Preliminary Programme

Showing: Friday 14 April 2023 (entire day)
Wed 12 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
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    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 13 April
    08.30 - 10.30
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Fri 14 April
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Sat 15 April
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All days
Friday 14 April 2023 08.30 - 10.30
A-9 POL16 Early Forms of Internationalism and Supranationalism in Europe
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Anastassiya Schacht
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Erzsébet Árvay : The Diaspora Governance of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, 1956-1989
Pavol Jakubec : Small, Not One-Size: Governments-in-Exile, Resources and Status in Allied London
Mechthild Roos : Becoming Europe's Parliament: an Interdisciplinary Study of MEP Activism in the 1950s-70s
Nives Rumenjak : New Paradigms in the 21st Century? History and International Relations and the Re-ordering of the World System

B-9 WOM10 Family, Sex and Reproduction: Legacy of the Cold War
Networks: Sexuality , Women and Gender Chairs: Agata Ignaciuk, Judit Sandor
Organizer: Judit Sandor Discussant: Agata Ignaciuk
Kate Docking : Sexology and the Management of Bodies in Post-War Europe
Andrea Espinoza Carvajal : Family, Sex, and Reproduction. Transnational Conversations between the Andes and the Socialist World
Maria Eva Foldes, Judit Sándor : Reproduction and Privacy in the Post-War Netherlands and Hungary
Yanara Schmacks : West German Feminist Activism against Reproductive Technologies and the German Past

C-9 ECO08 The Industrialization and Policy Nexus: the Southern Cone Countries of South America in Comparative Perspective
Network: Economic History Chair: Svante Prado
Organizers: Cecilia Lara, Svante Prado Discussants: -
Jorge Álvarez : Structural Change and Economic Growth in New Zealand and Uruguay, 1870-1970
Juan Pablo Juliá Ciarelli, María Cecilia Lara : Tariff Protection in Latin American Countries during the 20th Century

D-9 ECO09 The Territories of the Illicit in the Colonial Situation (19th-20th Centuries)
Network: Economic History Chair: Nicola Schalkowski
Organizer: Béatrice Touchelay Discussant: Sandra Bott
Thomas Clare : Opium Smuggling as Transgression: a Socio-economic History of Fraud Practices in French Indochina (1898-1940)
Aparajita Mukhopadhyay : Transient Borders of Licit and Illicit: a case Study of Railway Crime in 19th Century British India
Léa Renard, Raffaela Pfaff : Negotiating the Boundary between Licit and Illicit Labour Coercion in the Colonial Situation: the ILO Committee of Experts on Native Labour (1927-1938)
Ned Richardson-Little : Guns Through the Grey Zone: Imperial Germany’s Support and Sabotage of Controls over the Arms Trade to Africa and the Middle East, 1890-1914

E-9 SEX05 Situating Lesbian Intimacy, Desire and Identity
Network: Sexuality Chair: Jens Rydstrom
Organizer: Liz Millward Discussants: -
Rebecca Jennings : ‘Should I walk out on my good husband and my sons and find myself a mate? Or should I crawl back into my hole and continue to throw my real self away?’ Married Lesbians and Notions of Love and Selfhood in Post-war Britain
Liz Millward : Non-monogamy, Polyamory, Exclusivity: Changing Ideas about Love and Sex in Lesbian Culture
Alison Oram : Ghosts of the Queer Past: the Ladies of Llangollen and Lesbian Heritage

F-9 LAB14a Punitive Labour (Im)Mobilizations: towards a Comparative Global Agenda (I)
Networks: Criminal Justice , Labour Chair: Lisa Hellman
Organizer: Mònica Ginés Blasi Discussant: Lisa Hellman
Bonnie Clementsson : Navigating around Forced Labour in the Early 1800s with Examples from Sweden
Eva Lehner : Children as War Captives in Central Europe at the End of the 17th Century
Nitin Varma : The Making of a Labour Regime: 1860s and Indentured Coolies on cColonial Plantations in India

G-9 CRI09 Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Vivien Miller
Organizers: - Discussants: -
François Fenchel, Renée Brassard : Between Recognition and Imposition: the Itinerant Court of the Judicial District of Abitibi and Resistance to White Justice in Northern Quebec (1974-1995)
Lizzie Seal : Portrayals of People of Colour as Criminals and Victims in the Local Press in Cardiff, 1870-1925
Heather Shore : Discrimination and Difference: Race and Ethnicity in the British Borstal System, c. 1969 to c. 1993

H-9 REL05 The Theory and Practice of Religious Poor Relief in 19th and 20th Century Europe
Network: Religion Chair: Kristof Smeyers
Organizers: Hannah Fluit, Els Minne Discussants: -
Hannah Fluit : Spiritual Goals and Social Objectives: the Belgian Society of Saint Vincent de Paul during the First Half of the Twentieth Century
Mary Clare Martin : “The last sack of potatoes”: Children, Youth, the Old Poor Law and the Church of England in the London Hinterland, 1700-1836
Els Minne : Speaking of Poverty. The Application of New Discourses in Catholic Poor Relief in Brussels after the Second World War

I-9 ANT05 New Approaches to Ancient Slavery
Network: Antiquity Chair: Neville Morley
Organizer: Myles Lavan Discussants: -
Lisa Eberle, Johanna Göcke : They were her Property. Women Enslavers in Ancient Rome
Myles Lavan : The Scale of Manumission in the Roman World and the Americas: a Comparative and Quantitative Approach
David Lewis : Syrians and the Slave Trade in the longue durée

J-9 ELI09a Urban Elites Emerging and Falling I
B44 (Z)
Networks: Elites and Forerunners , Urban Chair: Adam Howard
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Martin Åberg : Root Threads of Modern Individualism: Moravianism, Social Trust, and the Emerging Middle Classes in Sweden, ca 1760-1840
Andrea Bergaz Alvarez : Self-promotional Strategies of a Transnational Agent at the Service of the Hispanic Monarchy: the 3rd Marquis of Los Balbases (1670-1679)
Radu Nedici : Reverend Canons vs. Venerable Archdeacons: Latin Honorifics, Organizational Practices and Elite Dynamics in the Greek Catholic Church in Transylvania, c. 1750–1800
Jose Miguel Sanjuan, Joana Pujades-Mora : The Long Fall from the Skies. Evidences from Downward Mobility on Barcelona Elites during the XVIII and XIX Century

K-9 LAB13 Precarious Labour and Collective Responses from the Local to the Global, 1920s to Present Day
Network: Labour Chair: Ivelina Masheva
Organizers: Nina Trige Andersen, Maria Fernanda Arellanes, Rosa Kösters, Sibylle Marti Discussant: Ivelina Masheva
Nina Trige Andersen : The Emergence of the Municipal ‘Administrative Class’ and their Union in Denmark from the 1920s: from Precarious Day Laborers and Temporary Women Part-timers to Salaried Employees
Maria Fernanda Arellanes : Domestic Work in Digital Platforms and Working Holiday Visa: the Interplay between Gig Economy and Mobility Regimes
Rosa Kösters : Formal and Informal Collective Actions at the Workplace: Dutch Meat Industry and Retail Workers, 1970-2020
Sibylle Marti : International Trade Unionism and the Informal Sector in the 1980s: New Alliances and Changing Strategies towards Precarious Labour

