Preliminary Programme

Showing: Saturday 15 April 2023 (entire day)
Wed 12 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Thu 13 April
    08.30 - 10.30
    11.00 - 13.00
    14.00 - 16.00
    16.30 - 18.30

Fri 14 April
    08.30 - 10.30
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Sat 15 April
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All days
Saturday 15 April 2023 08.30 - 10.30
A-13 ELI12 Competition between and within Elites Groups, 18th to 19th Centuries
Victoriagatan 13, A243
Network: Elites and Forerunners Chair: Anna Soulsby
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Andrea Bergaz Alvarez : Self-promotional Strategies of a Transnational Agent at the Service of the Hispanic Monarchy: the 3rd Marquis of Los Balbases (1670-1679)
Adrian-Bogdan Ceobanu : From Prefects to Governors. The Situation in Southern Bessarabia in 1878
Radu Nedici : Reverend Canons vs. Venerable Archdeacons: Latin Honorifics, Organizational Practices and Elite Dynamics in the Greek Catholic Church in Transylvania, c. 1750–1800

B-13 POL24 “Heimat” and Identity in a Transforming Society. Germany since the 1970s
Victoriagatan 13, A252
Networks: Ethnicity and Migration , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Izabela Dahl
Organizers: Christian Rau, Johannes Schütz Discussants: -
Maren Hachmeister : The Home in Social Relations. What the “Old-old” Disclose about “Heimat” in a Transforming Society
Christian Rau : “Bischofferode is Everywhere”? Labour Protest and “Heimat” in the Post-socialist Eichsfeld
Anna Saunders : Heimat Narratives and Remembering Right-wing Violence in Post-unification Eastern Germany
Johannes Schütz : Heimat, History and Identity. The Political Impact of Amateur Historical Studies in the GDR

C-13 CUL12 Historiographic Approaches to Eastern Europe
Victoriagatan 13, Victoriasalen
Network: Culture Chair: Carolina García Sanz
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Stepan Blinder : In Ordinem, qui est Modus Agendi: Reconceptualizing Spatial Navigation in the University Libraries of the Early Modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Dénes Legeza : The Impact of 'Promise of Rewards' on the Creation of Works
Maria Tatar-Dan : Culture, Tourism and National Identity in Transylvania in the Interwar Period
Anca Elisabeta Tatay, Ana Catan-Spenchiu : Text and Image in Old Romanian Books on Napoleonic Wars Printed in Buda (1814-1815)
Nikolai Vukov : Cultures of Remembrance, Politics of Commemoration: Transborder Memorial Visits to the Sites of Bulgaria’s Participation in World War II

D-13 RUR02a Compulsory Labour in Premodern Rural Europe
Network: Rural Chair: Julia Heinemann
Organizers: Martin Andersson, Carolina Uppenberg Discussants: -
Jordan Claridge : Free and Unfree Labour on Medieval English Demesnes
Marian Niedermayr : Compulsory Labour in Lower Austrian Manorial Agriculture, 1550-1750
Göran Rydén : Female Work in Swedish Eighteenth Century Iron Making: a Concealed Aspect of Compulsory Labour

E-13 ECO12 Economic Development, Demographic and Technological Change
Network: Economic History Chair: M. Erdem Kabadayi
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Hulya Canbakal, Alpay Filiztekin : Gender Inequality in the Ottoman Empire: an Interregional Perspective
Jacob Weisdorf, Katharina Mühlhoff (UCM3) : Technological Change and the Child Quantity-quality Trade-off

F-13 SEX08 Crossing Borders: Transnational Encounters of a Queer Kind
Network: Sexuality Chair: Chris Waters
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Justin Bengry : “A Spot of Controversy Could Well Turn to Your Advantage”: Profit and Regulation on the Queer Stage and Screen
Jamel Buhari : Queerness and the African diaspora in the Netherlands, 1990 - present
Peter Edelberg : From Criminal Radicalism to Gay and Lesbian Lobbyism: a Trans-National Sketch of the Scandinavian Gay and Lesbian Movement, 1948-1971
Kamil Karczewski : “Nothing to Envy the West.” Queer Poland in Interwar Europe – a Transnational History.
Andrew DJ Shield : Migration to "Gay Capital" Amsterdam, 1970-2001

G-13 LAB25 Workplace Matters!
Network: Labour Chair: Aad Blok
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Jule Ehms : Revolutionary Syndicalism on the Shop Floor – The Strike Pattern of the Freie Arbeiter-Union Deutschlands (Free Workers’ Union of Germany)
Sophia Friedel : The German Co-determination Model in a Transnational Perspective - between Demarcation and Rapprochement
Pete Hodson : Gallaher’s Tobacco: Work, Industry and Gender in Northern Ireland
Bridget Kenny : Lift Labour and City Space: Race, Gender and Skill in the Labour of Elevator Maintenance, Repair and Operation in Johannesburg, South Africa, 1950s-1970s
Tomas Widing : Social Reform or Revolution? The Communist Party of Sweden and Trade Union Practice (1943–1953)

H-13 CRI05 Violence and the Democratic Order: Representing ‘the People’ around 1900
Networks: Criminal Justice , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Klaus Weinhauer
Organizer: Eveline Bouwers Discussant: Klaus Weinhauer
Eveline Bouwers : Citizens and Crusaders: the Emancipation of Religious Crowds in Europe around 1900
Amerigo Caruso : (Extra)Ordinary Violence: States of Emergency in Liberal Europe, c. 1860-1900
Fabian Lemmes : Violence Against the State: Theory, Practice and Impact of Anarchist “Propaganda by the Deed” in Late 19th Century Europe
Matteo Millan : Citizens of Order? Volunteer Civilian Militias in Italy before the Great War (and Beyond)

