos : Exploring space and time dimensions of agriculture and population change in France, 1830 to1930

I-4 SEX02 Sexualities against the political orthodoxies
Room D1, Pauli
Network: Sexuality Chair: David Churchill
Organizers: - Discussant: David Churchill
Sebastian Buckle : 'The Coming of Age of the English Gay and Lesbian Movement": Section 28 and the Struggle for its Repeal
Peter Edelberg : The De-dramatization of Homosexuality in Denmark 1945 - 80
Lesley Hall : Interwar British women pushing at the boundaries: beyond the Me Tarzan, You Jane, Let's Make Babies paradigm
Jens Rydström : Scandinavian Disjunctures: Disability, citizenship and sexuality in Denmark and Sweden, from 1925 to the present day
Ana Cristina Santos : Queering ‘the family’? Fifteen years of LGBT activism in Portugal

J-4 REL04 Material Religion in Early Modern Europe: Images, Objects and Spaces
Room D11, Pauli
Network: Religion Chair: Simon Ditchfield
Organizer: Silvia Evangelisti Discussant: Simon Ditchfield
Paula Bessa : Uses of images: Late Medieval wall paintings in Portuguese parish churches
Silvia De Renzi : Bad air at the Collegio Romano: physicians and the health of communities in Counter Reformation Rome
Silvia Evangelisti : Devotional objects, and the senses in early modern Italy
Tara Hamling : Old Robert’s Girdle: Visual and Material Props for Protestant Piety in Post-Reformation Britain

K-4 ETH21 History, Memory and Migration II
Room D13, Pauli
Networks: Culture , Ethnicity and Migration Chair: J. Olaf Kleist
Organizers: Irial Glynn, J. Olaf Kleist Discussant: J. Olaf Kleist
Irial Glynn : What role has a country’s migration history in its migration present? Immigration debates in Ireland and Italy compared.
Mary Hickman : Past Immigrations, Contemporary Representations: in UK life narrative interviews
Christopher Kennedy : Death and Despair, Prosperity and Plenty: Irish Visions of America
José Lingna Nafafé : African Migrants: Past and Integration in Northern Europe
Kevin Myers : Cultures of history: minority histories and the politics of the past in post-war Britain

L-4 HIS05 GIS, the Middle Ages and Early Modern Time
Room D14, Pauli
Networks: , Middle Ages Chair: Ian Gregory
Organizers: - Discussant: Ian Gregory
Tim Bisschops : GIS and real property: a view of Antwerp before its Golden Age (ca 1390–1430)
Joachim Laczny : The late medieval ruler Frederick III (1440–1493) on the journey – the creation of the itinerary using a Historical GIS (his-GIS)
Lies Vervaet : Using GIS in a research on the correlation between the socio-economic features and the geographical aspects of a rural village in Early Modern Flanders

M-4 POL04 Communism and National Legitimacy in Central and Eastern Europe, 1945-1989
Baertsoenzaal, Pauli
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Muriel Blaive
Organizer: Martin Mevius Discussant: Muriel Blaive
Stefano Bottoni : Reassessing the Communist Takeover in Romania: Violence, State-building, National Legitmacy
Celia Donert : Wandering about Europe: Communism, Nationalism and "Gypsies" in Postwar Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania
Martin Mevius : “Defending Our Historical and Political Interests”: the Hungarian Communist Party and the 'History of Transylvania'
Markus Wien : National Legitimacies and Nation Building in Communist Bulgaria

N-4 ELI06 Academic elites after World War II: nationalists, democrats, technocrats
Auditorium D2, Pauli
Network: Elites and forerunners Chair: Carolina Rodríguez-López
Organizers: Marja Jalava, Jussi Välimaa Discussants: Carolina Rodríguez-López, Jussi Välimaa
Pieter Dhondt : Democratisation of university education in Belgium: wishful thinking or reality?
Marja Jalava : Higher Education and the Question of Equality in the Post-World War II Nordic Welfare States
Per Lundin, Niklas Stenlås : The Reform Technocrats: Identifying the Nation Building Elite in Post-War Sweden
Kazimierz Musial : Elitist turn in higher education in the context of recent reforms in the Nordic countries

O-4 ANT03 Quantifying the Roman Economy
Auditorium D3, Pauli
Network: Antiquity Chair: Alan Bowman
Organizers: - Discussant: Alan Bowman
Hannah Friedman : Atmospheric pollution proxies for Roman metal production
Dario Nappo : The scale of Roman wine exports to Arabia and India
Ben Russell : Trends in the production and distribution of sculpted stone
Andrew Wilson : Quantifying growth and contraction in the Roman economy

P-4 FAM22 Family Foundations II. Gender and Property Devolution
Auditorium D5, Pauli
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Christopher H. Johnson
Organizer: David Warren Sabean Discussant: Jon Mathieu
Randi Deguilhem : Women’s Family Foundations in Late Ottoman Damascus: Identifying the Endowers, Understanding their Objectives
Beshara Doumani : The Waqf Foundation as a Family Charter
Nada Moumtaz : Family and Philanthropic Waqfs in 19th century Beirut
David Warren Sabean : Revival of Patrilineage and Family Foundations in Late-Nineteenth-Century Germany