L-9 ETH17a Identities I
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Suzan Abozyid
Organizers: - Discussant: Suzan Abozyid
Cigdem Billur Ada : Faith Brings Us Together: Transforming Religious Identity of Nakhichevani Migrants in Istanbul
Irial Glynn : Two Irelands: Two Different Emigration Experiences? Comparing Emigration from Northern Ireland and Ireland Since 1945
Juliette Ronsin : A Transnational Labour History: the Immigration of (Post) Yugoslav Workers in Peugeot's Factories in Sochaux-Montbéliard (France), from 1965 to Today
Mladen Zobec : Proletarian Entrepreneurs: Albanian Private Craftsmen in Socialist Slovenia

M-9 ETH05 Microhistorical Approaches to the 20th Century: Transatlantic Perspectives
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Philippe Rygiel
Organizer: Anna Mazurkiewicz Discussant: Philippe Rygiel
Constantin Iordachi : Living in Hideout: the Biography of a Rebel Peasant in Communist Romania
Anna Mazurkiewicz : Transatlantic Crossings in the Life of a Polish American: between Sentimental Engagement and Career Options
Victoria Phillips : Biography as Microhistory, 1917-1945-1953-1989: Ruptures in War, Love, and Death in Europe and the United States
Francis Raska : At Home and In Exile: the Activities of Czechoslovak Journalist Antonín J. Liehm (1924-2020)

N-9 EDU10 Schooling and the Making of Social Class
C33 (Z)
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Esbjörn Larsson
Organizer: Johannes Westberg Discussant: Anne Berg
Catriona Delaney : The Changing Goals of Convent Education: from the Salon to the Socially Disadvantaged
Fabio Pruneri : The Conquest of the Alphabet in Southern Italy from 1861 to 1914 First Results of a Quantitative Survey
Deirdre Raftery : Class Structures in 19th Century Boarding Schools: Élites, ‘Externes’ and the Experience of Education
Lina Spjut : Changes in Teaching Content and Structure in Schools Run by Ironworks after State Regulations in Sweden´s First Elementary School Act from 1842
Johannes Westberg : How did Schooling Content Vary across Swedish Regions? History, Geography, Physical Education and Natural Science in Swedish Primary Schools in the Mid-nineteenth Century
Johan Wickström, Linn Areskoug : Narrative Constructions of the Working Class: from Textbook Representations to Student Essays in Secondary School during 1900 to 1930 in Sweden

O-9 LAT01/EMPd Exploiting the Empire of Others: Session 4 - Transnational Entrepreneurship and Exploitation in the Building of Empire in the America’s, 1500-1822
Network: Latin America Chair: Catia Antunes
Organizer: Catia Antunes Discussant: Filipa Ribeiro da Silva
Tessa de Boer : Re-framing the Principal-agent Problem: Who Dares to Enter the French West Indies?
Ramona Negron : The Coymans Family and the Exploitation of the Spanish Atlantic, 1580s-1710s
João Paulo Salvado, Catia Antunes : The Van Dunen Family and the Exploitation of the Portuguese Empire: a View From Luanda in the 17th Century
Patrick Van der Geest, Susana Münch Miranda : Cornering the Market in Colonial Goods: How Hope & Co. sought to Monopolise the European Market for American Diamonds, Cochineal, and Sugar between 1750 and 1820

P-9 WOM18 Threading Gender and Craft: the Gendering of Craft and the Crafting of Gender in Periods of Change and Unrest
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Eileen Boris
Organizers: Elya Assayag, Sohee Ryuk Discussant: Eileen Boris
Elya Assayag : Unstitching the Domestic Sphere in Colonial Morocco (1912-1956): Collecting Historical Evidences through Embroidery
Anders V. Munch, Rau Ulf Lenskjold & Vibeke Riisberg : Crafting Platforms - Student Rebellion, Gender Struggles and Collectivism in Danish Crafts 1969-77
Sohee Ryuk : The “Golden Hands” of the Carpet Weaver: Images of Village Carpet Weaving in the Soviet Union, 1924-1945
Wendy Wiertz : Lacemaking, Gender Roles and Humanitarian Aid in the First World War

R-9 HEA09 The History of Psychiatric Epidemiology
Network: Health and Environment Chairs: -
Organizer: Matthew Smith Discussants: -
Emmanuel Delille : Ecological Framework and Mental Health: the Case of the Stirling County Study in Psychiatric Epidemiology
Matthew Smith : Psychiatric Epidemiology in the Big Apple: Social Psychiatry and the Midtown Manhattan Study, 1950-1962

S-9 POL21 Contention in the Welfare State - Social Movements in 1980s Sweden
Victoriagatan 13, A252
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Andrés Brink Pinto
Organizers: Andrés Brink Pinto, Helena Hill Discussants: Helena Hill, Bart van der Steen
Fredrik Egefur : ‘The Winter Palace’ in Malmö – Subversive Activists, People’s Home-anarchists or Just a Slightly Radical Cultural Association?
Jenny Jansson : Actors behind Contention: Welfare State Related Protests in the 1980s
Markus Lundström : When Anarchism Met Punk
Hannes Rolf : The End of a Performance? Swedish Rent Strikes in the 1980s

T-9 CUL09a Past Futures I: an Individual Perspective on Temporality and Future Practice(s), 16th – 20th Centuries
Victoriagatan 13, Victoriasalen
Network: Culture Chair: Jeroen Puttevils
Organizers: Elisabeth Heijmans, Jeroen Puttevils Discussants: -
Sara Budts, Elisabeth Heijmans : Secularization of Future Thinking in Practice: a Comparison between English and French Merchant Letters (16th-18th Century)
Sanne Hermans : The Foundation of a Joint Future: the Relation between Trust and Temporality in the Correspondence of the Dutch Merchant Claes van Adrichem, 1585–1597

U-9 POL09 Local Autonomy in Decline: Legislation and Jurisdiction in the Early Modern Low Countries (c. 1450-1800)
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 133
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Jim van der Meulen
Organizer: Jesse Hollestelle Discussants: -
Jesse Hollestelle : Non-Revolutionary Abolition of the Feudal System? A Sketch of an Alternative Trajectory
Yannis Skalli-Housseini : Beyond the Rise of the Fiscal State: Processes of Centralization in the 18th Century Austrian Netherlands
Klaas Van Gelder : Policing the Village: Seigneurial Police Regulations in the County of Flanders as Indicators of Local Autonomy, 13th-18th Centuries

V-9 SOC10 The Hospitals in the Early Modern Period and the Sensual Turn
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 134
Network: Social Inequality Chairs: -
Organizers: Elisabeth Lobenwein, Alfred Weiss Discussants: -
Priyanka Kaushik : The Barber-surgeon
Martin Scheutz : Colors, Monitoring through Watchful Eyes and Tentative Prayers in Early Modern Hospitals
Christina Vanja : Hearing the Inmates - Cries, Whispers, Talks and Songs from the Inside of Early Modern Hospitals
Alfred Weiss, Elisabeth Lobenwein : "Fundamental Smells" in the Hospital in Early Modern Times - the Example of Austria and Bavaria

W-9 SPA05a Spatial History I
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Network: Spatial and Digital History Chair: Ivo Zandhuis
Organizers: - Discussant: Rombert Stapel
Michal Gochna : The Entanglement of Space, Narratives and Maps. The Digital Representation of Karol Perthées’ Sketches of the Parishes of the Polish Kingdom from the 2nd half of the 18th Century.
Hrvoje Kekez, Branimir Brgles : Using Historical GIS and Corpus based Methods in Research of Historical Topography and Toponymy
Isabelle Seguy, A. Litvine & T. Thévenin & P. Mille & C. Mimeur, R. Boissard & H. El Gouj, D. Hare & A. Starzec : An Introduction to the COMMUNES Project: Historical GIS of Municipalities and multimodal transport networks in France (18th century-present)