I-13 THE07 Group Identification in Marxism and Psychoanalysis
Network: Theory Chair: Andrea Comair
Organizer: Andrea Comair Discussant: Andrea Comair
Abdallah Al Ayache : The Question of Sectarianism and Sects: History, Modernity, and Desire
Mats Deland, Paul Fuehrer : The History of the Authoritarian Personality
Natasha Gasparian : Much Ado About Nothing: Anxiety and Authority in Aref El-Rayess’s The Resurrection of Che Guevara
Ziad Kiblawi : In What Vile Modernity Doth My Name Lodge? The Arab Ego in Question
Radhika Saraf : Confronting the Legacy of History: the Structure of Sacrifice in the 1928-29 Textile Mill Strikes in Bombay

J-13 ANT08 Modeling Ancient Social and Cultural Developments
Network: Antiquity Chair: Arjan Zuiderhoek
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Francesco Cassini : Modern Concepts, Ancient Worlds: ‘State’, ‘Statehood’ and Republican Italy
Kristian Kanstrup Christensen : Universal and Local in the Roman World
Aida Fernandez Prieto : Approaching Poverty in Ancient Greece: How Social Sciences Can Contribute to the Study of this Phenomenon in the Past?
Anne-Valerie Pont : Trust and Networks in the City: the Role of the Middling Elites in the Cities of Roman Asia Minor

K-13 LAB23 Women as Textiles Producers in the Modern World
B44 (Z)
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Elya Assayag
Organizer: Sheilagh Quaile Discussant: Sohee Ryuk
Dhriti Dhaundiyal, Surekha Dangwal : Gendered Identity in Community and Crafts of Himalayan Weavers
Aisha Manus : Quilts of the Great War: Another Piece in the History of Female War Workers
Sheilagh Quaile : Female Handloom Weavers in Nineteenth-Century Paisley, Scotland

L-13 ECO03a Viabundus Finland 1350-1650 - Roads and Travel Infrastructure in Medieval and Early Modern Finland, a Digital Approach (Viabundus I)
Network: Economic History Chair: Niels Petersen
Organizer: Tapio Salminen Discussants: -
Jenni Lares : Night in the Tavern. Accommodation Practices and Tavern Legislation in Premodern Finland
Tapio Salminen : Over the Fields and Far Away - Seasonality and the Logistics of Transport and Communication in Late Medieval and Early Modern Finland
Katrina Virtanen : Historical Research Data and an Open Spatial Database – Case Premodern Finland

M-13 ETH21 In and Out of India
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Irial Glynn
Organizers: - Discussant: Irial Glynn
Nilanjana Bhattacharjee : Geographies of Exile: Situating the Motif of ‘Journey’ in Partition Remembrance from Barak Valley
Matthijs Kraijo : Destined to leave Hindostan? Explaining the Motivation behind Repatriation and Settlement of Hindustani Labour Migrants in Suriname, 1873-1940
Liesbeth Rosen Jacobson, Maaike Derksen : Getting the Children Out: the Work of the Team Penerangan Warga Negara Belanda in Postcolonial Indonesia, 1957-1965
Shyamal Chandra Sarkar : International Boundary Problems between Berubari and Bangladesh (1947-1974)

N-13 TEC06 Thinking about the Past, Thinking about the Future. Innovation, Technological Changes, and Agricultural Knowledge Circulations in 20th Century
Networks: Rural , Science & Technology Chair: Merit Hondelink
Organizer: Bruno Esperante Discussants: -
Gabriel Coleman : Fertilization Regimes in Post-war Irish Pastures: Transnational Technology Transfer and Rural
Bruno Esperante, Daniel Lanero Táboas : Why here “Yes” and there “Not”? Financial Aid and Agricultural Technological Transfers from the US to the Iberian Dictatorships, 1950-1975
Clémence Gadenne-Rosfelder : Modernising the Pig Farm. Industrialisation, Zootechnical Innovations, and Biogeochemical Disruption (Brittany, France, 1945-2000)
Harro Maat : Colonial Agronomy and Salvage Capitalism; Plantation agriCulture, Smallholders Farmers and Conflicts over Knowledge Production

O-13 MID07 Agency, Culture, and the Social History of the Environment in the Middle Ages
C33 (Z)
Network: Middle Ages Chair: Jan Dumolyn
Organizers: Jelle Haemers, Jesús Ángel Solorzano-Telechea Discussants: -
Sopio Kadagishvili : Perception of Collective Cultural Identity Terms in Medieval Georgia (From Relative (natesavi) to Nation (eri))
Nina Kršljanin : Peasant Women of Medieval Serbia in the Eyes of the Law
Carolina Obradors-Suazo : Agency, Language and Belonging in the Late Medieval Hispanic City
Vitor Pinto : Dona Joana of Castile. From 'a Beltraneja' to 'Excellent Lady'. A Sociological Study of a Cloistered Queen
Cosmin Catalin Rusu : Urban ”Rurality” vs. Rural ”Urbanity”. Farming and Environmental Sustainability in the Late Medieval Transylvania