Q-4 RUR05 Wills and Marriage Contracts in impartible Inheritence System
Atelier R2, Pauli
Networks: Family and Demography , Rural Chair: Joseph Goy
Organizer: Joseph Goy Discussant: Gérard Béaur
Rolande Bonnain-Dulon : From macro to micro, marriage contracts a key for social history
Anne-Lise Head-König : The undivided farm in Switzerland before and after the implementation of the 1912 Swiss Civil Code: ways and means to attain this objective
Gertrude Langer-Ostrawsky, Margareth Lanzinger : Joint or separate? Marriage contracts and the consequences of different marital property regimes in the Habsburg Empire in the 18th Century
Rosa Ros : The decline of impartible inheritance system. The example of Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Catalonia), 1780-1860

R-4 MAT03 Homemaking, Cherishing and the Senses
Atelier R3, Pauli
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Paddy Dolan
Organizers: - Discussant: Paddy Dolan
Kennan Ferguson : Eating the Nation
Pia Lundqvist, Christer Ahlberger : Consumption fantasies in modern literature 1820-1860
Sara Pennell : Home is where the hearth is? Exploring the uses and means of the hearth in Restoration & later Stuart London (17th c.)
Margaret Ponsonby : A Home of One's Own? Spinsters, Bachelors and the Consumption of Homemaking in the Long 18th Century
Natalie Scholz : Whose authority reigns in the living room? Contested meanings of the past and the present in West German discourses on ‘Wohnkultur’ during the 1950s

S-4 THE03 Gender and Conceptualization of Work
M101, Marissal
Network: Theory Chair: Stefan Berger
Organizers: - Discussant: Thomas Welskopp
Kerstin Bornholdt : Gendering sports and physiology: The concept of work in work and sport physiology
Synne Corell : Conceptualizations of work in the writing of national history
Hege Roll-Hansen : The gendering of work in Norwegian official statistics 1865 - 1930

T-4 WOM14 Women and the Military Establishment
M202, Marissal
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Beate Fieseler
Organizers: - Discussant: Simona Slanicka
Maria Sjöberg : Women in Campaigns 1550-1850 Household and Homosociality in the Swedish Army
Carol (Kira) Stevens : Soldiers' Wives in early 18th century Russia
Fia Sundevall : “Please note: No amazons wanted!”. Continuity and change in Swedish women’s military work 1865–1965

U-4 SOC13 New Perspectives on Early Modern Poor Relief II
M207, Marissal
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Isabel Guimarães Sá
Organizers: - Discussant: Isabel Guimarães Sá
Thomas M. Adams : Juan Luis Vives and the Traditions of Welfare Reform
Julie Marfany : Responses to poverty in Catalonia: hospitals, charitable funds and outdoor relief (c.1750-1820)
Olga Salamatova : Ideology of ‘the common weal’ and Implementation of the Poor Law in Early Stuart England

V-4 ETH04 Exclusion and Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Twentieth Century Britain
M209, Marissal
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Panikos Panayi
Organizer: Panikos Panayi Discussant: Panikos Panayi
David Dee : ‘I’m afraid we have a Jewish quota’ – Golf, Anti-Semitism and Anglo-Jewry 1900-1980
Gavin Schaffer : The Boundaries of Britishness: Jewish Refugees and the War Effort
Wendy Ugolini : Narratives of ‘Unbelonging’: Recovering Italian Scottish Experience
Quyen Vo : The reception of the Hungarian and British refugees in Britain, 1956-57

W-4 CUL04 Oral Communication in History: Problems and Methodology
M210, Marissal
Network: Culture Chair: Frank Bösch
Organizers: - Discussant: Frank Bösch
Filippo De Vivo : Studying communication in early modern Italy: Possibilities and pitfalls
Brigitte Mral : Methodological Problems Concerning Women's Rhetoric in the 19th Century
Arjan Van Dixhoorn : Intermediality of oral communication in the early modern world
Joris van Eijnatten : Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Audiences: Diffuse, Simple and Mass

X-4 URB02 Theorizing Gateway
M211, Marissal
Network: Urban Chair: Robert Sweeny
Organizer: Michael-W. Serruys Discussant: Takashi Okunishi
Giovanni Favero : Inter-modal nodes in different ages: a case study.
Per Hallén : Gateway cities – connecting to the world
Harm Kaal, Abdel El Makhloufi : From airfield to airport: An Institutionalist approach of the early development of the Schiphol airport; 1916-1940
Takashi Okunishi : From consumption center to gateway city: Ghent and grain circulation
Michael-W. Serruys : Trade flows, transport networks and urban systems: the search for a theoretic framework

Y-4 ORA04 Teaching and Using Oral History
M212, Marissal
Network: Oral History Chair: Almut Leh
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Agnes Khoo : Why Oral History matters and the teaching of oral histories - incorporating oral histories in undergraduate social science learning - Asian University for Women as a case study
Hana Pelikanova : How to Teach „Complex“ Oral History - Oral History as a M.A. studies. A Prague Example
Miroslav Vanek : Between the conservatists“ and the „investigators“. Oral history in the Czech Republic 15 years after and its current problems

Z-4 TEC01 The Development of New Consumer Cultures
M204, Marissal
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Technology Chair: Dick Van Lente
Organizers: - Discussant: Lesley Whitworth
Gabriele Balbi : How (relevant social) groups matter. The early Italian Telephone case study
Clive Edwards : Developing new markets in the European furniture industry through the use of lamination and bentwood design and technology, 1830-1880
Alberto Grandi : The refrigeration industry and changes in food consumption
Hiroki Shin, Colin Divall : Rapid travel in comfort: quality of passenger experience in the history of Britain's railways

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