X-9 ORA07 Listening in. Ethics, Emotions and Relations in the Re-analysis of Interviews
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 136 (Z)
Network: Oral History Chair: Andrea Strutz
Organizer: Andrea Althaus Discussants: -
Andrea Althaus : From a Distance. Methodological Considerations on the Secondary Analysis of Conversational Dynamics in Oral History Interviews
Linde Apel : Beyond Primary/secondary Dualism. The (Re-)use of Interviews as Research Data
Janine Kristina Schemmer : Emotions Connect – Listening and Proximity in the Secondary Analysis of Oral Sources
George J. Severs : The Time of Listening: Emotions and Ethics in Oral History Re-use

Y-9 FAM07 Historical Population in Eastern and Central Europa
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 138
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Mikolaj Szoltysek
Organizers: - Discussant: Beatrice Moring
Ugne Jonaityte : The Plausible Destiny of Illegitimate Children.: a Case Study of Vilnius and Samogitia Regions in 1700-1850
Marzena Liedke, Piotr Guzowski & Radoslaw Poniat : Urban Family and it’s Rural Context. Vilnius in the End of the18th Century
Jakub Wysmulek : Patterns of Domestic Cohabitation in Multi-cultural Lviv in the Late Seventeenth Century

Friday 14 April 2023 11.00 - 13.00
A-10 WOM23 Women in Professions
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Deborah Simonton
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Liliosa Azara : Women in the Italian Police force (1961-1980): Work, Stereotypes and Sexism
Julien Delattre, Fanny Verslype : The First Women Lawyers in Belgium: a Historical Perspective
Nebiha Guiga : Risk, Courage and Gender: an Exploration of Gender Roles in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution since 1824
JeanMary Walker : A Dublin Hospital as a Microcosm of Nineteenth Century British Empire Politics of Respectability

B-10 FAM09 Kinship Systems and Families
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Siegfried Gruber
Organizers: - Discussant: Paul Puschmann
Sara Ala-Hynnilä : Siblings and Emotions during Disagreements in 17th Century England
Johan Junkka, Lotta Vikström & Erling Lundevaller : Family Support and Disability-related Mortality in Sweden, 1900-1959
Daniela Marza : Family Networks as Instruments of Power – Elite Women, Kinship and Public Life in Transylvania, 1850-1920
Mary Nagata : Urban Graveyard Theory Revisited in Mid Nineteenth Century Kyoto
Joana-Maria Pujades-Mora, Joaquín Ruíz : Siblings and Parents Marrying the Same Day: Simultaneous Marriages as Family Partnership Strategy in the Barcelona Area, 16th – 19th Centuries

C-10 LAB07 Labor in the Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Balkans (19th- 20th Centuries)
Network: Labour Chair: Luminita Gatejel
Organizer: Evguenia Davidova Discussant: Luminita Gatejel
Evguenia Davidova : Women Labor: a Case Study of Nursing in Bulgaria and Serbia/Yugoslavia (1900s-1939)
Eleonora Naxidou : Nationalism and Intellectual Labor in the 19th Century Ottoman Balkans
Robert Niebuhr : Vladimir Dedijer and Workers’ Rights in Yugoslavia, 1948–1954
Andrew Robarts : Labor, Disease, and Mobility in the Pre-Tanzimat Ottoman Balkans

D-10 ECO18 Economic Development and Well-being of Workers
Network: Economic History Chair: Mikolaj Malinowski
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Jonatan Andersson : Staying or Leaving the Local Labour Market: the Migration Decisions of Young Adults During the Second Industrial Revolution in Sweden
Robin Philips, Bas van Leeuwen : Evidence on Worktime and Working Conditions in the Netherlands at the End of the 19th Century
Stephan Sander-Faes : Dead Ideas Walking: Agrarian Dualism and the “Little Divergence” Revisited

E-10 SEX10 Sexual Deviance in East-Central and Southeastern Europe
Network: Sexuality Chair: Mark Cornwall
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Aleksandra Kumala : Rejecting the Condition of a Unmanly Victim. Concentration Camp Homosexuality in August Kowalczyk’s Oral Testimony
Michal Narozniak : Queer Fantasy, Masturbation and Knowledge: Case Study of a Memoir from L’viv, 1913-1914
Stephanie Rieder-Zagkla : Forbidden Relations. Addressing Adultery in Divorce Records between 1900 and 1938
Dimitra Vassiliadou : Redressing Sexual Crimes in Post-Civil War Greece

F-10 LAB14b Punitive Labour (Im)Mobilizations: towards a Comparative Global Agenda (II)
Networks: Criminal Justice , Labour Chair: Christian De Vito
Organizer: Mònica Ginés Blasi Discussant: Christian De Vito
Anas Ansar : Navigating Il/legality, Im/mobility and Labour Coercion: the Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia
Robert Baum : Cattle Raiding, Raiding Rice Paddies, and the Development of Slavery in Stateless Societies: the Diola of Southern Senegal
Mònica Ginés Blasi : Punitive Indentured Im/mobilization: Yucateco and Chinese Prisoners of War in Cuban Plantations (1847-1860s)
Ludolf Pelizaeus : Coercion Labour for Prisoners of War and Minorities as a Means of Enforcing “Utility” in the Holy Roman Empire 1670-1790

G-10 CRI10 Gender Violence and Domesticity
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Krista Kesselring
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Johanna Annola : “Risky” Women and Forced Labour: Spinhouse Women in Nineteenth-century Finland
Anna Kantanen : Intimate Partner Homicides at the End of 19th Century and the Beginning of 20th Century
Vivien Miller, Katherine Watson : Toxic Masculinity? An Anglo-American Comparative Study of Nineteenth-Century Criminal Poisoning by Fathers
Rachel Newell : ‘The Same Injury was not Done as in the Case of a Man’: Female Bigamy and Society in Ulster, 1880s-1920s

H-10 THE05 Quantitative History and the Unaccounted
Network: Theory Chair: Kate Ekama
Organizers: - Discussants: Michiel de Haas, Kate Ekama, Jonathan Schoots

I-10 ANT06 Religious and Moral Pollution in Greek and Roman Culture
Network: Antiquity Chair: Neville Morley
Organizer: Bernadette Descharmes Discussants: -
Bernadette Descharmes : Pollution and Sexual Morals in Ancient Rome
Daniel Emmelius : "Out of Place” in the City? The Roman Ban on Intra-urban Burial and how it Relates to Ideas of Religious Pollution
Jack Lennon : Negotiating Ritual and Moral Pollution in Ancient Rome
Irene Salvo : Blood Pollution and Anthropology of Violence between Herodotus and Gluckman

J-10 ELI09b Urban Elites Emerging and Falling II
B44 (Z)
Networks: Elites and Forerunners , Urban Chair: Anna Soulsby
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Anna Cergol Paradiz, Irena Selišnik : Postwar Ljubljana: Elite Transformation after First World War
Zarko Lazarevic : National and International Business Networks in Interwar Yugoslavia
Maria Malatesta, Angelo di Francia : The Transnational Marriage of the Italian Nobility 1861-1943
Sietske van der Veen : Novel Opportunities, Perpetual Barriers. The Integration of the Jewish Dutch Elite (1870-1940)