P-13 EDU14 Children's Agency, Civic Activism and Protests
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Barbara Klich-Kluczewska
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Jonathan Josefsson, Björn Lundberg & Joel Löw : What is (not) New about Young People’s Political Protest?
Bengt Sandin, Jonathan Josefsson : The Reform that Never Happened: a History of Children’s Suffrage Restrictions
Karolina Szymborska : Paidocracy Revisited. A Dangerous Utopia or a Chance for the Future of Education?
Charlott Wikström (e) : Folkbildning as a Social Counter-movement in Sweden 1912–1918 with Birkagården as an Example

Q-13 FAM03 Demography of Disability
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Angelique Janssens
Organizers: - Discussant: Evelien Walhout
Johan Junkka, Lotta Vikström & Erling Lundevaller : Family Support and Disability-related Mortality in Sweden, 1900-1959

R-13 HEA13 Cross-comparative Perspectives in Health Care History
Network: Health and Environment Chair: Maria Heidegger
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Sören Edvinsson, Johan Junkka & Erling Häggström Lundevaller & Lotta Vikström : Disability Risks in Past Populations: Sweden from the 1800s until 1959
Ceren Gülser Ilikan Rasimoglu : The Debates on Turkish Medicine and Medical Competency in the Early Republican Turkey
Ulrika Lagerlöf Nilsson : The Eternal Question of Older People’s Right to Health and Care. The Emergence, Development and Restriction of Geriatric Care in Sweden during the 20th Century
Helene Laurent, Anu Huttunen : Trapped in Hospital. The Life Course of Refugee Psychiatric Patients in Finland after WWII
Katharina Rowold : 'The Nursing Had Taken So Much Out of My Constitution': Breastfeeding and Maternal and Infant Health in Late-Nineteenth-Century Britain

S-13 FAM12 Pandemics: Learning from a Deep and 'Shallow' Past
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Joana-Maria Pujadas-Mora
Organizers: - Discussant: Tim Riswick
Isabelle Devos, Mélanie Bourguignon & Emmanuel Debruyne & Yoann Doignon & Thierry Eggerickx & Hilde Greefs & Jord Hanus & Wouter Ronsijn & Sven Vrielinck & Jean-Paul Sanderson & Tim Soens : The Spanish Flu in Belgium (1918-19): a Socially Neutral Disease?
Hilde Greefs, Isabelle Devos : The 1870s Smallpox Epidemic in Antwerp: Intra-Urban Social Inequalities in Vulnerability
Wouter Ronsijn, Isabelle Devos & Tim Soens : Social and Demographic Inequalities and the 1690s Dysentery Epidemic in the Southern Netherlands: the Case of Sint-Niklaas

T-13 WOM11a Household and Home: Gender and the Dynamics of Power I
Networks: Family and Demography , Women and Gender Chair: Nina Koefoed
Organizer: Deborah Simonton Discussant: Gudrun Andersson
Katie Barclay : A Childhood of Things: Eighteenth-century Scottish Accounting
Anne Montenach : Gender, Work and Power Relationships in the Silk Industry: the Protoindustrial Family in Eighteenth-century Lyon
Deborah Simonton : Household and Home: Girlhood in the Working Classes
Sarah Toulalan : Powerless to Resist: Child Sexual Abuse in Early Modern and Eighteenth-century England

U-13 WOR05 Borderlands, Violence and Knowledge Production
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 133
Network: Global History Chair: Holger Weiss
Organizers: Holger Weiss, Ilkay Yilmaz Discussants: -
Aditya Kiran Kakati : Worlds of War: Social Memory of ‘Global’ and ‘Total’ Wars in the Indo-Burmese and Bangladesh Borderworlds
Ilkay Yilmaz : Politics and Re-planing the Eastern Borderland during the Late Ottoman Empire

V-13 SOC13 Inequalities
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 134
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Oran Kennedy
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Bezawit Abebe Difabachew, Klas Rönnbäck : Long-term Trends of Inequality and Living Standards in Ethiopia, 1935-2020
Ricard Garcia-Orallo : Facing the Social Ladder. Catalan Landowners on the Eve of the Twentieth Century
Radoslaw Poniat, Piotr Guzowski : The Economic Inequalities among the Ruling Class of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Oana Sorescu-Iudean : Wealth and Homeownership in Urban Transylvania, 1680-1830
Yuliya Yurchenko : Neoliberal De-development and Social Reproduction in Post-1991 Ukraine: Lessons for Foundational Economy, Polycentricity and the Integral State

W-13 URB03 Activism in the City
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Networks: Oral History , Urban Chair: Louie Dean Valencia
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Guya Accornero : Social Movements’ Democratic Practices put to the Test of Inequalities: Inclusion and Exclusion in Lisbon’s Struggle for the Right to Housing
Pål Brunnström, Matilda Svensson Chowdhury : Writing Queer History with and about Urban Social Movements
Asunción Díaz Zamorano, Francisco Contreras Pérez : Approach to Urban Corruption in Spain under Francoism (1939-1975). Cultural Roots, Responses and Actors
Brandon Perdomo : Sheddingsomethingshedding
Lucas Poy, Hannes Rolf : Toward a Global History of Rent Strikes

X-13 ORA06 Oral Histories of Conflicts and their Aftermaths
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 136 (Z)
Network: Oral History Chair: Anne Heimo
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Ahmad Al-Adarbeh : Al-Dawymeh Massacre
Riku Kauhanen : For Want of a Nail or Acceptance? Experiences and Memories of Carelian Internally Displaced People
Michelle Mouton : Stories Told and Untold: German Memories of the Flight West at the End of the Second World war
Greta Paskociumaite : Memory of Lithuanian Anti-Soviet Partisan War: between Silence and Narration

Y-13 POL13 Precursors of the Welfare State
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 138
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Johannes Lindvall
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Simone Guerzoni : The Origins of the Welfare State: a Comparative Study of the United Kingdom and the Italian Republic, 1948-1978
Ilkka Kärrylä : The Young Finns Party and the Plan for Neoliberal Retasking of the Welfare State in Post-Cold War Finland
Pawel Szadkowski : Visibility of War Veterans in Early Modern Societies of Western Europe
Cristina Teresa-Morales, Ramos-Cobano, Cristina & Feria-Lorenzo, Diego José : Between Hospitals and Hospices; Public Complaints of Corruption Concerning Spanish Beneficent Centers before the Charity Act of 1822

Saturday 15 April 2023 11.00 - 13.00
A-14 REL08 Religious Books: Censorship and Innovation
Victoriagatan 13, A243
Network: Religion Chair: Jakob Evertsson
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Urban Claesson : Household(s) in Nordic Catechisms - Variations upon a Theme by Luther
Svein Ivar Langhelle : «Proven and Accepted» Books
John Wood : Making the Word New (again): the Bible for Today (1941) and “Modern” Christianity

B-14 WOM25 Women in Business and Work
Victoriagatan 13, A252
Networks: Labour , Women and Gender Chair: Ivelina Masheva
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Cecilia Candréus : Wife, Widow and Daughter– Occupational Roles within a Family Business
Nuray Ocakli : Hundred and Twenty Widows in the Late Medieval Kastoria: Being a Wife, Contributing the Household Economy and Becoming the Householder
Lisard Palau Elcacho : Work, Wages and Gender. Reconstructing the Women’s Work in the Cotton Industrial Colonies of Catalonia during the First Decades of the Twentieth Century

C-14 CUL13 Politics, Identity and Activism: Historiographic Discourses
Victoriagatan 13, Victoriasalen
Network: Culture Chair: Heidi Kurvinen
Organizers: - Discussant: Heidi Kurvinen
Reetta Hänninen : First and Only. Tekla Hultin’s Self-identity as a Pioneering Female Journalist and a Politician
Taichi Kochiya : Disorder and Boykott around Beer in 19th Century Germany
Anna Stein : Why can't we be like the Vikings?
Keira Williams : “Hell Has Overtook You”: Sex, Race, Music, and Violence in Mid-Century Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

D-14 RUR05 Farming and Environmental Sustainability in the Later Middle Ages
Network: Rural Chair: Jaco Zuijderduijn
Organizer: Arnoud Jensen Discussant: Maika de Keyzer
Arnoud Jensen : Environmental Stewardship and Short-Term Leasehold in the Low Countries, 1200-1400.
Thijs Lambrecht : The Late Medieval Crisis and the Efflorescence of Wildlife in the Low Countries, c. 1350 – c. 1450.
Riccardo Rao : The Management of Woods and Meadows in Medieval Alps (Valtellina, 1200-1500)
Alexandra Sapoznik : To what Extent was High-yielding Peasant Agriculture Sustainable? A Case Study of England in the 14th Century

E-14 ECO13 Demand and Supply on Early Modern Credit Markets
Network: Economic History Chair: Christiaan van Bochove
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Elise Dermineur Reuterswärd : Credit and the Poor in Pre-Industrial France
Christos Desyllas : Special Historical Perspectives of Credit and Solidarity
Alberto Feenstra : Innkeepers and other Middlemen. Financial Intermediation in Early-modern Dutch Debt

F-14 SEX09 Latin Sexologies: Beyond the Northern Science of Sex
Network: Sexuality Chair: Alessio Ponzio
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Chiara Beccalossi : Beyond the Binary: Scientific Thinking about Sex 1900-1950
Francesca Campani : Savage Sexualities. Detecting and Disseminating Primitive Sexual Behaviours in the Second Half of Nineteenth Century Italy
Felipe Caro Romero : The Genitals of the Republic. A History of Heterosexuality and Castration in XIX Century Colombia
Ramón Castejón-Bolea, Ángela Segura-Arenas : Let´s Talk about Sex: Sex Education, Masculinities and Family Planning Centres in Spain (1979-1985)
Stefano Poggi : Medical Representations of Intersexuality in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Italy.
Marie Walin : Imperfections, Deformities or ‘Monstrosities’: the Physical Causes of Impotence in Nineteenth Century Spain

G-14 LAB17 Roundtable: Work, Inequality and Conflicts Opportunity and Challenges for an Open Global and Long-term Perspective on Labour Conflicts
Networks: Labour , Social Inequality Chair: Karin Hofmeester
Organizers: - Discussants: Jens Aurich, Stefano Bellucci, Rosa Kösters, Silke Neunsinger, Matthias van Rossum

H-14 LAT02 Studying Violence in Modern Mexico: Some Methods and Results
Network: Latin America Chair: Alan Knight
Organizer: Paul Gillingham Discussant: Alan Knight
Paul Gillingham : The Spy Who Came In With a Cold: Overstating Security Competence in Mexico
Romain Le Cour Grandmaison : Cogs in the Wheel: Brokerage, Order and Violence in Mexico
Gema Santamaría : At War Against the Infidels: Religion, Violence, and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Mexico (1930-1960)
Ben Smith : Arbiters of Impunity, Agents of Coercion: State, Crime, and Violence in Mexico, 1920-2000