K-10 FAM18 Widows, Economy and the Household
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Mikolaj Szoltysek
Organizer: Beatrice Moring Discussants: -
Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga : Widows, Status, and Households among the French Immigrants in California, 1880-1940
Kersi Lust : Who Supported Childless Widows in their Old Age? The Case of Late Nineteenth-century Rural Estonia
Beatrice Moring : Widows, Economy and Family in North European Urban Society

L-10 ETH17b Identities II
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Nina Trige Andersen
Organizers: - Discussant: Nina Trige Andersen
Ritva Kylli : Tastes of Home? – Food History of Finnish American Emigrants in Three Generations
Slawomir Lukasiewicz : Émigré Sovietologists from Poland within the Global Experts' Networks during the Cold War
Monica Miscali : Migration and Identity: the Perception of the Self in Italian Female Immigrants from the 1950s until Today
Walter Nkwi : Restless People: Conflict and Refugee Mobility in West and Central Africa, c.1994-2017

M-10 TEC03 Biology and Technology, Intellectual and Material
Network: Science & Technology Chair: Geoff Zylstra
Organizers: - Discussant: Geoff Zylstra
Helena Bergman : Male Youth drinking and Nordic Alcohol Research in the Long 1960s
Rögnvaldur Saemundsson, Maureen McKelvey : Pairing Engineering and Medicine: Academic Engagement in Biomedical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology 1948-2018
Madalina Vartejanu-Joubert : Transmission and Innovation of Traditional Jewish Ecological Knowledge: the Citrus of the Lulav Bouquet

N-10 EDU11a Workers’ Education. Enlightenment, Education, and Empowerment I
C33 (Z)
Networks: Education and Childhood , Labour Chair: Jenny Jansson
Organizers: Jenny Jansson, Jonas Söderqvist Discussants: -
Lina Rahm : Automated Socialism: The Swedish Labor Movement and Educational Films of a Sociotechnical Future, 1956-1986
Ana Rajkovic Pejic : Battle for the Brain: Struggle of the Yugoslav Social Democrats and Communists for Supremacy over the Working Class (1918-1939)
Jonas Söderqvist : Social Mobility in Times of Social Upheaval. The Students and their Education at Brunnsvik, Hola and Väddö Folk High Schools, 1906-1921

O-10 WOR01/EMPe Exploiting the Empire of Others: Session 5 – Exploiting the Empire of Others, 1415-1918 Global Insights into Entrepreneurial Cultures and Empire Building
Network: Global History Chair: Catia Antunes
Organizer: Catia Antunes Discussant: Anne Gerritsen
Remi Dewiere : New Currency, get Richer? Failed Entrepreneur and Imaginary Currencies in 19th Century Central Sahel
Lisa Hellman : Exploiting Exile: Foreign Brokers in the Russian Borderlands
Takahiro Yamamoto : Japanese Entrepreneurship in German Micronesia, 1899-1914

P-10 MAT06 The Politics of Urban Food Provisioning (1700-1900)
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chairs: -
Organizer: Dennis De Vriese Discussants: -
Dennis De Vriese : Price-setting, Free Market and Back again. Meat Price (De)regulation in Early Nineteenth-century Brussels
Jessica Dijkman, Matthias Berlandi : The Discourse on Grain and Bread in North-German and Baltic Cities, Late 18th – Early 19th Century
Robin Rose Southard : "Malice and Hate": Food Sellers and Litigation in 18th-century Brussels
Michael Zeheter : The Four Consumption Regimes of Mineral Water (1800 to the Present)

R-10 HEA10 The Social Dimension of Epidemics in Europe (19th and 20th Centuries)
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Ida Milne
Organizers: Isabel Amaral, Alexandra Esteves Discussants: -
Isabel Amaral : Reporting Epidemics at the Portuguese Medical Press (19th-20th Century
Alexandra Esteves : Resist to Survive: the Population Facing Epidemics in Portugal in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Amelia Ferreira : Reorganization of Healthcare during the Pandemic - Report of an Experience in an Intensive Care Unit
Monique Palma : Lyssavirus in Northern Portugal (19th -20th Century) – What is its History?

S-10 LAB32 Human Capital and Everyday Life in Extreme Wartime Conditions (Examples of Defence Enterprises in Kazakhstan and Ural-Volga Region in Russia during World War II)
Victoriagatan 13, A252
Network: Labour Chair: Nikolai Vukov
Organizer: Roza Zharkynbayeva Discussant: Nikolai Vukov
Ardak Abdiraiymova : Formation of Labor Collectives at Defence Enterprises in Kazakhstan in 1941-1945
Meruyert Doskaliyeva : Conditions of Work and Labor Organization in Defence Enterprises in the Rear during the Second World War (on Examples from Kazakhstan)
Roza Zharkynbayeva : The Price of Victory: Living Conditions of Workers in Defence Enterprises of Kazakhstan during the War Years

T-10 CUL09b Past Futures II: an Institutional Perspective on Temporality and Future Practice(s), 16th – 20th Centuries
Victoriagatan 13, Victoriasalen
Network: Culture Chair: Elisabeth Heijmans
Organizers: Elisabeth Heijmans, Jeroen Puttevils Discussant: Jeroen Puttevils
Tilman Haug : ‘Nothing of its kind has ever appeared before in the World’ – Financial Projects, Lotteries and the Construction of Economic Futures in Early Eighteenth-century Germany
Jamie Pietruska : “Weather is the Nation’s Business”: Public Good, Private Enterprise, and Epistemic Authority in U.S. Weather and Hurricane Forecasting
Joris van Eijnatten, Pim Huijnen : Something Happened to the Future (2). Reconstructing Temporalities in Dutch newspapers, 1750-1990

U-10 WOR06 Resistance to Imperialism and Nationalism at Times of Decolonization
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 133
Network: Global History Chair: Matthias Middell
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Raymond Craib : Selfish-Determination: Libertarian Imperialism in the Age of Decolonization
Talha Minhas : Practices of Comparing in late Colonial and Modern Nationalist Historiography in Pakistan (1850-1980): Calling for a Global History in Pakistan through a Practice-theoretical Approach to Anti-Nationalist Historiography
Kathleen Schlütter : Mapping the Production of World Knowledge in German Academia

V-10 SOC11 Social History and Biographical Dictionaries
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 134
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Katharina Scharf
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Åsa Karlsson : Social History in the Dictionary of Swedish National Biography
Ineke Maas, Marco H.D. van Leeuwen : Notable Women in the Netherlands in the 19th and 20th Century: Exploring their Origins
Marco H.D. van Leeuwen, Ineke Maas : Social Mobility of Notable Women in the 19th and 20th Century

W-10 SPA05b Spatial History II
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Network: Spatial and Digital History Chair: Douwe Zeldenrust
Organizers: - Discussant: Bogumil Szady
Peter Banks : Propaganda Journeys to 'Real' and 'Imagined' Spaces of the GDR's Poliomyelitis Vaccination Campaign: East Berlin
Irina Mukhina : GULAG Spaces in Public Memory: Tourist Sites Reimagined

X-10 ORA12 Oral Histories of Loss, Living on the Margins and Generational Narratives
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 136 (Z)
Network: Oral History Chair: Radmila Svarickova Slabakova
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Selma Leydesdorff : 3 Interviews with the Same Person, a Survivor of Sobibor Living in Kiev
Birgitte Soland : “I Know What You Think”: Conducting Oral History Interview with People Who Grew Up in Orphanage and Foster Care in Twentieth Century America
Laura Strachan : Bedouin Living on the Margins: Using Oral History to Understand the Effects of an Extended Drought in Southern Jordan