I-14 RUR09 The Work Patterns of Wives and Husbands in Rural Households: New Perspectives on the Gender Division of Labour
Network: Rural Chair: Carolina Uppenberg
Organizer: Jane Whittle Discussant: Carolina Uppenberg
Hannah Robb : Families Working in the Fields; Evidence from Tithe Disputes c.1550-1700
Hilde Sandvik : Wives, Husbands and the Household Economy in Rural Norway in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Jane Whittle : Gender, Life-cycle, and Family Employment: Paid Labour in England’s Rural Economy, 1480-1680

J-14 ANT09 Material and Cultural Approaches
Network: Antiquity Chair: Neville Morley
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Thomas Leibundgut : The Bioarchaeology of Ancient Migration
Tommasina Matrone : Middle Ground Integration, Hybridization and Entanglement Phenomena in Ore-Roman Campania (Italy)
Laurie Venters : Filthy Ditch Diggers: Unfree Spadework in Latin Verse

K-14 WOR07 Contributions to the History of Decolonization
B44 (Z)
Network: Global History Chair: Holger Weiss
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Norbert Götz : Civil Society without Boundaries: Nordic Humanitarianism facing the Biafra Crisis
John Hennessey, Michelle Gordon : Popular Imperialism and Genocide Studies: Multidisciplinary Methods for Understanding the Political Underpinnings of Colonial Violence
Silvia Pizzirani, Pasquale Menditto : Rise and Fall of a Myth. The Change in Perception of the Vietnam War in Italian Popular Culture (1973-1979)
Bill Sharman : A German Village for Biafran Children in Gabon: a Microhistory of Global Humanitarianism, 1968-1975
Donatella Strangio, Francesca Fauri : Migration between Italy and Africa (and Vice Versa) in the Long Run (1861-1970)

L-14 ECO03b Maritime Transport in Northern Europe, 14th-17th Centuries (Viabundus II)
Network: Economic History Chair: Tapio Salminen
Organizer: Bart Holterman Discussants: -
Kasper Andersen : Connecting a World of Water. The Role of Ferries in Late Medieval and Early Modern Denmark
Bart Holterman : Modelling Late Medieval and Early Modern Sea Routes in the North Sea Area
Niels Petersen : The Sea Port as Destination of Land Transport and the Organisation of Transshipment

M-14 ETH22 Refugees
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Margo Anderson
Organizers: - Discussant: Margo Anderson
Lisa Camichos, Jessica Esposito : The Things they Carried: a Refugee Project
Bethany Hicks : Repatriation of East German Refugees, 1955-1961
Sara Kalm, Frida Boräng & Johannes Lindvall : The Welfare State and the Origins of the International Refugee Regime
Anna Kroupova : Jewish Refugee Camps in Prague Dablice and Hloubetin, 1945-1948
Fabrice Langrognet : Inventing Airport Asylum: the Co-production of a Lawful Pushback Regime in Europe, 1983-1996

N-14 ETH10 Roundtable Cambridge History of Global Migrations
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chairs: Catia Antunes, Marcelo Borges
Organizers: Catia Antunes, Marcelo Borges Discussants: Steven Hyland, Monique Laney, José Pedro Paiva, Damian Pargas, Jeremy Prestholdt

O-14 EDU15 Children's Preeschooling, Play and Culture
C33 (Z)
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Bengt Sandin
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Dominik Hank, Felix Berth : A Shift from Skepticism towards Affirmation. German Media Discourse on Institutional Child Care for Children under Three Years since the 1970s
Esbjörn Larsson : How Preschooling became the Swedish Model: Discussions on Childcare and Preschooling in the Swedish Parliament, 1960–2020
Ellen Schrumpf : Child Culture in Postwar Norway
Alexandra Zahariadis Palmaer, Sara Backman Prytz & Anne-Li Lindgren : Discourses of Preschool Children’s Gendered Play and Agency 1940-1960. A WPR-inspired Analysis of Early Childhood Research and Policy

P-14 TEC07a Premodern Urban Ecologies: Water & Fire in European Built Environments
Networks: Health and Environment , Science & Technology , Urban Chair: David Gentilcore
Organizer: Bob Pierik Discussant: David Gentilcore
Janna Coomans : Fire Ecologies in Netherlandish Cities
Bob Pierik : Early Modern Amsterdam’s Hydrological Assemblage: Everyday Practices of Urban Water
Jim van der Meulen : Unlimited Streaming: Water Streams as a Contested Economic Resource in the Premodern Low Countries

Q-14 WOM21 Women's Movements, Women's Activism and Gender Roles
Networks: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations , Women and Gender Chair: Selin Cagatay
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Judit Acsády : ’Charity is to be Replaced by Social Work.’ First Wave Feminists’ Engagements in the Development of the Theory and Practice of Social Work in Hungary before and during WW1S
Leonie Kleinschrot, Felix Berth : In Defiance of Socialism: Gender Role Attitudes in the Late German Democratic Republic
Elisavet- Ioanna Litsiou : Women’s Movements and their Roles in Crisis. Spain 1936-1939. Germany, 1929-1933

R-14 HEA14 Environments, Geographies and Health
Network: Health and Environment Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Maria Heidegger : Wind, Senses, and Psyche in Nineteenth-Century Tyrol
John Matchim : “Complete to the Last Man”: Medical Case Records, the Hospital Ship ‘Strathcona III,’ and the 1970 Mass X-ray Survey for Tuberculosis in Labrador
Josep-Maria Ramon-Muñoz, Ramon Ramon-Muñoz : Exploring Nutritional and Health Inequality in Late Nineteenth-Century Catalonia
Wout Saelens : A Great Silence? The Everyday Politics of Smoke in the Age of Coal: Ghent (1780-1880)
Carlos Tabernero : The Trouble with Wilderness, Natural History Television, and the Construction of the Environment in 1970s Spain

S-14 ETH15 Race Relations
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Alison Fischer
Organizers: - Discussant: Alison Fischer
Kieran Connell : St Clair Drake and the Trans-Atlantic Ecologies of Race Relations
Jack Crangle : Oral History and the Black Irish Experience: Race, Culture and Nationhood in the Republic of Ireland
Ron Hayduk : Unpacking the Complexities of Immigrant Incorporation in the U.S.
Oran Kennedy : Of Riots and Rescues: an Analysis of Extra-Legal Resistance and the Defense of African American Slave Refugees in the Late Antebellum North
Christopher Roy Zembe : The Hallmarks of Slave Trade and Imperial Legacies: Black African Immigration in Britain

T-14 WOM11b Household and Home: Gender and the Dynamics of Power II
Networks: Family and Demography , Women and Gender Chair: Nina Koefoed
Organizer: Deborah Simonton Discussant: Gudrun Andersson
Elaine Chalus : Single and Subordinate? The Unmarried Daughter as Companion and Aunt
Alison Duncan : Damn the Bitches: Single Gentlewomen Lodgers in Edinburgh’s Old Town
Kristine Dyrmann : Gender, Family Dynamics and Relations of Power at the Danish Court in the 1790s
Janine Lanza : Widowed Mothers and their Children in Early Modern Parisian Working Families – Support, Training and Legacies

U-14 LAB11 Livelihoods at the Intersection between Work/non-work and Free/unfree Labour
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 133
Network: Labour Chair: Christian De Vito
Organizers: Léa Renard, Jessica Richter, Nicola Schalkowski Discussant: Raffaella Sarti
Alexander Keese : Forced Labour after Forced Labour: Understanding the Internal Dynamics and Local Challenges of Fighting Compulsory Work in Portuguese Angola in the Late Colonial Period, 1961–74
Jessica Richter : Neither Family Members nor Workers: Foster Children’s Social Rights and In/voluntary Contributions to Austrian Farms (ca. 1900-1938)
Magaly Rodríguez García : To Work or not to Work: Policies and Practices of Prostitution in Belgium (Nineteenth Century to the Present)
Nicola Schalkowski : Seeing Like the ILO – Conceptualizing Forced Domestic Work in Peru

V-14 SOC14 Welfare Regimes
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 134
Network: Social Inequality Chair: Matthew Smith
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Thomas M. Adams : Welfare Management and Early Social Science (1500-1850)
Sorcha Clarke : "Take this distressing case into your humane consideration & please to grant him some aid:" Petitioning the Drapers Company Estate, 1850-1900
Triona Fitton : The Subversive Moral Economy of the ‘Gift’ in the 21st Century Charity Shop
Angela Schwarz : Almshouses in Hamburg

W-14 CUL06 Heritages of Hunger: Legacies of European Famines in Education, Art and Musealization
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 135
Network: Culture Chair: Ingrid De Zwarte
Organizer: Marguerite Corporaal Discussants: -
Anne-Lise Bobeldijk, Charley Boerman : Teaching the Holodomor: a Comparative Analysis of a Changing Victim/perpetrator Narrative in the Memory of the Holodomor in Post-Soviet Ukraine
Miguel Ángel Del Arco Blanco, Deborah Madden : The Spanish Years of Hunger (1939-52): the Lack of Musealisation of a Traumatic Past
Lotte Jensen : Famine and ‘Hongersnood’: Literary Legacies of the 1845-47 Food Crises in Ireland and the Netherlands.
Anne van Mourik : Germans as Victims of WWII: the Representation of Hunger Legacies in German Textbooks (1950-2000)

X-14 ORA11 Oral Histories - Gender, Class and Social Movements
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 136 (Z)
Network: Oral History Chair: Graham Smith
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Juan Manuel Brito Díaz : Oral History and Sociology of Social Movements. Narratives of Activists for an Interpretation of the Impacts of the Canarian Environmental Movement
Alina Doboszewska : The Experience of Ukrainian Dissident Women of the 1960s-1980s: Resistance and Social Support
Peter Gurney : National Service and the Memory of Class in Post-war Britain

Y-14 ELI13 Elites in Transition in Modern China
Västra Hamngatan 25 AK2 138
Networks: Asia , Elites and Forerunners Chairs: -
Organizer: Christian Henriot Discussants: -
Cécile Armand : The Birth of Global Elites in China: a Data-driven Study of American University Men in Shanghai (1850s-1950s)
Cameron Campbell : Who Ruled China in the 19th Century? Political and military elites in the late Qing
Christian Henriot, Cameron Campbell : Who Ruled China in 1944? Political, Scientific, and Military Elites in the Chinese State at War
James Lee : The Best and the Rest: Comparing Elite Scientific Chinese Academic Researchers with Elite Chinese University Students, 1920-2020

Saturday 15 April 2023 14.00 - 16.00
D-15 RUR02b Compulsory Labour in Premodern Rural Europe
Network: Chair: Julia Heinemann
Organizers: Martin Andersson, Carolina Uppenberg Discussants: -
Martin Andersson : Compulsory Labour by the Landless Poor in Sixteenth-century Sweden
Kilian Harrer : Enforcing the Industrious Revolution: Holidays, Fasting, and Compulsory Labour in Eighteenth-Century Poland-Lithuania
Carolina Uppenberg : Contracted Coercion. The Swedish Crofter Institution in a Gender Perspective