Y-10 POL10 State Organization/Transition/Decolonization
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 138
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Martin Åberg
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Marie Demker : Why the Failure of Pierre Mendès France in Algeria? How Diverging Elite Conceptions of National Identity Influenced the French Decolonization Process
Antonio Rolo Duarte : Reinventing Portugal: Intellectual Debates about the Nation after the Carnation Revolution, 1974-1998
Deniz Ali Uyan : Reinstating the Political Conflicts in Ottoman Frontiers: Regionalism, Factionalism and Competing Interests within the “Albanian” League of Prizren

Friday 14 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
A-11 FAM10 Living in Uncertain Times: Families and Households
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Lucia Pozzi
Organizers: - Discussant: Mikolaj Szoltysek
Alessandro Abbate : Population Structures, Households, Life Expectancy, Widowage and Remarriage in Sicily between the 17th and 18th Centuries
Dennis Fahlgren : The Family as an Old-age Assurance Strategy, Sweden 1890-1960
Siegfried Gruber, Daniel-Armin Djumic : The Influence of Occupations on Household Formation in Urban Southeast Europe
Dalia Lenarte : Single Individuals in the XIXth Century Lithuanian Peasant Community
Glenn Sandström, Mojgan Padyab & Haruko Noguchi & Rong Fu : Changes in Demographic and Socioeconomic Determinants of Living alone among Women in Sweden and Japan since the 1990s

B-11 WOM13 Meet the Author: Joachim Eibach, Fragile Families. Marriage and Domestic Life in the Age of Bourgeois Modernity (1750-1900)
Networks: Family and Demography , Women and Gender Chair: Leo Lucassen
Organizer: Joachim Eibach Discussants: Margareth Lanzinger, Dag Lindström, Raffaella Sarti
Joachim Eibach : Fragile Families. Marriage and Domestic Life in the Age of Bourgeois Modernity (1750-1900)

C-11 ECO17 The Cause and Consequences of (a Lack of) State Capacity
Network: Economic History Chair: Mikolaj Malinowski
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Stefania Galli, Dimitrios Theodoridis & Klas Rönnbäck : Destined to the Top? Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and Elite Persistence in the Caribbean at Turbulent Times (1760-1914)
Gudmundur Jonsson : Economic Inequality in Preindustrial Iceland: a Study of Wealth Distribution in 1703
Piotr Korys, Maciej Tyminski : Fighting Inequality. The Spatial Dimension of Economic Development in Communist and Post-communist Poland (1950-1995)

D-11 POL15 Science, Medicine and State Politics
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Alison Carrol : Imagining Channel Crossings in 1920s Europe
Hannah Proctor : Technologies of the Inner Self: US Social Science, Projective Testing and the 'Soviet Mind' at the Dawn of the Cold War
Anastassiya Schacht : International Advocacy Groups Opposing the Political Use of Psychiatry in the USSR of the 1970-1980s
Vaclav Smidrkal : Antifascists into Patients. Transnational Medical Knowledge and War Participants’ Welfare in Czechoslovakia after 1945

E-11 SEX06 Sex Wars: Sex Work, Trafficking, Tourism, and Porn after 1945
Network: Sexuality Chair: Magaly Rodríguez García
Organizer: Christopher Ewing Discussant: Magaly Rodríguez García
Anna Dobrowolska : Sex, Migration, and the End of the Cold War. Female Transnational Mobility in 1980s Poland
Sonja Dolinsek : The Contested Meaning of “Sexual Labor” in the Era of the World Women’s Conferences
Christopher Ewing : Criminal Travels: German Debates on Sex Tourism at the Turn of the 1990s
Paul Horntrich : Obscenity, Soft and Hard: the Changing Regulation of Pornography in 1970s Austria
Mariah Larsson : Swedish Sex Wars: Pornography Debates in Sweden from the 1960s to the 2020s
Nora Lehner : Regulationism, Female Sexual Labor, and Male Desire – Commercial Sex in Austria from the Mid 1940ies until the Mid 1970ies

F-11 LAB16 Roundtable: Durable Inequality and Work in Amsterdam and the Dutch Colonial Empire 18th-20th Centuries
Networks: Labour , Social Inequality Chair: Karin Hofmeester
Organizer: Karin Hofmeester Discussants: Alexander Geelen, Joris Kok, Samantha Sint Nicolaas, Hanna te Velde, Eva van der Heijden

H-11 REL07 Religion, Identity and Politics
Network: Religion Chair: Eveline Bouwers
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Riho Altnurme : Regional Peculiarities. Historical Formation of South Estonian Identity through Religious Diversity
Maija Grizane : Religious Holidays under Sovietisation: the Case of Russian Old Believers in Latvia
Lukasz Kozuchowski : Peasants’ Attitudes towards the Catholic Clergy in the Kingdom of Poland around 1900

I-11 ANT07 Roman Port Cities: Places, Processes, People
Network: Antiquity Chair: Birgitta Sjöberg Leppänen
Organizers: Lena Larsson Lovén, Madelaine Miller Discussants: -
Kristian Göransson : A View from the Southern Shores: Greeks, Libyans and Romans in Berenice, Cyrenaica
Arja Karivieri, Katariina Mustakallio : Multicultural and Multiethnic Harbour Cities: New Perspectives, New Challenges
Lena Larsson Lovén : People at Work in Roman Port Cities of the Western Mediterranean
Madelaine Miller : Roman River Ports-boundaries and Urban Structures

J-11 WOM22 Gender and Women's Stories, Narratives
B44 (Z)
Networks: Culture , Women and Gender Chair: Marianna Muravyeva
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Anna Di Giusto : Paper Women. The Construction of Feminist Identity through Comics in the 1970s
Pauline Mari Hernando : Of Women and Corporeal Experiences: A Critical Inquiry on the Grotesque Politicking in the Philippines
Emily January Petersen : Diverse Histories: Responsibly Expanding Research Practices to Marginalized Communities
Sneha Krishnan : How to tell a Murder Mystery: Race, Domesticity, and Violence in Colonial Madras

K-11 LAB30 Journeymen Associations in Southern Europe at the End of the Ancien Régime: an Assessment
Network: Labour Chair: Maarten Prak
Organizer: Brendan von Briesen Discussant: Maarten Prak
Mario Grassi : In Search of Compromise. Work, Threat and Identity in The Fundation of the Università dei Lavoranti Calzettai in Turin (1737)
José A. Nieto Sánchez : Rebel Journeymen: Artisan Skills, Organisation, and Protest in Modern-era Madrid
Juanjo Romero : Journeymen Associations of Barcelona after the Abolition of the Guilds (c.1830-1855)
Brendan von Briesen : An Orderly Rebellion: the Journeymen Guilds of Barcelona (c.1760-1830)

L-11 ETH01a Cambridge History of Global Migrations New Insights in the History of Global Migrations – Forced, Labour and Business Migrants, 1500-2000
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Marcelo Borges
Organizer: Catia Antunes Discussant: Catia Antunes
Guillaume Calafat, Mathieu Grenet : Slavery and Captivity as Forms of Global Mobility
Monique Laney : Give Me Your ‘Best and Brightest’: On the Social Impact of Global STEM Migration to the United States
Erik Odegard : Typologies of Migration in European Long-distance Trade

M-11 RUR11 Rural Politics and Political Activism in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Network: Rural Chair: Bruno Esperante
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Beyhan Erkurt : The Great Depression, Cultivators' Unrest, and Policy Formation in Turkey
Peter Gray : The Tenant League and the Irish Famine, 1846-55

N-11 EDU11b Workers’ Education. Enlightenment, Education, and Empowerment II
C33 (Z)
Networks: Education and Childhood , Labour Chair: Jonas Söderqvist
Organizers: Jenny Jansson, Jonas Söderqvist Discussants: -
Elina Hakoniemi : “Not by bread alone”: Finnish Workers’ Educational Projects to Increase Culture and Education in the Workers’ Daily Life
Valentina Kezic : Wissen ist Macht! – The Role of the Labor Movement in Workers' Education in Croatia in the Late 19th Century

O-11 MID04a Seigneurial Power and Peasant Agency in the Crown of Aragon during the Late Middle Ages. I
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Guillermo Vijil Picot
Organizer: Vicente Royo Pérez Discussants: -
Sandra Aliaga Ugencio : Owning and Making Use of Land in the Rural Terms of Zaragoza (XIIIth and XIVth Centuries)
Mario Lafuente Gómez : Centralised Feudal Rents and Peasant Economy in Aragon at the Beginning of the Reign of Peter the Ceremonious (1336-1346)
Núria Pacheco Catalán : Landscape Transformation in Tortosa (Catalunya, Spain) after the Christian Conquest (1148-1213)
Vicente Royo Pérez : The Peasantry and the Government of Rural Communities in the Kingdom of Valencia (XIIIth-XVth Centuries)

P-11 MAT07 War, Crisis and Consumption
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Klara Arnberg
Organizers: Klara Arnberg, Nikolas Glover Discussant: David Clampin
Li Eriksdotter Andersson : Work or Wheat? Frictions of Production and Consumption in the Swedish Trade Union Movement, 1914-1945
Oliver Kühschelm : The Moral Imperative of Patriotic Consumption under Military and Economic Threat. How the “Buy Austrian Goods”-campaign of the 1920s Imagined its Early Modern Forerunners
Iryna Skubii : Consumption under Extremes: Feral Animals and Famines in the Soviet Land
Fia Sundevall, Nikolas Glover : Making the Moral Home Front Citizen: Gendered Gift Economy and National Mobilization in Neutral Sweden

R-11 HEA11 Therapy Crossing Borders
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Ian Miller
Organizer: Daniela Koleva Discussants: -
Alexandra Geisthoevel : Match-making across Borders. European Organ Exchange in Kidney Transplantation, 1970-1990
Daniela Koleva : ‘We cannot Travel Abroad, but at Least our Body Organs can’: Pituitary Gland Export from Communist Bulgaria
Kristina Popova : Luminal. the 'Pavlovian' Session in 1950 and the Campaign to Treat Hypertension and Rheumatism with Sleep Therapy
Dora Vargha : Making Political and Medical Subjects: Treatment in the Hungarian Hospital in North Korea 1950-57
Markus Wahl : Treating Addiction that could not Exist: Addiction, East German Doctors, and Western Methods in the German Democratic Republic

S-11 POL20 From the Age of Revolution to the Age of Decolonization: (Re)Defining Black Freedom in the Atlantic World
Victoriagatan 13, A252
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Damian Pargas
Organizer: Damian Pargas Discussant: Thomas Mareite
Debby Esmee de Vlugt : “Uhuru Means Freedom”: Dutch Caribbean Black Power in the Age of Decolonization
Manar Ellethy : “I Don’t Want What You Think I Want”: Black Visuality Between Freedom and Abstraction in 1960s Documentary Film
Christine Mertens : “To Live and Die in the Land of their Nativity”: Negotiating Black Freedom & Movement in the Early Republic
Marcella Schute : The African Apprentice Bill: A Covert Effort to Reopen the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Louisiana

T-11 ETH16 Theory
Victoriagatan 13, Victoriasalen
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Brigitte Le Normand
Organizers: - Discussant: Brigitte Le Normand
Alison Fischer : Shadowboxing: ‘Minority Policy’ and Marginalization of Race in the Dutch Metropole
Stefan Manser-Egli : Shared Values as an Integration Requirement: the Complicity of Social Science
Anna-Lisa Müller : Constructing Migration and Otherness. Understanding the Social Power of Classifications and Statistics
Silvia Pedraza : Transnationalism among Immigrants: Economic, Political, Cultural
Dorota Praszalowicz : Poles in Seattle 1890-2020: toward a Conceptualization of Immigrant Experience

U-11 WOR03 Philanthropy and Field Work in the Age of Revolutions (circa 1780s-1830)
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 133
Network: Global History Chair: Holger Weiss
Organizers: Matilde Cazzola, Megan Maruschke Discussants: -
Jacopo Bonasera : Andrew Bell’s Experiment in Philanthropic Education
Matilde Cazzola : The Philanthropic Origins of Social Science in Britain (Late 18th - Early 19th Centuries)
Miriam Franchina : A French Catholic Undercurrent of Abolitionism Between Senegal And Haiti? Abbé Giudicelli’s Critique of the Slave Trade in the 1820s
Megan Maruschke : Ethnic Benevolent Societies in Philadelphia during the Age of Refugees, 1790s-1820s

V-11 SOC12a Social Mobility I
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 134
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Ineke Maas
Organizers: - Discussant: Ineke Maas
Erik Bengtsson, Jakob Molinder & Svante Prado : Income Inequality in Sweden 1870–1970: Evidence from Micro Data
Gabriel Brea-Martinez, Finn Hedefalk & Vinicius Souza Maia : The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Poverty in Adult's SES Attainment. How Important is the Neighborhood? (Sweden, 1939-2015)
Felix Meier zu Selhausen, Marco H. D. van Leeuwen & Jacob Weisdorf : Father-to-Son Social Mobility in Colonial Freetown, 1860-1960
Jordi Joan Tur Escandell, Gabriel Brea-Martinez & Joana-Maria Pujades-Mora : Socioeconomic Mobility and Economic Inequality in the Long Run in Southern Europe: the Area of Barcelona, 16th- 19th Centuries

W-11 SPA06 Urban History
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Network: Spatial and Digital History Chair: Douwe Zeldenrust
Organizers: - Discussant: Aleksandra Dul
Iason Jongepier, Rogier van Kooten : Social-spatial Reorientation in Antwerp, 1600-1800. Using a HISGIS ‘Laboratory’ to Study the (Un)changing Nature of Early Modern Urban Environments
Ewa Kazmierczyk : Social Mobility in the Early Modern Town. A Spatial Approach
Michal Slomski : The Apple does not Fall Far from the Tree. Family Ties as a Factor Shaping Socio-spatial Relations in Small Pre-industrial Town: Case of Dolsk (Poland) in the First Half of the 17th Century

X-11 CUL02 Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Cultural Politics in Europe and the Americas, Late 1800s-Late 1900s
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 136 (Z)
Network: Culture Chair: Kirwin Shaffer
Organizer: Kirwin Shaffer Discussant: Rosalía Romero
Allan Antliff : Cosmopolitan Anarchy—Ananda Coomarswamy on Walt Whitman
Constance Bantman : Anarchist Cultural Politics in France before 1914 and its Global Dissemination
Montse Feu : Antifascist Graphic Art in U.S. Hispanic Periodicals (1936-1975)
María Migueláñez Martínez : Anarchist Publishing in the Americas. Strategies, Rhythms of Production, and Cross-border Circulation of Books and Knowledge in the Continental Libertarian Movement (1890-1910)
Louie Dean Valencia : Acting Up in Post-Franco Spain: Dismantling the Queerphobic State during the HIV/AIDS Crisis