E-15 ECO14 Financial Institutions and the Tax Office in Modern Markets
Network: Economic History Chair: Christiaan van Bochove
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Staffan Albinsson : Jenny Lind's Financial Legacy
Paolo Bozzi : Towards a New Fiscal Contract. Taxation, Inflation and Politics in Italy (ca. 1960-1990)
Nurhan Davutyan : The Penetration of European Banking into Ottoman Lands during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

F-15 LAB15 Roundtable: Conversations across Campuses, Shopfloors and Union Headquarters. Opportunities and Limitations of the Co-production of Knowledge between Activists and Scholars for Future Labour History
Networks: Labour , Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Rosa Kösters
Organizer: Silke Neunsinger Discussants: Samuel Andreas Admasie, Nina Trige Andersen, Joa Bergold, Barbro Budin, Astrid Elkjær Sørensen, Silke Neunsinger

G-15 LAB26 Space and Scale in Labour Organisation
Network: Labour Chair: Marta Kurkowska-Budzan
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Linda Clarke : Municipal Socialism: its Distinct Development in Britain
Anna Conrad : Workplace Democracy between 1975 and 2000 – Gaps between Talk and Action
Arvand Mirsafian : Scientific Management, Industrial Peace, and Worker Resistance in Sweden
Canan Ozcan Eliacik : The Development of the Lebanese Trade Union Movement and its Relationship with International Organizations (1920-75)
Kyle Zarif : A New Trade Unionism for a New World Order: the Politics of Labour in the Defence Economy between Britain and Saudi Arabia, 1979-1990

H-15 WOM24 Violence against Women
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Katie Barclay
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Sara Delmedico : Journalists and Femicide. Writing about Violence in Early-twentieth Century Italy
Victoria Sophie Hazebrouck : At the Hands of the Pandemic. Analysis of Covid-19 Countermeasures in the Context of Gender Inequality and Intimate Partner Violence in Germany, 2020
Maria Cristina Osorio Vazquez : The Effects of Sex- and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) in Girls’ Education in Yucatan, México
Colleen Roa : Rooted Without Land: Demystifying the Feminization of Displacement of ASEAN Ethnolinguistic Groups

I-15 RUR08 The Inventories of the Rural Poor. What do they tell us?
Network: Rural Chair: Christine Fertig
Organizers: Rosa Congost, Rosa Ros Discussant: Christine Fertig
Henning Bovenkerk : Living on Alms in the Countryside. Material Culture of the Rural Poor, Northwestern Germany, 17th -18th Centuries
Rosa Congost, Rosa Rost & Enric Saguer : The Assets of those who had Almost Nothing. The Treballadors of North-eastern Catalonia in the 18th Century
Josep Mas : Forks and Napkins on the Table of the Poor. Consumption Patterns among the Rural Population at the End of the Ancien Régime (Northeastern Catalonia, c.1750-1800)
Belen Moreno Claverias : Being Poor in a Rural Area of Pre-industrial Catalonia: the Alt Penedès Region in the Second Half of the 18th Century

J-15 CUL11 Tourism, Culture and Memory from 1880 until 1940: the Role of Tourism in Shaping the European Culture and Memory
Network: Culture Chair: Donatella Strangio
Organizer: Patrizia Battilani Discussant: Donatella Strangio
Patrizia Battilani : Cultural Tourism and the Organization and Promotion of Museums at the Turn of the 20th Century
Steve Hagimont : Tourist Development, Modernization and Search for Authenticity in the Pyrenees (around 1880-1940)
Petra Kavrecic : Memorial Practices and Tourism in the Borderland Territory of Western Slovenia. The Case of WWI Battlefield
Carlos Larrinaga : Tourism and the Universal Exhibitions as a Cultural Phenomenon in Spain (1888-1929)

K-15 ELI14 Accounting for Consumption – Account Books and the Temporal and Spatial Settings of Early Modern Consumption
B44 (Z)
Networks: Elites and Forerunners , Material and Consumer Culture Chair: Anne Sophie Overkamp
Organizers: Johanna Ilmakunnas, Anne Sophie Overkamp Discussants: -
Bruno Blondé, Kristine Dyrmann : Managing Count and Countess von Scheel’s Consumption in Copenhagen and at Gammel Estrup Manor House, c. 1754-1772
Johanna Ilmakunnas : Accounting Across and Over Generations: Life-cycle Perspective on Elite Consumption in Eighteenth-century Sweden
Britta Kägler : Accounting for Pleasure: Counting and Managing Expenditures of Cultural Court Life (1650-1750)
Marie Steinrud : Accounting for Acquisitions. Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Elite Consumption in the Accounting Books of the Ironmasters of Bergslagen, Sweden at the Turn of the 19th Century

L-15 POL01a Citizenship I: Legal Citizenship and Status
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Anne Epstein
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Emmanuel Blanchard : Claims of French Citizenship and Come Back in the French Nationality from People who Became Algerians in 1962 (c. 1960-2010)
Jens Carlesson Magalhães : “Our Status as Citizens”: Jewish Emancipation in Sweden 1838–1870
Ivan Kosnica : Citizenship and Naturalizations in the Independent State of Croatia (Ivan)

M-15 ETH14 Politics and Regulation
Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Fabrice Langrognet
Organizers: - Discussant: Fabrice Langrognet
Rik Hoekstra, Marijke van Faassen : Selected, Refused or Opted Out? Emigration Selection Policies and Migrant Agency
Terry McBride : Scotland’s Foreigners: ‘Official’ Scottishness and ‘Foreign’ Identities, 1914-39
Mark McQuinn : Learning the Lessons of History? A Comparative Analysis of the Use of the New ‘Global Compact for Migration’ to Develop Positive Programmes for Ukrainian and African Migrants to Europe
Philippe Rygiel : Birth of Global Statistics on Migrations 1850-1914
Bogdana Yordanova Todorova : Climate Migration and Challenges before Security

N-15 CUL14 Rethinking Tradition: Folklore, Rituals and Arts
Network: Culture Chair: Anna Maria Stagno
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Kristian Aarup : Between Creatures and Traditions – a Study on the Notion and Materiality of Danish Folklore
Federica Calabrese : The Glastonbury Goddess Temple: Spaces of Life, Consumption, Ancestral Rituals in a Contemporary Context
Ana Machado : The ‘Irmandade de Santa Cecília de Lisboa’ in the International Context: Crossed Views on Guilds and Confraternities of Musicians in Europe and Brazil
Inez Beatriz Martins Gonçalves : The Global Circulation of Musicians, Instruments and Repertories in the Long 19th Century: Luigi Maria Smido, an Italian Musician in Brazil

O-15 EDU16 Changing Perceptions of Education
C33 (Z)
Network: Education and Childhood Chair: Ellen Schrumpf
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Emma Hellström : Christianity and the Creation of Capable and Democratic Citizens: an Analysis of Swedish Textbooks Used for Christian Education
Joakim Landahl, Anna Larsson : Exploring the Roots of Educational Sociology
Anne-Li Lindgren, Sara Backman Prytz : History of State School Sex Education in Sweden (20th and Early 21st Centuries)
Sasha Mullally, Anders Ottosson : Slöjd without Borders: Tracking Nordic Curricula for Holistic Health, 1890s-1920s
Kiril Petkov : "Chaos" in the Classroom: Teaching Foundational Concepts from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

P-15 TEC07b Dispensing and Drinking Early Modern Waters. The History of a Complex Consumable
Networks: Material and Consumer Culture , Science & Technology Chair: Bob Pierik
Organizer: Bob Pierik Discussant: Bob Pierik
Armel Cornu : Drinking Mineral Waters in Eighteenth-Century France: a Study of Popular Practices through the Network of Water Distributors
David Gentilcore : Acquaroli: The Role of Water-Carriers in Early Modern Venice
Merit Hondelink : Water: a Culinary Ingredient in Early Modern Dutch Printed Cookbooks

Q-15 ORA04 Oral History and the Challenges of Digitization
Network: Oral History Chair: Linde Apel
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Annabel de Ruijter, Jeoffrey van Woensel : Towards a Connected Digital Oral History Collection: Interview Collection (ICNV) Dutch Veterans Institute
Malin Jonsson : Zoom Oral History
Almut Leh : “”. How Digitisation affects Archiving, Retrieving and Analysing Life Story Interviews
Dennis Möbus, Lina Franken : Humans and Machines annotating Oral History Interviews. Comparing Machine Generated Topics and Human created Annotations

R-15 POL19 Ethnicity, Identity Politics and Social Movements. A History of Transnational Encounters in the XXth Century
Network: Politics, Citizenship, and Nations Chair: Anne Epstein
Organizer: Carolina García Sanz Discussants: -
Begoña Barrera : Tsiganes and Tsiganologues. The “Civilizing Project” and the Emergence of the Roma Movement in Postwar France
Carolina García Sanz : Romani Struggle for Recognition and the Red Power Movement in 20th Century Canadian History
Jennifer Illuzzi : The Catholic Church and Italian Romanies after World War II
María Sierra Alonso : ‘We Roms’: a Case Study of Holocaust Memory, Ethnic Identity and Political Provocation in the Post-World War II
Rocío Velasco de Castro : Embracing Moroccan Otherness? Representations of Moorish Identity in Spanish Colonial Ideology

S-15 FAM08 Inequality and Power within Family
SEB salen (Z)
Network: Family and Demography Chair: Kersi Lust
Organizers: - Discussant: Michel Oris
Martin Kolk, Kieron Barclay & Joseph Molitoris : Parity Progression as Expressions of Sex Preferences for Children from 1950 to 2015 – a Global Comparative Analysis using Micro-level Data from 77 Countries
Paul Puschmann, Yuzuru Kumon & Mohamed Saleh : Household Size and Composition in Nineteenth-century Egypt
Mikolaj Szoltysek : Patriarchy, Patrilocality, and Female Life Cycle Service in Historic Europe
Raquel Tovar Pulido : The Dowry in Castilian Law and its Characteristics in Southern Spain in the 18th Century

T-15 WOM16 Gender and War
Network: Women and Gender Chair: Sharon Kowalsky
Organizers: - Discussants: -
Marianna Muravyeva : Sexual Violence during Wartime: Modern Warfare and Toxic Masculinities in the History of Russian Approaches to War
Laurie Stoff : Amazons and Saintly Saviors: Historical Analogies and Russia’s Women in World War I
Ilari Taskinen, Risto Turunen, Ville Kivimäki : Gender and Language of Emotions in War: Finland 1939–1944

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