Y-11 POL11 Individual Leaders and Mass Politics
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 138
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Izabela Dahl
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Natalie Cornett : Rosa Luxemburg and the Struggle for Equality within the International Socialist Movement (1898-1914)
Karin Dupinay-Bedford : The Heroic Figure of the Maquis: a Vector of Political Integration and a Societal Assertion. The Case of Rhonalpin from 1945 until 1995
Eva Gómez Fernández : Racial Supremacism: Kaúlza de Oliveira de Arriaga (1970-1984)
Zeth Isaksson : Blood and Soil – How Historical Inequalities in Landownership Contribute to Spatial Variations in the Support for the Radical Right
Johannes Lindvall, Guillem Amatller : The Telegraph and Turnout: Evidence From Sweden

Friday 14 April 2023 16.30 - 18.30
A-12 FAM14 Sibling Position and Marriage Patterns: Comparative Models in Gender Perspective
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Mary Nagata
Organizer: Julieta Rotaru Discussant: Mary Nagata
Grazyna Liczbinska : Parental Death’s Influence on the Child’s earlier Matrimony. The Evidence from the City of Poznan, Late 1890s and Early 1900s
Claude Olry : The Metabolic Approach of a Human Population Unit
Julieta Rotaru : Sibling Co-residents and Marriage Patterns in the Gypsy Population of the Nineteenth Century Wallachia

B-12 WOM15 Risks (and Opportunities?) in Women's Biographies and Biographical Research
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Elisabeth Lobenwein
Organizer: Katharina Scharf Discussants: -
Martina Gugglberger : The Risk of Failure: a Biographical Approach to Female Mountaineers
Verena Lorber : Resistance under National Socialism – a Risk for the Entire Family?
Katharina Scharf : Fighting Environmental Threats – Biographies of Women Activists

C-12 SOC06 ILO Tensions: Between the State and the Social
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Célia Keren
Organizer: Jill Jensen Discussants: -
Eileen Boris : Regulating Women’s Labor: Between Family and Market
Dorothea Hoehtker : Social Policies and the Environment. The ILO and the 1984 Bhopal Disaster
Jill Jensen : Labor as Development: ILO and Strategies for Economic Growth in the Global South
Sandrine Kott : The ILO Social Norms, Multinational Enterprises and National Social Policies
Cory Verbauwhede : Far Above the Fray: Selling Social Insurance as a Solution to Social Problems from the Depression to the Early Post-war Years. The Development of Social Insurance Theory at the ILO from the Perspective of Quebec, 1930-1952

D-12 ECO16 Industries and Industrial Development in the Long 19th Century
Network: Economic History Chair: Christiaan van Bochove
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Aditi Dixit : Industrial Development, State Policies, and Trade Relations: a Comparison between India and Japan, ca 1850 to 1940
Stylianos Panagiotidis, - : The Formation of a New Empire: Analyzing the German Coal and Steel Industry 1871-1914

E-12 SEX07 Cruise Control: Imagining and Navigating Sexual Cityscapes
Network: Sexuality Chair: Dan Healey
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Andrés Brink Pinto : Re-engaging with the Rent-boy in Queer History. Narratives of Transactional Sex in Stockholm c. 1951–1960
Colin Johnson : Taking Off: European Sexual Adventurism and the Ascendence of Women’s Liberation in the United States
Tom Ward : Cruising to Austerity: the Death of Public Toilets and their Spaces in an Age of Public Spending Cuts and Moral Panics

F-12 LAB18 Socialism and Internationalism: Old and New Perspectives on the History of the Second International
Networks: Labour , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chairs: Elisa Marcobelli, Lucas Poy
Organizers: Elisa Marcobelli, Lucas Poy Discussants: -
Natalie Behrends : The Riddle: the Second International and Jewish (Inter?)Nationalism
Kevin J. Callahan : The Practice of International Socialism: the Example of Austrian Socialist Victor Adler during the Second International, 1889-1914
Lorenzo Costaguta : Race, Colonialism and the Global Second International
Jean-Numa Ducange : A Transnational Approach to French Socialism: the Case of Jean Jaurès (1859-1914)

G-12 CRI12 Modernizing the Police
Network: Criminal Justice Chair: Eveline Bouwers
Organizers: - Discussants: -
David Cox : Quis custodiet ipsos custodes - Who Guards the Guards? Offending by British Prison Officials 1853-1948
Anja Johansen : Raising Policing Standards in London and Paris 1879-1913? Between Allegations of Police Malpractice and Re-construction of Police Legitimacy and Public Trust
Joanne Klein : English Police in the Age of Social Media
Stefan Nyzell : The Malmö Police, 1874-1965
Sergio Vaquero Martínez : Modernizing the Police: The Role of Policemen in the Great Reform of the Government Police in Spain, 1905-1912

H-12 THE08 Public and Mediated Histories
Network: Theory Chair: Aad Blok
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Mathias Albert, Zoltán Boldizsár Simon : Historical Change in Society and Nature
Jukka Kortti : Mediated and Institutional Memory in Historical Culture: War, Identities and Public Historical Consciousness
Pia Lundqvist : Arctic Highways: Contemporary Indigenous Art, History and Identity
Zurab Targamadze : Perception of the Origin of Georgian State on the Light of Georgian Historiography

I-12 RUR12 Inequality and Standards of Living from the 16th to 20th Century
Network: Rural Chair: Jane Whittle
Organizers: - Discussant: Jane Whittle
Florian Probst, Oscar Dube : Inequality in German Wages, 17th to 19th Century
Petri Talvitie : From Court Cases to Household Budgets: a New Method to Study Rural Living Standards

J-12 WOR04 World History: Questions, Methods and Cases
B44 (Z)
Network: Global History Chair: Holger Weiss
Organizer: Janken Myrdal Discussant: Poul Holm
Arne Jarrick : The Dynamics of Law-making in World History
Janken Myrdal : Popular revolts in Europe and China during the Middle Ages

K-12 EDU13 Parental and Residential Care; Children's Experiences and State Governance
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Friederike Kind-Kovács
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Frank Golding : That's not my Child: a Family at War
Jiayun Hu : The Debate about the Residential Child Care at the End of the 1920s and the End of 1960s in Germany – A Comparative Study
Lukas Schretter : Nazi Eugenics, Unmarried Mothers, and the Lebensborn Program: Childbirth in the Maternity Home Wienerwald, 1938-1945

L-12 ETH01b Cambridge History of Global Migrations New Insights into the History of Global Migrations – Settlers, Priests and Refugees
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Catia Antunes
Organizer: Catia Antunes Discussant: Marcelo Borges
Robert Hellyer : Early Modern Japan: a State with Limited Migration
José Pedro Paiva : Migrations of Catholic Clerics 16-18 Centuries
Marlou Schrover : Refugee Migration from a Global and Historical Perspective
Bertrand van Ruymbeke : North America – Migrations and Settlement

M-12 TEC05 The Social Relations of Transportation and Infrastructure
Network: Science & Technology Chair: Harro Maat
Organizers: - Discussant: Harro Maat
Eero Hyvonen : ParliamentSampo - Parliament of Finland on the Semantic Web 1907-2022
Eleonor Marcussen : Socio-ecological Webs of Railways: Infrastructure Transitions and Change in Western India
Peter Meyer : Inventors and Founders of Aviation, 1880-1914
Geoff Zylstra : Industrial Space as a Tool to Create Social Divisions in Philadelphia, 1820-1870

N-12 LAB22 The World Federation of Trade Unions and/within the Labor Movements of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America during the Cold War
C33 (Z)
Network: Labour Chair: Samuel Andreas Admasie
Organizers: Immanuel R. Harisch, Johanna Wolf Discussant: Samuel Andreas Admasie
Rowena Abdul Razak : The 1947 WFTU Visit to Iran: Implications on British and Iranian Labour Politics
Immanuel R. Harisch : African Trade Unions and/inside the International Labor Movement. A Comparative Perspective on Three Trade Union Colleges during the “Prosperous” Times of the Cold War
Vannessa Hearman : Cold War Travel and Trade Unionism: Reflections on a Disappeared World
Gabriele Siracusano : Socialism, Independence, and Class Struggle. The WFTU in West Africa and the Role of the CGT and CGIL
Johanna Wolf : “What is our future status?” The Indian Perspective on the World Federation of Trade Unions in the late 1940s

O-12 MID04b Seigneurial Power and Peasant Agency in the Crown of Aragon during the Late Middle Ages. II
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Sandra Aliaga Ugencio
Organizer: Vicente Royo Pérez Discussants: -
Carlos Laliena Corbera : The Indebtedness of the Peasant Communities of the Kingdom of Aragon in the 15th Century: Collective Action and Social Strategies
Miriam Parra Villaescusa : Peasantry, “Llauradors” and Lands in the South of the Kingdom of Valencia during the Late Middle Ages
Guillermo Vijil Picot : The Community of Villages of Teruel in the Cortes: Peasant Agency in Parliamentary Sessions in the Kingdom of Aragon (XIVth-XVth Centuries)

P-12 MAT08 Marketing Goods in the 20th Century
Network: Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Christine Fertig
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Mona Rudolph : A Valuable Commodity? Commodity Chain, Commodification, and Perception of Diamonds from Colonial Namibia from 1920 to 1950
Will Wilson : IVA 65, Cold War Culture, and the Masculinity of Modernity

R-12 HEA12 Public Health in History
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Ian Miller
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Hayley Brown : The Expansion of Health Centres in the British NHS in the 1960s and 1970s
Matthijs Degraeve : Sanitary Governance of Private Housing in London, Paris and Brussels, 1850-1940
Mat Savelli, Aneeqa Aslam & Erika Dyck : Marketing the (Post)Colonial Mindset: Transnational Advertising Campaigns across the Global South, 1948 – 2000
Maria Sjöberg, Helene Castenbrandt & Anders Ottosson : From Private Concern to Public Care, c. 1750-1900, or how Healthcare became Female
Janet Weston : Morality and Public Health Law in Mid-twentieth Century England

S-12 POL22 Politics of Knowledge and Governance in Exceptional Times: the Nordic Model and the Managing of Peacetime Crises in a Historical (Comparative) Perspective
Victoriagatan 13, A252
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Johanna Rainio-Niemi
Organizer: Johanna Rainio-Niemi Discussants: -
Lyydia Aarninsalo : Preparedness and Knowledge. Change in Notions for Preparing and Managing Peacetime Crises in Finland 1970s Onwards
Jenni Karimaki : Individual or Societal Responsibility? Politicians’ Reflections on Democracy and Crisis during Past and Present Epidemics
Aura Kostiainen : Democracy, Expertise and Legalism in Political Culture of Finland

T-12 CUL03 Anarchist Arts and Cultural Politics in Latin America, Late 1800s-Mid 1900s
Victoriagatan 13, Victoriasalen
Network: Culture Chair: Kenyon Zimmer
Organizer: Kirwin Shaffer Discussant: María Migueláñez Martínez
Geoffroy de Laforcade : Framing Cultural Politics in Diverse Working-Class Traditions: Anarchism and Narratives of Time, Place and Supra-National Identity in Argentina
Steven Hirsch : Peruvian Anarchist Cultural Politics (1890s-1920s): Gazing toward South America and the Andes
Rosalía Romero : Women, Anarcha-Feminism, and the Avant-Garde in Brazil and Mexico, 1910s-1920s
Kirwin Shaffer : The Cultural Politics of Anarchist Literature, Art, and Graphics in Cold War Cuba, 1950-1961

U-12 ELI11 Elites in Modernising Societies, 18th to 19th Centuries: Women, Men, Boys
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 133
Network: Elites and Forerunners Chair: Johanna Ilmakunnas
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Adam Howard, Kevin Michael O'Boy & Clay Bolster : Privileged Brotherhoods: Becoming Men at Elite All-Boys Schools in the United States
Rozemarijn Moes : “An Accurate Account of Everything”: Elite Women’s Accounting Practices in Eighteenth-century Guelders
Mikkel Venborg Pedersen : Travelling with the Duke. Early Tourism around 1800-1850
Cristina Ramos Cobano : Realist Female Writers as Witnesses and Agents of Change in the Process of Reconfiguration of European Elites in the Long 19th Century

V-12 SOC12b Social Mobility II
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 134
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Joana-Maria Pujades-Mora
Organizers: - Discussant: Joana-Maria Pujades-Mora
Joris Kok : Jews, Diamonds, and Occupational Mobility: the Amsterdam Diamond Industry, 1873-1940
Kees Mandemakers, Joris Kok : Intergenerational Social Mobility of Jews: The Netherlands, 1812-1922
Vlad Popovici, Vera Slovakova : Social Mobility of Members of Parliament in Bohemia and Transylvania in the Late Habsburg Monarchy

W-12 URB06 Shopping Centres in Northern Europe: their Emergence and Impact
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Urban Chair: Jan Logemann
Organizers: Per Lundin, Tiina Männistö-Funk Discussant: Jan Logemann
Klara Arnberg, Katarina Mattsson : The Floating Shopping Mall: Notions of Gender, Sexuality, and Nation in the Marketing of Ferry Lines between Sweden and Finland 1970-2020
Per Lundin : The Political Economy of the Swedish Shopping Centre
Tiina Männistö-Funk : The Break-through of “Car Markets” in Finland

X-12 ORA08 Oral History in Medicine: Something Special?
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 136 (Z)
Network: Oral History Chair: Andrea Strutz
Organizer: Felicitas Soehner Discussants: -
Thorsten Halling, Nils Hansson : Expert Interviews in the History of Medicine. More than Old White Men Narratives?
Tanya Karrer : Are Scientific Oral History Interviews with Mentally Impaired People Compatible with YouTube?
Nils Löffelbein, Uta Hinz & Frank Sparing : "Special" Conversations - Mentally "Handicapped" People as Contemporary Witnesses in Oral History Interviews
Felicitas Soehner, Julia Nebe : Interviewing Professionals in a Sensitive Field. Unexpected Perspectives on Everyday Medical Live?

Y-12 POL12 Movements, Masses and Resistance
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 138
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Anne Epstein
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Esra Aras : Daring to Object to a Coup Regime: Fractious Practices from the 80s in the Resistant Social Memory of Turkey
Paul Corthorn : Ulster Unionist Political Thought in the Era of the Northern Ireland Troubles, 1968-1998
Anne Heyer : Unruly Abroad, Friendly at Home? The Emergence of the Masses as a Political Actor in the Nineteenth-century Netherlands
Robert Hornsby : New Struggles at the Periphery: Protest and Dissent among Youth in the Baltic States, 1953-68

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